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Service oriented technical books from the Radio Corporation of America
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RCA Broadcast News RCA
Broadcast News
RCA Review RCA Review
Radio and Electronics research and engineering. Began in 1937.  
RCA Engineer RCA Engineer
Publication for RCA engineers 1954 to 1980's
RCA Service Notes  RCA Victor
Service Notes

Service guides & News from 20's to 50s.
  RCA Broadcast Equipment Catalogs 
RCA: What It Is What It Does  RCA "Who it is, What it does"
Annual series from the 40's and 50's 
RCA Radiotrons "Good News"  Good News about RCA Radiotrons
Dealer magazine starting in 1930 
RCA Service News  RCA Service News
Service professional publication from the 30's into the 70's 
ment Semi-conductor Almanac 1969
Transistor Manual
SCR Manual
4th 1967
Transistor Manual
4th 1959
Silicon Rectifier
Hobby Manual 1963
Sideband Handbook
Transistor Manual 1962
Tunel Diode Manual
1st Edition 1961
Transistor Manual
2nd Edition
Transistor Manual 4th Edition Transistor Manual
1st Edition
The Testing of Transformers 1930 Tunnel Diodes 1961
Service Manual
Supp. 1