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  1981-1990 Television analysis, news and commentary
"Channels of Communication" was founded in 1981 as a non-profit publication by television industry writer and commentator Les Brown.  Norman Lear acquired it in 1985 and renamed it simply "Channels",

 Completely re-designed, "Channels" was re-launched in March1986 as a for-profit trade publication. Its frequency was changed from bimonthly to monthly and Les Brown hired additional staff. The editorial content of the magazine was still focused on the television business, it shifted from a mix of the art, technology and business of television to feature a considerable emphasis on the business side. Channels became a controlled circulation publication, distributed free to media and entertainment industry members to whom the advertising could be precisely targeted.
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  From the first issue:
"CHANNELS is a magazine about television, but it is not a television magazine. Our aim is to sort out and interpret the developments in the booming business of tele-communications with a view to the public's stake in them. We will be covering the dazzling new electronic landscape, one providing amazing new consumer services and great financial opportunities -- and promising, at the same time, to accelerate the rate of social change."