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This site operates as does a library.
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The deterioration of old yearbooks, directories, catalogs and magazines is just one factor in my decision to try to preserve the heritage of radio's printed legacy. The other is the fact that most libraries are short on space and funding. This means that seldom used publications are recycled or sold to eBay merchants and every day that passes there are fewer places where this information can be obtained.  Most of these specialized publications were not microfilmed... and who has a film reader at home, anyway?
This site is my small contribution to the industry and profession that have given me challenges, joy, frustration and, of course, an income for half a century.
Few Libraries have these publications
any more
Many magazines, journals and books about broadcasting and related fields are no longer available at public and university libraries due to lower demand and lack of space. As library access dwindles, and the alternatives are generally incomplete or difficult to view, I have tried to fill in this very obvious void.

Many of the publications on the website were obtained from libraries that had decided to eliminated important documents about broadcasting because they did not have great call for them. Unfortunately, this is a trend that is having as a result the almost total elimination of some titles from our library systems!
You will see that many collections on this site are incomplete; some are missing just a few issues, while others only have a couple of editions. If you have any of these, check your attic or garage. Look in the storage room at the transmitter. Ask at your local library; seldom consulted reference books are often discarded or sold in bulk.
Help me find and preserve these journals for others to study and enjoy. Whether you wish to sell them or donate them or just to help track them down, you can be part of the preservation of the history of radio by finding these harder and harder to find resources,
 About this website Since this is a free site, as it always will be, many have asked, "why do you do it?" since some of the publications have cost hundreds of dollars and some magazine collections are worth thousands!

Simply put, I celebrated 60 years in radio in 2018, and this endeavor is a small way to preserve the memories, the heritage and the events of that industry. As a professional, this site also allows me to be recognized as a dedicated "person of radio".
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