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  Published from the 20's to the 40's
Audels published both a "library" of electrical reference materials and the regularly updated "Radioman's Guide" books.
The guide series was a concise summary of everything electrical and electronic, divided by subjects.
Audels Electric Library was more extensive, originally published in ten volumes was originally published in the 1920's, including various editions and reprint runs. It continued to be reissued through the 1940's.
The content ranged from home and business wiring to electric generation, lighting and television.
Nehemiah Hawkins, using the pen name of Theodore Audel, wrote most of the library as well as other guides for mechanics, carpenters and trades.
The Audel brand was bought by Howard Sams publishing in the 1960's.
Audels New Electric Library
Cover from
1920's edition
Principles and Rules of Electricity, Magnetism, Armature Winding Dynamos, DC Motors, Motor Construction, Maintenance. Electrical Testing Instruments, Batteries and Testing
Alternating Current, Power Factor, Alternators, Transformers AC Motors, Winding, Maintenance, Converters, Fuses, Breakers Relays, Condensers, Regulators, Rectifiers, Switchboards Wiring, House Lighting, Transmission lines, regulations & Codes
Electric Railways, Signals, Cranes, Gas Engines, Ignition Radio, Telegraph, Signals, Movies,
Lighting, Illumination
Refrigeration, Heating, X-Ray, Plating, Welding, Appliances Electric Calculator for Engineers. Practical Mathematics

Large Manual PBX as Illustrated in One of the volumes of Audels Electric Library
New Electric Dictionary. Words, Terms and Phrases.
Hawkins Electrical Guide
Hawkins Electrical Guide
Vol 1
Hawkins Electrical Guide
Vol 2
Hawkins Electrical Guide
Vol 3
Hawkins Electrical Guide
Vol 4
Hawkins Electrical Guide
Vol 5
Hawkins Electrical Guide
Vol 6
Hawkins Electrical Guide
Vol 7
Hawkins Electrical Guide
Vol 8
Hawkins Electrical Guide
Vol 9
Hawkins Electrical Guide
Vol 10
Audels Books
Audels Radioman's Guide
Audels Handy Book of Practical Electricity 1951
Audels Radioman's Guide
Audels Radioman's Guide
Audels Radioman's Guide
Audels Radioman's Guide
Audels Radioman's Guide
Audels Radioman's Guide
 Audels Radioman's Guide 1961  Audels Radioman's Guide 1964
Audels Radiomans Guide
 Audesl Television Service Manual 5th Edition 1984