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Electron Tubes Technical Data 1951
A taste of tubes 67 pages ABC of Vacuum Tubes in Radio Reception Lewis 1922 ABC of Vacuum Tubes in Radio Reception Lewis 1922 ABC of Vacuum Tubes in Radio Reception Lewis 1922 Allied Data Handbook 1963
Armed Forces Cross Index Electron Tube Types 1952        
Basic Electronics Vacuum Tubes 2012 Army AM 5 209 Basic Principles of Vacuum Tube Logic Circuits IBM Basic Theory and Applications of Electron Tubes Departments of the Army and Air Force 1952 Beam Power Tubes Shade 1938
Cathode Ray Oscilloscope Charles Sicuranza 1938 Cathode Ray Tube at Work John Rider 1943 Choosing and Using Vacuum tubes Groove Tubes 2012 Complete Radio Book Yates Pacent 1922 Conductance Curve Design Dr Keats A Pullen 1958
Data and Circuits of TV Receiving Valves Jager 195
Electric Rectifiers and Valves Dr ing A Guntherschulze 1928 Electron Tube Circuits Samuel Seely 1950 Electron Tube Circuits Samuel Seely 1950 Electron Tube Design RCA 1962 Electron Tubes in industry 1952
Electron Tubes Volume 1 RCA 1935 41 Electron Tubes Volume 2 RCA 1942 Electronic Circuits and Tubes Cruft Labs at Harvard Chaffee 1947 Electronics and Electron Tubes E D McArthur 1936 Essentials of Electron Tubes and their Circuits Hoag 1942 
Experiments with Vacuum Tubes Salomons 1903    
FTR Handbook of Tube Operation Federal Telephone and Radio Corporation 1944        
Gas tube design Wittenberg 1962 Getting the Most Out of Vacuum Tubes Robert B Tomer 1960 Graphical Constructions for vacuum tube circuits Albert Preisman 1943 Grondslagen Van De Radiobuizentechniek 1943 Phillips
Handbook of Piezoelectric Crystals John P Buchanan 1956 (701 pages)  Handbook of Tube Operation (2th Edition) FTR 1944 (68 pages)  How Electronic Tubes Work GE 1943 24 pages  How To Use Meters John Rider 1960 109 pages  HP Donle tube article 8pages 
Inside the Vacuum Tube John F Rider 1945 (424 pages)  
  J K
Materials and Techniques for Electron Tubes Wlater H Kohl 1960 Materials technology for Electron Tubes Wlater H Kohl 1955 Mercury Arc Power Rectifiers Othmar Marti and Harold Winograd 1930 Mercury Arc Rectifiers Practice Frederick Charles Orchard 1936
Oxide Coated Cathode Vol. 1 G. Herrmann & S. Wagener 1951 Oxide Coated Cathode Vol. 2 G. Herrmann & S. Wagener 1951
  P Q
Photomultiplier Tubes Handbook V3a 2007 Hanamatsu Physics and Applications of Secondary Electron Emission Dr H Bruining 1954 Power Vacuum Tubes Handbook 2th ed Whitaker 2000 Principes of Electron Tubes Gewartowski Watson 1965 Principes of Electron Tubes Herbert J Reich 1941
Principes of Mercury Arc Rectifiers and their circuits 1927 Proliferation of tube types      
Radio Electronics Seely Samuel 1956 Radio Receiving and television tubes James Moyer 1936 Radiotron Designer's Handbook RCA 3th Edition P Langford Smith 1941 Radiotron Designer's Handbook RCA 4th Edition P Langford Smith 1953 RCA Electron Tube Design 1962
RCA Radiotron manual  R 10  1933 Receiving Tube Substitution Guide Book First Edition 1950 Receiving Tube Substitution Guidebook Third Supplement 1957 Receiving Tube Substitution Guide Book First Supplement 1951 Receiving Tube Substitution Guide  Second Supplement 1954
Riders Tube Caddy Tube Substitution Guidebook 1960 Riders Tube Caddy Tube Substitution Guidebook 1960  
Theory-and-applications-of-electron-tubes-Herbert-J.-Reich-2th-edition-1944 Theory-of-Thermionic-vacuum-tube-circuits-Leo-James-Peters-1927 Theory-of-Thermionic-vacuum-tube-E.-Leon-Chaffee-1933- Thermionic-vacuum-tube-and-its-applications-H.J-Van-Der-Bijl-1920- Thermionic-valve-and-its-developments-in-radiotelegraphy-and-telephony-Fleming-1919
Thermionic-Valve-Circuits-Williams Tube-Substitution-Handbook-1980 Tube-Substitution-Handbook-V.1-1960  
  U V
Unilateral-Dynamic-Characteristics-of-Three-Electrode-Vacuum-Tubes-J-G-Frayne Vacuum-Tube-Amplifiers-Valley-Wallman-1948 Vacuum-Tube-Amplifiers-Valley-Wallman-1965- Vacuum-Tube-Design-RCA-1940 Vacuum-tube-Oscillators-William-A.-Edson-1953-
Vacuum-tube-principles-Chap.-3-2000 Vacuum-Tube-Volt-meter-VTVM-How-it-works-How-to-use-it-Rhys-Samuel-1956 Vacuum-tube-Voltmeters-2th-Edition-John-F.-Rider-1951 Vacuum-tubes-and-their-uses-Muhleman-article Vacuum-Tubes-in-Wireless-Communication-Bucher-1918
Vacuum-Tubes-Karl-R.-Spangenberg-1948- Vacuum-Tubes-Rectifiers-Alexander-Schure-1958 Valve-Types-and-Characteristics
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