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  Broadcast news and journalism.  
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Bookshelf: Biography
Biography & Careers
The stories of the people who created and built the broadcast industry
History of Television
Books about TV's history from the 30's to the new Millennium
Bookshelf: Books about Radio's History
History of Radio
Books about the history of programming, operations and engineering
Radio Programming
(And Operations)
Books about station programming and operations.
The business side of broadcasting:: management, sales and  programming
Opinions, critiques, forecasts and
theories about broadcasting
Bookshelf: Ratings
Ratings and research
Books and publications about radio and TV research and ratings 
The Enjoyment of Radio And Television
Books about understanding and enjoying electronic media
Bookshelf: The Listener Experience
The Listener Experience
How to listen, understanding technology, stars of radio and programs
Books: Textbooks for Broadcasting Courses
Education & Training
Books for students of radio & TV as a career.
Regulation & Legal
Government regulation, FCC rules and general outside factors affecting broadcasting.
Radio Research
and Ratings

Books about radio and media research.
News & Editorializing
Books about news gathering and reporting in the electronic media.
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Radio & TV Stations
Books about the history of stations and broadcasting groups.
Short Wave Radio
Books and booklets about shortwave and listener hobbies about this service.
Directory Collection
Directories from the 1930's to today
RBR, Inside Radio, Kagan, Keyes, Data World
Broadcast Newswriting RTNDA Block 1994 Sound Reporting 1992 Rosenbaum Dinges Television Network News Issues Adams Schriebman 1978
Moments of Truth 5th Survey of Journalism Barrett 1975 News for Everyman Culbert
Media at War Jacaway 1995 Radio News Writing and Editing Warren 1947 Broadcast News Process 5th Shook 1996
Writing Broadcast News
Encyclopedia of Television News
Murray 1999
Sound Reporting: NPR
Rosenbaum & Dinges 1992
Broadcasting Realities
Lindner 1999
The Human Side of the News Hill
Draft 1950's
Broadcast News
1st Edition 1980
Broadcast News
3rd Edition 1993
Broadcast News
2nd Edtion
Stephens 1986
Fighting for Air
Trotta 1991
Media Events
Dayan & Katz 1982
Media Unbound
Lesher 1982
News From Nowhere
Gates 1978
Air Time: CBS
Gates 1978
Broadcasting the Local News KDKA
Hinds 1995
Foreign Affairs News & the Broadcast Journalist
Batscha 1975
Don't Blame the People
Cirino 1971
Broadcast Newswriting
RTNDA Reference Guide
Block 1994
Among Those Present
A Reporter's View
Dickerson 1976
Air Time: The Inside Story of CBS News
Gates 1978
Writing News for Broadcast
Bliss 1st 1971
Writing News for Broadcast
Bliss 3rd 1994
The Information Machines
Bagdikian 1971
Television and Radio News
Siller 1960
News for Everyman
Culbert 1976
Air Time: The Inside Story of CBS News
Gates 1978
Mass Media and the National Experience
Farrar & Stevens
On the Spot Reporting: Radio Records History  Gordon - 1967 This is Your Announcer
Lent 1945
The Information Process
World News Reporting
Desmond 1979
Television News Reporting
The American Radio
Freedom of the Press
White - 1947
Radio News
NBC -1948
Television &
Radio News
Media Casebook
Sandman et. al
News On the Air
Paul White
War On The Short Wave
United Press International
Broadcast Stylebook
Radio War Guide
Office of War Information
Radio In Wartime
Sherman Dryer
News by Radio