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   A publication of International Resistence Company

The International Resistence Company began publishing The IRC Servicer in May of 1933 for its customers. They said, "This little publication will be printed every month for distribution to I. R. C. customers and those whom we hope to have as customers in the not far distant future. It costs you nothing other than the effort involved in reading it andwell, we don't think that will be any effort at all.
The big idea is simply to make the I. R. C. Servicer just as helpful, just as interesting as we possibly can. It is by no means designed solely to boost I. R. C. products. Instead, it is built along lines suggested by the old adage: "He profits most who serves best." From the "Service Dope Column" and the various technical features to the free classified advertising section, you will find that helpfulness to the nth degree has been the editorial keynote. We feel that, by helping our readers increase their service efficiency and profits we will benefit the International Resistance Company as a matter of

Please loan or contribute any issues you may have in the basement, attic or garage!
The IRC Servicer
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