General Electric Tubes and Broadcast Equipment

  Tubes, components and radio broadcast equipment .

Catalogs, sales literature and manuals from General Electric including tube specifications and broadcast equipment. 1944 to 1969.

Other manufacturers with dedicated catalog pages:
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Dates on some items are estimates. If you havee knowledge of the actual dates, please let us know.
Tubes and Components
1944 How Tubes Work
1945 GE Electronic Tubes - 1945 to 1958 binder
1949 GE Audio Data Book (catalog)
  GE BT 250 A Manual
50's General Electric power tubes
1950 Audio Equipment for AM FM TV
  GE Industrial Tube Manual (Loose Leaf with pages from 1944 to 1958)
1953 GE Industrial Transmitting Tubes
1955 General Electric Audio Data Book
1957 Transcription Accessories
1958 GE Transistor Manual 3rd Edition
60's GE Power Tubes (date uncertain)
  GE Essential Tube Data
1960 GE Transistor Manual 5th Edition
1979 GE Industrial Tubes
1982 GE Optoelectronics 2nd Edition
1983 GE Specialty Lamps
  GE Transient Voltage Suppression 3rd Edition
Broadcast Equipment
1948 BT-20-A 250 watt AM transmitter manual
1949 BT-1-B 250 watt FM transmitter manual
1957 GE 50 KW High Channel TV Amp
1961 GE-Vidicon-Film Camera-Channel
1968 TT-62 A UHF transmitter brochure
1969 GE Color Camera Channel 4 PE350A3 Vol II of 3.