WGN Chicago Collection
   A variety of documents and photos about this historical radio station.
WGN Collections
This is and eclectic collection, including some random photos and printed materials. Some of the items represent equipment used at WGN, or talent that worked there. But all of it, directly or indirectly relates to WGN Chicago.
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WGN Publications and Articles
1995 Yearbook 1996 Yearbok Several Issus of What's Goin' On a Monthly Magazine
1925 Radio Transmitter Tube A Morning with Wally Phillips 1966 Altec 639 Microphone Manual Carl Myers - Charles Rothers 1975
Chicago Tribune Impression  1989 Donated Equipment Photos Forbes Article on Tribune Mangement 1974 Harris AM FM Radio Profiles 1974
Chicago Tribune Picture Book of Radio 1928 ElectroVoice Model 642 Microphone WGN Picture Book of Radio
RCA Microphones
77 DX Manual
WGN featured in RCA Broadcast News 1961 RCA Broadcast News WGN 50th Anniversary 1974 Tribune Veterans 1973 U.S. Government Code of Wartime Practices 1943
Various Articles Video Camera Tube Western Electric 22B Audio Mixer Western Electric 618A Microphone
Broadcasting Magazine Ad
WGN First Satellite Dish
April 1979
WGN A Pictorial History
WGN Announcer List
Decembeer 1961
Big Band Memories
July 1957
WGN Engineers' Seniority List 1959 WGN Family Letter
WGN InterDepartment Memos 1943-49
WGN Pipe Organ
WGN 10th Anniversarly
March 1934
WGN Golden Age Postcards Article 1985 WGN Radio Little Orphan Annie Story June 1959
WGN Reception in New Zealand 1973 WGN Steam Boat Whistle Problem 1949 WGN TV 20th Anniversary 1968 WGN Veterans Dinner
Wonderful World of WGN
1966 Booklet
Wonderful World of WGN
1970 Booklet
Word Picture of WGN Studios 1936  
WGN Closed Circuit
January 5 1979
WGN Closed Circuit
January 19, 1979
WGN Closed Circuit
February 2 1979
WGN Closed Circuit
February 16 1979
WGN Closed Circuit
March 10 1978
WGN Closed Circuit
March 16 1979
WGN Closed Circuit
March 30 1979
WGN Closed Circuit
April 13 1979
WGN Closed Circuit
April 21 1978
WGN Closed Circuit
April 5 1978
WGN Closed Circuit
April 19 1978
WGN Closed Circuit
June 16 1968
WGN Closed Circuit
June 30 1978
WGN Closed Circuit
July 14 1978
WGN Closed Circuit
July 27 1978
WGN Closed Circuit
August 11 1978
WGN Closed Circuit
August 22 1978
WGN Closed Circuit
September 8 1978
WGN Closed Circuit
September 22 1976
WGN Closed Circuit
October 6 1978
WGN Closed Circuit
October 20 1878
WGN Closed Circuit
November 3 1978
WGN Closed Circuit
November 11 1977
WGN Closed Circuit
November 17 1978
WGN Closed Circuit
December 1 1978
WGN Closed Circuit
December 16 1977
WGN Closed Circuit
December 20 1978
 WGN Photographs
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WGN Studio
WGN At Home
WGN Control Room
Mr Heartbeat
WGN Master Control Tribune Square Gathering Prior to Dedication: Nathan Hale Court Two of three remote units circa 1941 Studio 5A
Studio 10 Colonel McCormick's Studio TV Studio 6A RCA Exhibit NAB 1946 Aerial View Roselle AM Transmitter
Chicago Railroad Fair Chicago Theater of the Air Studio WGN TV Lobby WGN TV Lobby Construction
WGN-TV Mast Base WGN TV Announce Studio Storage Room Master Control Racks
WGN TV Antenna TV Control Room Construction Main Studio Construction Projection Room Construction
Tribune Tower TV Antenna Construction Studio 1 Audience Audience at Medina Temple Show First Weeks of WGN-TV
Telephone Quiz radio show with Ed Cooper TV Show Stop Look and Learn WGN Receptionist Miss Crenshaw. Stars of Tomorrow Winners
Hal Totten Announcer for WGN Sportsman's Corner Radio Sales Manager Wm. McGuineas Sox Contract Signing
Schreiber and Jack Brick
Preston Sellers
WGN Organist
 WGN Chicago