XEW... the station that started the Televisa empire.

  A 329 page commemorative book published by XEW in 2000

XEW-AM is a radio station in Mexico City, Mexico. It's slogan for many years was "La Voz de la América Latina desde México" or "The voice of Latin America from Mexico" and it broadcast with 250,000 watts at 900 AM.

XEW began regular broadcasts at 20:00  on 18 September 1930. Broadcasting from a room (later to become a proper studio) at the Olympia Cinema on 16 September Street in Mexico City, it initially had only 5 kW of transmitter power, although this was increased to 50 kW by 1934. With the installation of new transmitters, the power became 250 kW by 1935.

The station has had an entertainment focus, featuring artist such as  Manuel "Maber" Bernal, Emilio Tuero, Juan Arvizu, Luis Arcaráz, Nicolás Urcelay, Alfonso Ortiz Tirado, Los Panchos, Juan García Esquivel, Mario Ruiz Armengol, Maria Luisa Landín, María Victoria, Mario Moreno Cantinflas, Germán Valdés "Tin-Tan", Agustín Lara, Toña la Negra, Angelines Fernández, Carmen Rey, Pedro Infante, Jorge Negrete, Pedro Vargas, Gustavo Adolfo Palma from Guatemala, Fernando Fernández, Eulalio González "Piporro", Francisco Gabilondo Soler ("Cri-Cri"), Hugo Avendaño, Amparo Montes, Héctor Martínez Serrano, Antonio Aguilar, Paco Stanley among others.
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More photos of XEW Photo of XEW transmitter by David Gleason, 1963