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 Directories of Radio Stations and Suppliers from 1920 to present day.
This is a collection of single edition directories or directories for which we have only a few editions. They cover radio and television and related fields.
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American Television Directory
Parrot Communications began business on February 8, 1981 as a TV production company. During Parrot's first year of operation, it was forced into TV syndication as a sheer matter of survival. Robert Mertz, Parrot founder, quickly understood the need for a computerized TV station contact list, and set about assembling and databasing this information. Upon completion, he printed a "Dreambook" containing every TV station with their addresses, phone numbers and key personnel. Parrot's TV Directory
Keyes Annual  Keyes Annual
Only one edition was published.  
FM and FM Translator Directory
1989 (760 pages)
Trapman Report    
Master Catalogs of Broadcast Equipment
Inside Radio Directory
Inside Radio Ratings Report and DIrectory
March, 1983
Inside Radio Ratings Report and Directory
March, 1983
Radio Business Report Sourcebook
Radio Business Report Source Guide
1994 #2
Radio Business Report Source Guide
1996 #4
Kagan Financial Databook - Cable TV
Kagan Cable TV Financial Databook
June, 1985
Kagan Cable TV Financial Databook
June, 1987
Advertiser's Sketchbook / Markets of America from Manuel Rosenberg
Advertiser's Sketchbook
1938 edition 
Markets of America
Volume 3 
  Markets of America
Volume 4