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 Radio One's "Story of Pop"

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  A 26 chapter story of pop music  in the UK.

The Story of Pop was the title of a 26-part documentary series first broadcast on BBC Radio 1  between September 1973 and March 1974. The series was introduced by Alan Freeman and produced by Tim Blackmore. A 26-part "weekly encyclopaedia" was also published by the BBC to coincide with the series.
This page contains the 26 issues of the encyclopedia.
Story of Pop:
The Book
Here is the 250 page book assembled from the 26 part radio series and the special show contents. Click the cover!
Cover: Story of Pop Book
Introduction to the first volume of the series
The history of pop music is not a long one; less than 20 years from the first eruption of rock & roll to the present day. But already it is a story packed with incident, with phenomena, with personalities and with stars. The story of pop is the story of young people, the story of the people who read this. For the first time in its history, pop is being studied as a rich source of social and sociological material covering the last two decades. And this publication, in conjunction with the Radio One series, is a unique chronicle of the birth and rise of a music that has spread across the world, leveling all boundaries. Readers outside the UK, however, will find that the publication is complete in itself, providing a comprehensive history in its own right. For the next 26 weeks in the UK, BBC Radio One will tell that tale with the spoken word and music; while this publication will complement it with the written word and pictures. Together we will show the listener / reader exactly how, why, when and where pop was created and progressed. And show who the people were who formed and performed it. By the end of the two series even pop experts will have added to their knowledge of the subject, and pop fans will understand and appreciate more fully the music they love. Between them the two series will present the most complete and authoritative record of pop ever compiled. Each week this publication will reflect and expand on the subject and stars featured in the
radio programme, and in addition will deal with those topics that cannot be fully explored in the scope of an hour-long radio documentary.
The Story of Pop
20's Click to Read Some of Each Issue's Content
  Part 1 Elvis, Bowie, Berry
Part 2 Rod Stewart, Elvis Presley
Part 3 Jerry Lee Lewis, Johnny Ray
Part 4 Little Richard, Rick Nelson
Part 5 Alice Cooper, Roy Orbison
Part 6 Ray Charles, Tommy Steele
Part 7 Cliff Richard, Billy Fury
Part 8 Carole King, Duane Eddy, Jackson 5
Part 9 The Osmonds, James Brown, Ray Charles
Part 10 The Beatles, Epstein, Merseybeat
Part 11 The Who, Gene Vincent, The Animals
Part 12 The Rolling Stones, Aretha Franklin, Traffic
Part 13 The Beach Boys, Sam Cooke, Burt Bacharach
Part 14 Simon & Garfunkel, Otis Redding
Part 15 CSN&Y, Joan Baez, The Byrds
Part 16 Bob Dyland, The Band
Part 17 Jimi Hendrix, Stevie Wonder
Part 18 Tom Jones, Kinks
Part 19 Cream, Motown, Bee Gees
Part 20 Creedence Clearwater Revival, Diana Ross
Part 21 Led Zeppelin, Pete Townshend
Part 22 Monkees, Everly Brothers
Part 23 Doors, Four Tops
Part 24 Fats Domino, Johnny Cash
Part 25 Buddy Holly, Jamaica, Janis Joplin
Part 26 Elton John, The Sweet
Special Rolling Stones Special Edition
Special Beatles Special Edition