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Radio stations  and Technology between 1900 and WW II.
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Over 1000 books on electronics and radio  programming & music
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Music, radio and electronics publications from the  United Kingdom
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Amateur Radio - DXing - Shortwave Section
DX & Radio Listings - Station Lists & Logs
Radex Radex
Radio Index
Listings of
all stations
Radio Logbooks Radio logs &
Station lists

White's, Stevenson's
Burgess & more
FM Atlas FM Atlas
All North
FM Stations
1970 2010  
FBIS Station Lists FBIS Radio Stations
of the World

Station lists from our friends at the  CIA
Guide To Broadcasting Guide to Broadcasting Station listing and logbook from
Wireless World magazine (UK)
Radio Service Bulletin Radio Service Bulletins: regulatory actions 1915 to 1932
Citizens Radio Callbook Citizen's Radio Callbook Magazine
Technical and station lists
Radio Review Radio Review / Radio Listeners' Callbook
Radio Register Radio Register
Late 20's Log and station information monthly magazine
Jones North American Radio & TV Guide Jones North American
Radio and TV
Late 50's to
Ham and DX -  Shortwave & Amateur & DX Listening (see also UK section)
World Radio
Ham magazine begun in 1971
The Modulator
ARRL magazine from the early 20's
XTAL for the Radio Amateur
Canadian ham radio magazine beginning in 1938
Short Wave and Ham Gear and Miscellanea
Catalogs, Manuals and limited run publications
The DX Collection
Shortwave, DXing and Amateur Radio

A large batch of  DX, Ham, Medium Wave and Short-Wave publications
Amateur and Ham Radio - Short Wave - DXing DX Bookshelf
Amateur / Ham Radio, DXing and Short Wave
Books and miscellaneous
Short Wave Radio  Short Wave Radio
Short Wave magazine begun in 1934
Monitoring Times Monitoring Times
DX, Short Wave and Utilities magazine from the 80's and 90's
73 Magazine
Amateur "Ham" radio monthly from 1960 to 2003
Popular Communications Popular Communications
DX, short waves and utilities.
Issues from the 80's and 90's
Short Wave Television Short Wave & Television
Also known as Short Wave Craft (which became) Radio & Television 1930-1941
All Wave Radio All Wave Radio
30's Short Wave and international broadcasting publication
Radio Verifications 1
Radio Verifications 2
Radio Station Verifications of reception. QSL's and "Veries" from real radio stations.
The Short Wave Magazine  The Short Wave Magazine
UK Short Wave and amateur journal 
Short Wave Listener US Short Wave Listener
Hugo Gernsback's
mid-1930s short wave
 Ham Tips  RCA Ham Tips
Publication for radio amateurs beginning in 1938
GE Ham News GE Ham News
Publication by General Electric for radio amateurs beginning in 1938
D.I.Y. Radio D.I.Y. Radio
Magazine for beginning amateurs from the UK.
NARBA 1941 1940 NARBA
Radio Spots when US stations changed frequency. (Audio MP3)
Ham Radio Horizons
Sister publication to "Ham Radio"
Communications World Communications
1970's and 80's Shortwave, scanner
and DX magazine
White's Radio Log  
Amateur Radio Defense
Early 1940's patriotic magazine for amateurs
Ham Radio Magazine 1968-1990 Ham Radio
1968 to 1990 amateur radio magazine.
Amateur Television Quarterly
Journal for TV "hams"
1988 to present.
 On the Shortwaves Website Jerry Berg's On the Shortwaves website with facts and history. 
Amateur Radio construction
VHF Communications: Amateur UHF VHF Microwave VHF Communications
Amateur UHF, VHF and Microwaves.  
Satellite Times 1994-1999 Satellite Times
Reception on satellite frequencies.
DX CLUBS -  Shortwave & DXing & Amateur & Antique Radio Club Journals
The publication of the North American Short Wave Association 
National Radio Club
DX News
AM DX publication starting in 1933
Magazine for Active DXers from the 70's
to the 90's 
International Short Wave Club International Short Wave Club
Monthly member magazine 1929 to late 30's 
The Globe Circler Globe Circler
1930's DX club
"Calling all Stations"

Journal of the ARRL
Earliest years only.
DX Horizons
Early 60's Long
Range TV and FM DX publication
Call Letters
Journal of the Northwest Vintage Radio Society.
Radio Age
Journal of the Mid-Atlantic Antique Radio Club
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