The Jack Sellmeyer Library

 Catalogs Manuals and Books from the Collection of Jack Sellmeyer
The Library of Jack Sellmeyer presented in coordination with the members of the Society of Broadcast Engineers.
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Broadcast Equipment Supplement 1978 Transmission Line Equipment
Broadcast Transmission Line Equipment 1972 FM Pylon Antennas Monitoring Diode Unit 1952 Receiving Tubes for Industry 1957
Television Station Application Data Transmission Line Equipment 1977 Transmission Line for Television 3rd Edition 1963 Antenna Performance Evaluation 1974 UHFF Television Equipment 1974 UHF Transmitters 1966
UHF TV Equipment          
EIMAC Power Grid Tube Catalog 1975 EIMAC Power Grid Tube Catalog 1984
1987-88 Catalog 317C Training Manual 317C Training Manual Schematics      
Harris & Gates
Harris Platinum RF Amplifier Manuals 1993 Harris Platinum Support Theory of Quarter wavelength Hybrid Harris FM 25K Service Supplement 1993 Harris Platinum TV Group Delay And Active Allpass Filters Harris Platinum Suipport TBV Transmitters Harris Platinum Series Television Transmitters Manual 1995
Harris FM 25K Technical Manual 1983 Harris HX 1V_Television Exciter Manual 1991 Harris MX 15 FM Exciter Manual 1983      
Gates Catalog 99
Gates ;6588 Frequency Monitor Harris HV 1X Exciter 1991 Harris Platinum TV Training 1995
Sideband Analysis for TV 1974 Tek-television-Television-Operational-Measurements-1987 Television Operational Measurements