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Hazeltine Service Corporation issued publications simply entitled "Reports" on matters ranging from technology to job safety.
From Wikipedia (edited)
"The company was founded in 1924 by investors to exploit the Neutrodyne patent of Dr. Louis Alan Hazeltine. Headquartered in Greenlawn, Long Island, New York, since 1955, it had facilities in several other locations in Long Island, including its Wheeler Laboratories facility in Smithtown, New York, manufacturing plants in Riverhead and Little Neck, NY, and a division in Braintree, Massachusetts. The company originally concentrated on the design of electronic circuits and the licensing of patents. Innovations in radio, monochrome and later color television components allowed the company to grow. One particularly lucrative design was the Automatic Gain Control circuit. This was such a useful feature that almost every AM radio made used this feature, by license from Hazeltine, from about 1930 until the patent expired. Hazeltine Corporation also developed and licensed some of the basic concepts of the NTSC color television system. "
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30s Chief Features of the TV Receiver

Formation of Complete Video Wave

Frequency Characteristics of the Receiver

General Features of Modern Television

Mosaic Camera Tube

Requirements on the Television Receiver

Television Pickup Systems
Alternative Synchronizing Methods

Magnetic Scanning Coils 2

Picture Tube Part 1

Picture Tube Part 2

Prevention of Electric Shock Injuries

Wideband Amplifiers for TV
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