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World Wide Collection
 WORLD RADIO: Canada Search all
Canadian titles
Canadian Flag
Broadcaster Canada Broadcaster
Radio & TV Industry news magazine beginning in 1942
Canadian Communication Foundation Link Canadian Communication Foundation
History of Radio in Canada
Canadian Radio Collection
Radio stations and suppliers: 1947-1948 
Broadcast Technology Canada Broadcast Technology
Technical publication from 1975 
RPM Canadian Music Industry Magazine RPM
Canadian Music Magazine for radio
CBC Radio Guide CBC Radio Guide
Monthly with articles
and program guides.
CRTC Annual Reports CRTC Annual Report & Proceedings
Activities of the Canadian Radio - TV Commission
Radio Vision Radio Vision
Canadian radio program guide.
Second era: 1946
Radio '49 to Radio '52 Radio '49 - Radio '50 - Radio '51 - Radio '52
Montréal, Québec
radio and
Radio Television and Appliance Sales Radio Television & Appliance Sales
Canadian appliance dealer magazine from 1946 to the 50's
Electronics Today International
1977-1993 Electronics Magazine
(Canada Edition)
British Columbia Media Guide British Columbia
Media Guide

1995 Edition
Broadcast Dialogue Broadcast Dialogue
Trade magazine for radio and TV industries starting in 1992
CBC Times
Prairie Edition
Nearly 200 issues of this program guide
from 1952 to 1965 
La Semaine à Radio-Canada
Weekly publication of the French service of the CBC
The employee magazine for the staff of the Canadian Broadcasting Corp. beginning in 1945
Electronics and Communications
Technology industry trade magazine starting in  1963
XTAL for the Radio Amateur
Canadian ham radio magazine beginning in 1938
 WORLD RADIO: Australia Search all Australian Titles Australian Flag
Australian Electronics Monthly
Published beginning 1985.
Australian Radio Yearbooks Australian
Broadcasting Annuals
Yearbooks & Directories

Directories of electronic media: 30's to 70's.
Broadcasting and Television Broadcasting and Television
Business magazine for the broadcast industry
Australasian Wireless Review Australasian Wireless Review
Beginning in 1923.
Australian Regulatior Board Australian broadcast regulatory board annual reports
Radio & Holbbies Radio & Hobbies
Australian construction and radio magazine beginning in 1939
Electronics Australia Electronics Australia
Hobbyist magazine from 1965 to 2000.
Australian Radio & Television News Australian Radio and Television News
Hobbyist publication beginning in 1949
Sea Land and Air Sea Land and Air
1918-1923 publication about radio communications in Australia
Australasian Radio Review Australasian Radio World
Hobbyist and Amateur publication from 1936 to 1951
Wireless Weekly Wireless Weekly
Australian title begun in 1922.
Radio in Australia and New Zealand Radio in Australia & New Zealand
1923 to 1927.
Broadcasting Business - Commercial Broadcaster Broadcasting Business and Commercial Broadcaster
Radio industry trade magazine begun in 1934
Queensland Radio News Queensland Radio News
Wireless journal from 1925 to 1934
Radio Science Radio Science
Wireless technolog
Evening News Wireless Handbook Evening News
Wireless Handboo
1924 practical guide
Australian Miscellaneous Publications Australian Miscellaneous Publications
Single issues and special editions.
Catalog of Australian Magazines Catalog of Australian and New Zealand Radio Magazines and Periodicals.
From Colin MacKinnon
Mullard Outlook
Valve Company house organ beginning 1958
Pop music magazine from 1966 to 1974.
Amateur Radio
Australian ham radio journal from 1933 to present.
Australian Radio College publication for radio repair technicians.
The Broadcaster
Staff magazine for the Australian Broadcasting Directorate beginning in 1985
ETI / Electronics Today
Australian Edition
Modern Sets
Hobbyist & Experimenter magazine from 1932
Listener In
1927 to 1954
Program guide and many special editions
 Search for all European & Brazilian Titles  Search All European Magazines Search Service and Retailing Publications
 WORLD RADIO: All other International
Rip It Up
New Zealand Radio Publication beginning in 1977
New Zealand
Collection of publications.
CQ Radio Amateur
Edition from Spain 2008-2014
Coming soon
The Indian Listener The Indian Listener
Program guide to Indian radio beginning in 1935
India Calling
Magazine of All India Radio International Service Most issues from 1980 to1986
French short-wave and amateur magazine beginning in 1982
Electronique Practique Electronique Pratique
French Consumer and hobbyist magazine.
Elektor France
French edition
beginning in 1978
CQ Radioamateur
French edition of CQ Magazine
Electronique et Loisirs
French electronic hobbyist magazine from 1999 onwards
Les Ondes
Radio Program Schedules and artist articles during Nazi occupation 1941-1944
 WORLD RADIO: Czech Republic
Amaterske Radio Praktika Elektronika
Czech & Slovak hobby and technical magazine.
German electronics and radio magazine starting in 1927.
Over 800 issues available.
 WORLD RADIO: Netherlands
Amateur and electronics publication from the Netherlands beginning in 1947
Radio Noticias
Spanish SWL and ham radio magazine starting in 1990.
CQ Radio Amateur
Spanish edition of CQ magazine.
Aprendendo & Praticando
Saber's Eletrônica
Brazilian electronics magazine beginning in 1974
Be-a-Bá-da Eletrônica
Brazilian electronics home study course in installments
Radio Elettronica
Hobbyist and Electronics magazine from Italy
1972 to 1990
Tecnica Pratica & Radiopratica
Italian hobbyist magazine 1962 - ?
CD / Costruire-Diverte
Italian construction and hobby magazine.
From 1959 to 1967
CQ Elettronica
Experimenter and Amateur magazine .
beginning in 1968

Onda  Quadra
Hobbyist magazine from early 70's to mid-1980's.
Italian electronics magazine from 1956 to 1981
Italian Edition of this international magazine.
1979 to 1985
 Il Transistor
Supplement to CQ Elettronica
Coming Soon
Elettronica Flash
Hobbyist magazine from 1983 to 2005
Nuova Elettronica
Home Study Courses
A selection of complete home study courses from the 20's to the 70's
Correspondence Schools
A  varied selection of complete home study courses from the 20's to the 70's
Servicing Training and Education books.
Coyne Electrical School
Home study courses, books, training materials and brochures from leading career school
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