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Charles Tandy purchased the failing Radio Shack in 1962. It discontinued catalog sales and reduced inventory and started opening small retail outlets.  It began publishing do-it-yourself electronics books.
Radio Shack's parent company, the Tandy Corporation, purchased Allied Electronics and Allied Radio in 1970. On the consumer side, the new firm became known as Allied Radio Shack.
Allied had also published technical books.
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1974 1975
Dictionary of Electronics
1978 1979
Dictionary of Electronics
Allied's Radio Data Handbook
Allied's Radio Formula and Data Book
Allied Best Ways to Use Your VOM and VTVM 1965 Radio Shack Introduction to Antennas Dezettel 1975 Radio Shack Semiconductor Reference Guide & Notebook Radio Shack Understanding Communications Systems 1980
Radio Shack Understanding Solid State Electronics 2nd 1972  Allied How to Use Your VOM and VTVM 1968 Radio Shack Understanding  Microprocessors 1979  Radio Shack Semiconductor Reference Guide
Radio Shack  Mini Notebooks 1980's
555 Timer Circuits

A Handbook of Integrated Circuit Applications

Basic Semiconductor Circuits

Communications Projects

Digital Logic Circuits

Environmental Projects

Science Projects
Formulas Tables and Basic Circuits

Getting Started in Electronics

Magnet and Sensor Projects

Op Amp IC Circuits

Optoelectronics Circuits

Schematic Symbols

Solar Cell Projects

Archer Publications
Semiconductor Substitution Guide
Archer Semiconductor-Reference-Handbook-1978
Miscellaneous Radio Shack Books
Radio Shack 50 Easy to
Build Projects 1962
All About CB Radio 1976
Basic Electricity Series 1970's & 1980's

DC Circuits Volume II

Using Your Meter
TV Tube Symptoms & Troubles
Radio Shack "Understanding " Series
Understanding Transistors 1959  
Allied Books
Radio Builder's Handbook 1959
Radio Builder's Handbook 1945
Using Your Tape Recorder 1967
Radio Builder's Handbook 1939
Radio Circuit Handbook 1945