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  The technology, use, regulation and commercialization of early radio (Up to the early 1940's)
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Principles of Radio Henney 3rd Edition 1938
The Home Radio and How to Use It
Verrill   1922
The Radio Manual Sterling 2nd 1929 Emergency Broadcasting and 1930's American Radio Miller 2003 Principles of Radio Engineering Glasgow 1936 The Radio Manual Sterling 2nd 1929
An All Wave Radio Primer.
General Electric
1930's (?)
The ABC's of Electricity
A reprint of the 1888 book from ERI
The ABC of Television
Actual Troubles in Commercial Radio Receivers
Allied's Radio Circuit Handbook 1943
Allied A Dictionary Of Radio Terms 1944 Allied Manual Of Simplified Radio Servicing Major J. G. Tutison The A B C of Radio Kaempffert
ABC of Wireless Telegraphy
Trevert 1907
  ARRL Handbooks ( Click Here for Many More)
Radio Amateur Handbook
8th 1931
Radio Amateur Handbook
11th 1934
Radio Amateur Handbook
13th 1936
Radio Amateur Handbook
14th 1937 
Radio Amateur Handbook
18th 1941  
Buffalo Evening News Radio Guide
Basic Radio
Book of Practical Television
Dowding   1935
Battery Charging
Brown Brothers
Broadcasting Its New Day
Rothafel Yates
CeCo Radio Vacuum Tubes Construction of the Audion Amplifier 1915      
The Cathode Ray
Tube at Work
Rider   1935
Construction of Radio Phone and Telegraph Receivers
Sleeper 1922
Cyclopedia of Applied Electricity
Vol VII   1912   
A Chronological History of Electrical Development
A Chronological History of Electrical Development
NEMA 1946 
Cyclopedia of Applied Electricity
Vol I   1912 
Cyclopedia of Applied Electricity
Vol II   1924 Edition 
Cyclopedia of Applied Electricity
Vol III   1912  
Cyclopedia of Applied Electricity
Vol IV   1912  
Cyclopedia of Applied Electricity
Vol V   1912  
Cyclopedia of Applied Electricity
Vol VI   1912  
Crystal Receivers and Circuits
Course in Electrical Engineering
Vol 1 Direct Currents
Coursein Electrical Engineering
Vol 2 Alternating Currents
Capacitors Their Use In Electronic Circuits Brotherton 1946
Drake's Electrical and
Radio Dictionary
1944   Manley
Dynamical Analogies
Olson 1943
D/F Handbook for
Wireless Operators
Dunlap´s Radio Manual 1924 Dunlap
Elements of Radiotelegraphy Stone 1919 Experimental Wireless Stations Edelman 1920 Experimental Radio 3rd Edition Ramsey 1928
Everyman's Guide
to Radio
Yates   1927
Experimental Wireless Construction
Morgan   1916
Edwin Armstrong
Technical Papers
IRE Compilation
Elements of Radio
Marcus & Marcus 1943
Electronics and Electron Tubes
MacArthur 1936
Everyman's Guide to Radio Vol 1
Popular Radio   1926
Everyman's Guide to Radio Vol 2
Popular Radio   1926
Everyman's Guide to Radio Vol 3
Popular Radio   1926
Everyman's Guide to
Radio Vol 4
Popular Radio   1926
Everyman's Guide to
Complete in one Volume
Popular Radio  1927
Electric Rectifiers and Valves
Guntherschulze 1928
Engineering Electronics
Fink 1938
Electric Rectifiers and Valves
Guntherschulze 1928 
Elements of Radio Servicing
Marcus & Marcus 2nd 1947 
An Elementary Manual of Radiotelegraphy and Radiotelephony Fleming 1908
Frequency Modulation
August Hund
Frequency Measurement at Radio Frequencies
General Radio 1933
Fundamentals of Radio
Jordan 1942
Frequency Control with Quartz Crystals
Bliley 1940
Fundamentals of Engineering Electronics
Dow 1937
GE Frequency Modulation Primer   1941 Graphical Construction for Vacuum Tube Circuits
Preisman 1943
Gernsback Wireless Course 1912 General Electric Review 1907
The Home Radio and How to Use It
Verrill   1922
How To Pass Radio License Exams
Duncan   1929
The Home Radio
Verrill 1924
How to Build Radio Receivers by Meissner   1940 (est) Handbook of Wireless Telegraphists
Dowsett  1939
Wireless World
High Efficiency Power Amplifier for Modulated Waves
W. H. Doherty   1936 
A History of Wireless Telegraphy 1838 1899 Fahie 1900 Harper's Wireless Book 1913 How to Make a Wireless Set Moore Popular Mechanics 1911  
An Introduction to Frequency Modulation
Rider 1940
Induction Coils Norrie 1909      
  J K
Jones Antenna Handbook 1937    
Look for the Dog Baumbach 1990 Letters of a Radio Engineer to His Son Mills 1922      
Making Wireless Outfits Harrison 1909  
Masters of Space Towers 1917 The Manual of Modern Radio
Scott Taggart
Modern Radio Reception
Leutz   1925
Marconi Wireless Telegraphy
Modern Radio Essentials
Hathaway 1941
Modern Radio Servicing
Girhardi 1935
Meissner How to Build
Manual of the Marconi Institute   1918 Mercury Arc Rectifier Practice
Orchard 1936
Maver's Wireless Telegraphy Maver 1904
  Milton Sleeper Collection
Radio Experimenter's Handbook
Sleeper   1920
Make Commercial Type Radio Apparatus
Sleeper 1922
Design of Modern Radio Receiving Sets
Sleeper 1922
Design Data for Radio Receivers & Transmitters
Sleeper   1920
Design Data for Radio Receivers & Transmitters
Sleeper   1922
Standard FM Handbook
Milton Sleeper
Construction of New Type Transatlantic Receiving Sets
Sleeper 1922
Radio Phone & Telegraph Receivers
Sleeper   1922
 Radio Design Practice
Millen & Sleeper 1935
Radio Hook Ups
Sleeper   1922 
Mobile Radio Handbook
Sleeper   1950
National Radio Institute Radio Quiz Book Newnes Television Manual Camm 5th 1945    
The Outlook for Television
Dunlap   1932
The Outline of Radio
1928 3rd Edition
The Outline of Radio
Hogan (1st Edition) 1923
  P Q
Practical Amateur Wireless Stations 1920        
Principles of Radio
1st Edition 1929   
 Principles of Radio
2nd Edition 1934
Principles of Radio
3rd Edition 1938 
Principles of Radio
4th Edition 1942
Practical Radio Communications
Nilson & Hornung 1925 
Practical Television
Pioneering the Television Arts
DuMont   1941
Principles of Television Engineering
Fink  1940
Practical Wireless Telegraphy
Bucher   1917
A Pictorial Album of Wireless and Radio
1905 1928 Clymer
Principles of Electron Tubes
Reich 1941
Principles of Mercury Arc Rectifiers & Circuits
Prince 1927
Practical Television
Larner 1928 
Practical Wireless Technology Bucher 1917 Principles of Radio Communication Morecroft 1921
Radio Operating Questions & Answers Nilson 1929        
Radio Engineering Principles Lauer 1920 Radio Engineering Principles Lauer Brown 1928 Radio Telegraphy Monckton 1908 Radio Telephony for Amateurs Ballantine 1922 Radio Telephony Goldsmith 1918
Radio Physics Course Ghirardi 2nd Ed 1930 Radio Directory and Trouble Finder 1923 The Radio Key Book
Rauland 1924
The Radio Amateur's Hasnd Book Collins 1922  
Radio Telegraphy
Moncton   1908
Radio Wave Propagation
IRE 1942
Radio Telephony
Goldsmith   1918
Radio Builders' Manual
Radio for All
Gernsback   1922
Radio Up to the Minute
Nilson   1929
Radio Cyclopedia
Drake 1925
Radio Design Practice
Millen & Sleeper 1935
Radio for Everybody
Lescarboura   1922
The Radio Decade
RCA   1930
Radio Set Socket Layout
1921 1935
Radiotron Designers Handbook
3rd Edition 1940
Radio: Miracle of the 20th Century
Drinker   1922
Radio Mastery of the Ether
Williams  1931
Radio Engineer's Pocket Book
Camm 1941
Radio Inside Out
Radio Service Test Gear
Cazaly 1945
Radio Physics Course
Ghirardi  1933
Radio: A study of First Principles
Burns 1932
Radiotelephone and Broadcasting
Tuska   1922
Radio Field Service Data
Radio Magazine Antenna Handbook
Radio Engineering Principles
Lauer 1928
Radio Receiving & Television Tubes
Moyer 1936
Radio Hook Ups
Milton Sleeper
Radio Telegraphy and Telephony
Duncan & Drew 1931
Reflex Radio receivers
Radio Tubes and Antennas
H.H. Beverage & Harry Dart - 1930
Radio Servicing Course
Ghirarddi & Freed
Radio Library
5 Volume Course
International Textbook Co.
Radio Amateur's Handbook 14th
ARRL 1936
Radio Amateur's Handbook 18th
ARRL 1941
The Radio Manual 
2nd Edition 1925
Radio Questions Answered
Peck 1923 
Radio Phone Receiving
Hausmann et. al. 1922 
Short Waves
Simplicity of Radio
Powell Crosley
The Superheterodyne
Small Accumulators
Gentry 1920's
Small Electrical Measuring Instruments
The Superheterodyne Receiver
Witts 1936
The Superhet Manual
Camm 1942
Radio Simplified
Kendall & Koehler
Tips for the Radio Amateur Constructor Church 1924        
Television: Seeing by Wireless
1926   Dinsdale
 Radio Frequency; Treatise on Reception for The Engineer 1922 Theory of Thermionic Vacuum tube Circuits
Peters 1927
The Thermionic Vacuum Tube
Van der Bijl 1920
The Theory of Thermionic Vacuum Tubes
Chaffee 1933
The Technique of Radio Design
Zepler 1943
Thermionic Valves in Modern Radio Receivers
Talks About Radio
Lodge 1925 
The Thermionic Vacuum Tube Der Bijl 1920
  U V
Vision by Radio
Ultra High Frequency Radio Engineering
Emery 1944
  W X Y Z
Wireless Telegraphy It's Origins Developments Sewall 1903 Wireless Telegraphy Marchant 1914 Wireless Telephony in Theory and Practice.1908 Wireless Telegraphy and Telephony Morgan 1920 Wireless Telegraphy and Telephony Popularly Explained 1908
The Wireless Experimenter's Manual Bucher 1920 Vacuum Tubes in Wireless Communication Bucher 1918 Wire and Wireless Telegraphy Moore 1904 Wireless Telegraphy American School Collins 1906 Wireless Construction Installation for Beginners 1916
Wireless Telegraphy and Telephony Simply Explained Morgan 1913 Wireless Telegraphy Eichhorn 1906 Wireless Telegraphy Fortescue 1913 Year Book of Wireless Technology Telegraphy and Telegraphy 1915  
The Wireless Experimenter's Manual
Bucher 1920
Wireless Telegraphy
Wireless at Sea
The First 50 Years
Hancock   1950
War Department Radio Fundamentals 1944 Wireless Telegraphy Its History Collins 1905