Rip It Up

  New Zealand Music Magazine

Rip It Up was a bi-monthly New Zealand music magazine that was published from 1977 to 2015
Started in June 1977 as a free monthly giveaway, it grew rapidly, with its monthly print run reaching 30,000 copies by the mid-1980s.

The new magazine arrived at an opportune moment, with the musical revolutions of punk rock and new wave arriving in New Zealand in the first few years of its existence - two genres which the new magazine was to champion, alongside local music trends such as the Dunedin sound.

For many years it was unequalled as a New Zealand source of information on rock music. The magazine's back-catalogue also provides an unrivalled reference for information about the history of New Zealand's rock music.

The brainchild of Murray Cammick and Alistair Dougal, Rip It Up was circulated free via record shops for fourteen years as a music rag produced on a meager budget. In 1991 the quality of the publication improved, making the transition from newsprint to a gloss medium, a direct result of the NZ$2 charge.
Rip It Up
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