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 Biographies and Tales of the people who influenced, entertained and created broadcasting  
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Bookshelf: Biography
Biography & Careers
The stories of the people who created and built the broadcast industry
History of Television
Books about TV's history from the 30's to the new Millennium
Bookshelf: Books about Radio's History
History of Radio
Books about the history of programming, operations and engineering
Radio Programming
(And Operations)
Books about station programming and operations.
The business side of broadcasting:: management, sales and  programming
Opinions, critiques, forecasts and
theories about broadcasting
Bookshelf: Ratings
Ratings and research
Books and publications about radio and TV research and ratings 
The Enjoyment of Radio And Television
Books about understanding and enjoying electronic media
Bookshelf: The Listener Experience
The Listener Experience
How to listen, understanding technology, stars of radio and programs
Books: Textbooks for Broadcasting Courses
Education & Training
Books for students of radio & TV as a career.
Regulation & Legal
Government regulation, FCC rules and general outside factors affecting broadcasting.
Radio Research
and Ratings
Books about radio and media research.
News & Editorializing
Books about news gathering and reporting in the electronic media.
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Radio & TV Stations
Books about the history of stations and broadcasting groups.
Short Wave Radio
Books and booklets about shortwave and listener hobbies about this service.
Directory Collection
Directories from the 1930's to today
RBR, Inside Radio, Kagan, Keyes, Data World
Newest Additions
And So It Goes Ellerbee 1986 Canada Broadcasting and Me Clark Dorothy Fuldheim The First Lady of TV News Mote 1997 Father Caughlin´s Radio Discourses 1931 1932 1932 Father Coughlin & the New Deal Tull 1965
 Hank Greenwald This Copyright Broadcast 1999  Huey Long Father Coughlin Brinkley 1983      
Americans Hail Rush Limbaugh King Morris 1994 A Measure of the Man Henry Howell 1992 All The Sincerity in Hollywood Fred Allen 2001 Alexander Popov Inventor of Radio Radovsky 1957 
 All My Best Friends George Burns 1989 Armstrong's Fight for FM Broadcasting
Erickson   1973 
As it Happened
William Paley
The Art of Talk: Art Bell
Bell   1998
As It Happened William Paley 1979
Banned from Public Radio Graham 1995
Back in A Moment
Harley & June Fathers 2000
The Bob and Rady Show
Elliott & Goulding 1983
The Boy with the U.S. Radio (A Novel)
Rold Wheeler 1924
Big Beat Heat
Alan Freed
Jackson 1991
The Broadcasters
Red Barber
But That's Not What I Called About
Hilly Rose   1978
Guest 1935
The Boy Who Invented Television Schatzkin 2007 Bix the Leon Biederbecke Story Evans 1998 Before the Colors Fade Reasoner 1981
Clark Weber's Rock and Roll Radio
1955 1975
The Camera Never
Blinks Twice
Rather   1994
Cincinnati's Powel Crosley Jr
Rice 1976
Come Up to This Mountain
Clarence Jones of HCJB
Neely   1966
Cousin Brucie
Bruce Morrow 1987
Clearing the Air
Tom Joyner 1995
CBS's Don Hollenback Gdhiglione 2008  
Doo Wop Cousin Brucie Morrow 2007 Did You Whittinghill This Morning
Dick Whittinghill 1976
Don C Wallace W6AM Perkins 1991 The Education of a Broadcaster Bannister 1964  Did You Whittinghill This Morning
Edward R. Morrow
Vonier 1989
Don't Let Them Scare You Elmer Davis Burlingame 1961 Deadlines & Datelines Rather 1999 Did You Whittinghill This Moring
Dick Whittinghill 1976
Donahue My Own Story Donahue 1979
Dorothy Stimson Bullitt
Haley 1995
For The Love of Mike
Hazard WHA
Fridays With Red Edwards 1993 David Brinkley A Memoir 1995  
  Fred Allen His Life and Wit
Taylor 1989
Fifty Years Behind the Microphone Les Keiter 1991 The Early Days of Wheeler and Hazeltine Corp Wheeler 1982 Fessenden Builder of Tomorrow Fessenden 1940
Charles Payne
Edwin Armstrong: Man of High Fidelity
Lessing   1956
Fifty Fabulous Years
H.V. Kaltenborn
Edward R Murrow
and the birth of broadcast Journalism   Edwards
(The) Funny Men
Steve Allen 1956
Fessenden; Builder of Tomorrow
Edward R Morrow
Edwards 2004
Empire William Paley & Making of CBS Pawper 1987 Fridays With Red
(Red Barber)
Edwards 1993
William Paley and the Making of CBS
 Biographies of Father Coughlin
Father Coughlin
of the Shrine of the Little Flower
Mugglebee 1933
Father Charles E Coughlin Ward 1933      
 Lee De Forest Biographies
Conqueror of Space:
Lee DeForest
Corneal   1930
Father of Radio
Lee de Forest
Electronics Pioneer: Lee DeForest
Levine   1964 
Father of Radio
Autobiography of Lee de Forest - 1959
Lee de Forest
Georgie Woods I'm Only a Man Spady 1992
Glenn Miller & His Orchestra Simon 1974 Great Radio Personalities
Slide 1982
Great Radio Personalities Slide 1982 (1) The Inventor of Stereo Blumlein Alexander 1999 Herbert W Armstrong Radio Church of God Martin 1968
Good Evening Everybody Lowell Thomas
His Typewrite Grew Spurs
Striker 1983
His Master's Voice Was Eldridge R Johnson Johnson 1974 George Burns the First 100 Years Imus America's Cowboy Tracy 1999 
Hi-Ho Steverino
Steve Allen
Hey Kemosabe!
Dan Ingram
By Chris Ingram 
Gordon McLendon
The Maverick of Radio
Hoop of Hooperatings
The story of C.E. Hooper
Frank Nye
Head Heart & Heel (Uncle Don) Treadwell-1958
I Looked and Listened
First Edition - 1954
I Looked And I listened
2nd Edition
Genius at Riverhead
Harold Beverage
Good Evening, Everybody
Lowell Thomas
Good Evening
Raymond Swing
In All His Glory
William Paley
The House that Jack Built:
Hal Jackson
Hi-Ho Steverino
Steve Allen 1992
I Was That Masked Man
Moore 1988
In All His Glory William Paley
Smith 1990
Let's be Frank About It by Frank Blair 1979  
J Scott Smart The Fat Man by Laughlin 1994  Jack Benny
from Museum of Television and Radio 1991
The Life of a Man Brinkley Wood 1937 The Kansas Doctor Bonner 1976 A Life on the Road Kuralt 1990
Ladies and Gentlemen Easy Aces
Ace 1970
The Legacies of Edwin Howard Armstrong
Radio Club of America 1990
Lone Ranger Fred Foy From XYZ to ABC The Lives of_William Benton Hyman 1969 John Baird Moseley
The Last Great Days of Radio
Woolley 1993
Lowell Thomas
History as you heard it.
Long John Nebel
Bain - 1974
John Logie Baird and Television
Hallett 1978
Jack Benny
Mary L. Benny 1978
The Osgood Files Osgood 1991
Out of Thin Air Frank 1991 Nothing Could Be Finer Than A Crisis That Is Minor Osgood 19 Much Ado About Me Fred Allen 1956 Allen Out of the Air Mary Margaret McBride 1960 Oliver Lodge and the Invention of Radio Rowlahds 1994
Memories The Autobiography of Ralph Emery 1991 Out of The Blue Crosby 1951 Making Waves 50 Greatest Women Duncan Microphone Memoires Harris 1947 My Night People Gray 1975
Of Mikes and Men
Molly and Me Gertrude Berg
Nothing on the Radio 
Murray 2002
Microphone Memoirs Harris 1937 My First 10,000,000 Sponsors Edwards 1956
Murray the K Tells it Like it Is - Murray Kaufman
O. Wayne Rollins
An Authorized Biography
Rollins 1997
The Morrow Boys
Cloud & Olson 1996
Of Mikes and Men
Woodfin 1951
On The Air: Pioneers of American Broadcasting
Henderson 1988
On the Air in World War II
MacVane 1979
On the Radio: Harden & Weaver 1993 Maynard
Speece 1981
Microphone Memoirs
Harris 1937
On the Radio with Harden and Weaver
 Marconi Biographies
Marconi's Atlantic Leap Bussey 1999 Making Waves 50 Greatest Women Duncan AWRT 2002 Maynard Maynard Speece 1981 Guglielmo Marconi 1874- 1937 Geddes 1974 Marconi 1974 Centenary Issue
Marconi: Wireless on Cape Cod
Whatley 1987
Guglielmo Marconi and Radio
Parker 1994
Marconi and the Discovery of Wireless
Reade 1963
Marconi My Beloved
Marconi 1999
Signor Marconi's Magic Box Weightman 2003
Marconi: Father of Radio
My Father, Marconi
Degna Marconi
Pioneer of Radio
Douglas Coe  1961
Marconi; The Man and His Wireless.
Dunlap 1937
Gugliermo Marconi
W. P. Jolly
Whisper in the Air
Marconi: Canada Years
MacLeod - 1996
Marconi's Battle for Radio
Birch & Corfield
1956 - California
Dept. of Education
Pioneer of Radio
Coe 1943
Paul Harvey's Rest of the Story
Aurandt 1978
Rambling with Gambling John Gambling 1972 The Roguish World of Doctor Brinkley Carson 1960 A Reporter's Life Cronkite 1996 People of the Century Time CBS News 1999
Remember With Me
Ruth Lyons 1969
Richard Dimbleby Broadcaster Miall 1966 Rock Roll and Remember Clark 1976 The PD Chronicles James 2001 Radio's First Voice Fressenden Raby 1970 
Radio Waves on the FM Dial
Jim Ladd -. 1991
Radio's 100 Men of Science
Dunlap 1946
El Rey de la TV
(the story of Goar Mestre)
Pablo Sirvén
Radio's 100 Men of Science
Orrin Dunlap
Playing in the FM Band
Reginald Fressenden
Radio's Forgotten Voice
Pennsylvania Radio
Charles Moore
Radio's Beautiful Day
Everett Mitchell
Prime Time
The Life of Edward R Murrow
Kendrick - 1969
Radio Priest: Charles Coughlin
Warren 1966
R. J. McElroy
Neymyer 1997
P.S. Jack Parr
Parr 1983
Quivers A Life
Robin Quivers
The Rise of The Goldbergs Berg
Story of Henry Field
Frances Field 1994
Sermons Soap and_Television John Logie Baird 1988
Two Princes of Science
Edison and Marconi
Tinker in Television Tinker Rukeyser 1994 Sketches of Life Barnes 1932 The Story Man's First Writes Barkley 1998 The Secret Life of John Logie Baird 1986
Treadmill to Oblivion
Fred Allen 1954
Same Time Same Station
Lackman 1996
Salant CBS
Battle for the Soul of Broadcast Journalism
Salant 1999
Sunday Nights at Seven
The Jack Benny Story
The Storytellers
Spins and Needles
Bill Mack
This Was Radio
A Personal Memoir
Joseph Julian
Shrine of the Silver Dollar: Father Coughlin
Spivak 1940
Ten Years Before the Mike
Husing 1935
Tune in Tomorrow
Mary Jane Higby 1968
  Sarnoff Biographies
Putting Electrons to Work
David Sarnoff.
Tebbel - 1963
Looking Ahead
David Sarnoff
Time Magazine
July 1951
Article about Sarnoff
David Sarnoff: Radio and TV Boy
Myers 1972
David Sarnoff A Biography Lyons 1966 
The Wisdom of Sarnoff and the World of RCA
Gutterman 1968
David Sarnoff
David Sarnoff: Radio
and TV Boy
Myers - 1972
The General: David Sarnoff 
Bilby - 1985
Wisdom Magazine
The Universe of David Sarnoff - 1958  
That Lucky
 Old Son Autobiography Laine 1993
Tommy Handley Kavanagh 1949
Two Princes of Science:
Edison & Marconi
Early 1900's
This Was Radio
Joseph Julian
Trail Blazers
Short Bios
Zenith Radio Corp
This is Norman Brokenshire
Brokenshire - 1954
Courtesy Jerry Clegg
The Taste of the Ashes
Bill Stern - 1959
Courtesy Jerry Clegg
Tune In Tomorrow
Mary Jane Higby
Courtesy of Jerry Clegg
The Television Man John Baird
Rowland 1966
Take it Away, Sam
Bio of Sam Hubbard
Wing - 1938
Treadmill to Oblivion
Fred Allen 1954
Touching the Stars Hickman 1986
 Tesla Biographies and Related Subjects
Wizard Life sand Times of Nikola Tesla Seifer 1996
Tesla: The Modern Sorcerer
Tesla: Life & Times of
an Electric Messiah
Niklola Tesla: Inventions, Researches & Writings
Martin 1995
Tesla: Man Out of Time
The Man Who Invented the 20th Century
Lomas - 1999
Zworykin Pioneer of Television
Abramson 1995
Gabler 1994
Work in Progress Eisner 1998 The Vanishing Evangelist Thomas 1960 Vision Warrior John Logie Baird McArthur 1986
You're On the Air
Graham McNamee
The Wally Phillips People Book
Winchell: His Life and Times
Klurfeld 1976
Vision Warrior: The hidden achievement of John Logie Baird
McArthur 1986
Yankee from the West
Wheeler 1962
Biographies and Perspectives