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Television News  

    Early Television-related magazines from Hugo Gernsback

Television News was another specialty title from Hugo Gernsback, focused on the new television technology.
It was merged with Radio News in 1933. Prior to Television News, Gernsback published a few issues of Television in 1928, but his financial problems and the depression ended that original title almost immediately.

Radio News incorporated this magazine starting in March 1933
<center><h2>Radio News</h2><h3>Radio & Televsion News</h3><hr>1919 to 1958 <br> More than 450 Issues<hr>Receivers, Stations and<BR>Electronic Technology<BR>Many diagrams <br>and illustrations<BR>
Television - 1928 Short-lived Publication
Year Jun Jul Aug Sept Oct Nov
1928 Began in June
Television News  1931-1933
Year J-F M-A M-J J-A S-O N-D
1933 This magazine was merged with
Radio News in March, 1933