Miscellaneous Publications from Canada

  Single issues, annuals or one-time publications
Canadian magazines and publications about all aspects of broadcasting. This page contains single issues or one-time editions.
Canadian Miscellaneous 
New Addtions
Electronics & Technology Today
April 1988
Documents of Canadian Broadcasting
"Big Book of Hobbies"
Catalog for Canada
Canadian National Railways
1927 Radio Programs Guide to what would become the CBC
CBC National TV & Radio
1969 Station Listing
Bowden's Media Monitoring
Directory of all stations 2001 edition
Radio Trade-Builder
August 1939
Partial copy
Canadian Radio
1932 issue from September 10
License Filings and Applications
Some have Multiple Filings with Date of First One Listed
(Large maps and fold-outs not included)
CFMJ Richmond Hill, ON, Application to move to Toronto in 1961 CFGM Toronto, ON
Application in 1967 to increase to 50 kw on 1310 kHz
CFMX Cobourg ON Failed 1992 application to add a transmitter in Toronto
CHUM Toronto application in 1960 to increase to 50,000 watts and further modifications. CBC application for two 50 kw stations in Toronto on 740 and 860 in single tower in 1947
CKEY Toronto
Canadian Marconi
Applications for AM station on 580 (several successive modeifications)
CFRB Toronto, ON, filing for change in directional antenna 1968 and successive applications in later years CFTR Toronto  1540 AM original application for daytime AM in 1961 plus later applications CHFI Toronto opposition in 1960 to authorization of another FM in Toronto.
Part of a full application.
CKFH Toronto 1858 application for 5kw directional and later applications. CJAD Montreal, PQ, and SJSB Ottawa, ON Ownership Reports from 1986    
Technical Manuals and Annuals
British Columbia Media Guide
Canadian Radio
year Book

Canadian Yearbook
Radio News of Canada
Radio News of Canada
September 1923
Radio News of Canada
August, 1930
Radio News of Canada
1928 November
Radio News of Canada
1929 June
Radio News of Canada
1929 September
Radio News of Canada
November 1925
Radio News of Canada
January 1927
Radio News of Canada
September 1925
Station Booklets and Brochures
CFCF Montreal
Golden Anniversary

Commemorative album with liner notes.
CKOM Saskatoon
1340 The Friendly Station promotional booklet.
CJCL Toronto
Metro 1430
1981 Promotional Brochure
CJCL 1981
Promotional Brochure for station inauguration.
CKOV Kelowana
50 Years 1981
"Masking radio waves in the Okanagan"
Radio Canada
Radio Canada
Hobbyist Magazine
April 1924
Station Lists
All stations in Canada
All stations in Canada
Radio Programmess
Canadian National Railways
Technical Publications - Single and Small Collections
Canadian Data Systems
April 1981
Canadian Data Systems
May 1981
Canadian Data Systems
August 1981
Canadian Data Systems
September 1981
Canadian Data Systems
October 1981
Audio Canada
December 1981
Electronic Engineering
May, 1957
Our first copy of the Canadian edition of this UK magazine.
Construction and Hobbyist
Electron Magazine
June 1968
Talent and Programming Annuals
CBC 50th Anniversary 1986        
The Business of Broadcasting
Sponsor Magazine
The Canadian Radio Situation
1930 report on Canadian Radio
Privately Owned AM & TV Stations in Canada
Canada Program Guide

Royal Commission on Broadcasting
Commission Report Station listing