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  Critical opinion, analysis and forecasting of broadcast operations and programming
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Bookshelf: Biography
Biography & Careers
The stories of the people who created and built the broadcast industry
History of Television
Books about TV's history from the 30's to the new Millennium
Bookshelf: Books about Radio's History
History of Radio
Books about the history of programming, operations and engineering
Radio Programming
(And Operations)
Books about station programming and operations.
The business side of broadcasting:: management, sales and  programming
Opinions, critiques, forecasts and
theories about broadcasting
Bookshelf: Ratings
Ratings and research
Books and publications about radio and TV research and ratings 
The Enjoyment of Radio And Television
Books about understanding and enjoying electronic media
Bookshelf: The Listener Experience
The Listener Experience
How to listen, understanding technology, stars of radio and programs
Books: Textbooks for Broadcasting Courses
Education & Training
Books for students of radio & TV as a career.
Regulation & Legal
Government regulation, FCC rules and general outside factors affecting broadcasting.
Radio Research
and Ratings

Books about radio and media research.
News & Editorializing
Books about news gathering and reporting in the electronic media.
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Radio & TV Stations
Books about the history of stations and broadcasting groups.
Short Wave Radio
Books and booklets about shortwave and listener hobbies about this service.
Directory Collection
Directories from the 1930's to today
RBR, Inside Radio, Kagan, Keyes, Data World
New Additions
Media at War Challenge to Newspapers Jackaway 1995 The Taming of Television Pyle 1972 Radio On Listener's Diary Vowell 1996
A Seamless Robe Broadcasting Philosophy Curran 1979 Selling the Air A Critique Streeter 1996 Television in the Lives of Our Children Schramm 1961 Abandoned in the Wasteland Minow 1995 Time for Reason About Radio Bryson 1948
Radio as a Cultural Agency Tyler 1934 African Broadcast Cultures Fardon Furniss 200 Make Room for TV Spigel 1992 The Television Audience Goodhardt et al 1975 Redeeming The Wasteland Curtin 1995
Four Arguments for the Elimination of Television Mander 1978 Out of the Blue John Crosby 1952 Talk Radio and the American Dream Levin 1987 Television the Critical View Newcomb 1976 Selected Radio and Television Criticism Slide 1987
Broadcasting and the News Kintner 1965
Communications Control: Motives and Structures of Censorship
Phelan 1969
Communications in the World of the Future
Hellman 1969
Broadcasting and the Public
Churches of Christ 1938
The American Radio
Big Business and Radio
Gleason Archer
Broadcasting: Its New Day
Rothafel & Yates
Channels of Discourse Reassembled
Allen 1992
Broadcasting Freedom 1938 1948
Savage 1999
American Media Wilson Quarterly
Cook 1989
Fifties Television The Industry & Its Critics Boddy 1990 Electronic Colonialism McPhail 1987
The Future of the Mass Audience
Neuman 1991
The First Freedom
Ernst 1946
Freedom of the Press for Whom?
Freedom and Communications
Lacy 1961
Fear in the Air: Broadcasting & The First Amendment
Ashmore 1973
Equal Time
Newton Minnow
Freedom of Speech by Radio and Television
Smead 1959
The First Freedom
Ernst 1946
Four Theories of the Press
Sieber et. al. 1956
Foundations of Communications Theory
Sereno & Mortensen 1970
The Hucksters (A Novel)
Getting Elected: From Radio & Roosevelt to Television & Reagan
Reinsch 1988
Is American Radio Democratic
Frost 1927
Gateway to Radio
Firth & Erskine
Impact of Mass Media
Heiber & Reuss
2nd Edition 1988
The Hucksters (A Novel)
The Judges and the Junged
Miller 1952
Listening: A collection of Critical Aricles
Williams 1948
Let's Be Heard
Bob Grant
Media and the American Mind Czitrom 1982 Mass Communications
Lineberry 1969
Mas Communications: A World View
Wells 1974
Make Room for TV
Spigel 1992
Media At War
Radio's Challenge to the Newspapers
Jackaway 1995
The Manipulators: America in the Media Age
Sobel 1976
Mass Media Systems & Effects
Davison et. al. 1976
Media Events
Live Broadcasting of History
Dyan   Katz   1992 
Not to be Broadcast Brindze 1974 Not to be Broadcast
 Ruth Brindze
Only Victims: A Study of Show Business Blacklisting
Robert Vaughn 1972 
A Passion for Radio Girard 2001 The Rape of Radio
West 1941
The Psychology of Radio Cantril & Allport 1935 Radio Television and Society Siepmann 1950 
The Popular Arts in America
Hammel 1972
Responsibility in Mass Communications
Schramm 1957
Radio Television and American Politics
Chester 1969
Pressure Group: The Campaign for Commercial TV in England Wilson 1961 Radio's Second Chance
Responsibility in Mass Communication
Schramm 1957
The Rape of Radio
West  1941 
Radio, Television and Society.
Siepmann   1950
Radio, Television & Society
Seipman 1950
Radio and the Printed Page
Lazarsfield   1940
Radio and its Future
Codel 1930
Presidential Television:
Minnow, Martin and Mitchell - 1973
The People look at Television
Steiner 1963
Radio Television and Society
Siepmann 1959
Radio Power Propaganda & International Broadcasting
Hale 1975
Television The Critical View 4th Edition
Newcomb 1987
Talks About Radio
Lodge 1925
Seizing the Airwaves
Sakolslky & Dunifer
Stations of the Cross by Apostolidis from 2000 Television Technology and Cultural Form-Williams 1975
Theories of Mass Communication
DeFleur & Ball 4th 1982
Theories of Mass Communication
DeFleur & Ball 5th 1989
The People Look at Television
Steiner 1963
Turn That Damned Thing Off
Klaven 1972
Courtesy of Jerry Clegg
Stay Tuned
Behind the Scenes at Channel 5
Lamson 1988
Selling the Air
Streeter 1996
Structure & Performance of the U. S. Communications Industry
Borchardt 1979
Theories of Mass Communication
 de Fleur
2nd Edition1966
The American Radio
The People Look at Television
Steiner 1963
Reference Series:
Television & Radio
Poyntz Taylor
Television - The Eyes of Tomorrow
Eddy - 1945
The Meaning of Commercial Television
Donner - 1966
The American Radio
Television and the Child
HIimmelweit et. al.
1958 (extract)
You and Media
Clark & Blankenburg
Who, What, Why Is Radio
Robert Landry
Who Owns the Media
Compaine et. al. 1982
Vulgarians at the Gate
Steve Allen 2001
Commentary and Opinion