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May 12 Bookshelf:
History of
  Added: Vintage Radio 1887 1929 McMahon 1973
Added: Electric Evangelism Benson 1973
Added: Electronics in the West First 50 Years Morgan 1967
Added: New Ventures In Broadcasting BBC 1928

Added: Out of Thin Air Frank 1991
Added: Radio Collector's Guide 1921 1932 McMahon 1974
Added: Radio Manufacturers of the 1920's Douglas 1988
Added: Signals in the Air Keith 1995
Added: Television How Things Developed Roberts
Added: The Powers That Be Halberstam 1979

Added: The Paper Life & Death of N Y Herald Tribune Kluger 1986
  Bookshelf; Broadcast Programing   Added  Thesis: A Study of the Techniques of Sports Telecasting Shirey 1951
Regulation and Legal
  Added: American Broadcasting and the Fifth Amendment Powe 1987
Added: Broadcast Fairness Rowan 1984
Added: International Radio Regulations 1947
Biography & Career Histories
  Added: And So It Goes Ellerbee 1986
Added: Canada Broadcasting and Me Clark
Added: Dorothy Fuldheim The First Lady of TV News Mote 1997
Added: Father Coughlin´s Radio Discourses 1931 1932 1932
Added: Father Coughlin & the New Deal Tull 1965
Added:  Hank Greenwald This Copyright Broadcast 1999
Added:  Huey Long Father Coughlin Brinkley 1983
  Bookshelf: Encyclopedias & Directories   Added: Encyclopedia of Television Series Pilots Specials 1937 1973
Added: Encyclopedia of Television
Added: On The Air Encyclopedia of Old Time Radio Dunning 1998
The Business of Broadcasting
  Added: A Public Trust Future of Public Broadcasting 1979
Added: Broadcasting in Asia and the Pacific Lent 1978
Added: Radio and Television Broadcasting on the European Continent 1967
  Added: Public Broadcasting & The Public Trust Horowitz 1995
Added: The TV Book Fireman 1977 2nd
  Bookshelf: Education & Training   Added: Broadcast Advertising & Promotion Bergerndorf 1983Added:
Added: How to Write for Broadcasting Thomas 1941
Added: The Technique of Radio Writing Weaver 1948
Added: There's Money Where Your Mouth Is Clark 1995
May 10 G.E. Monogram   Added November-December 1950 of this General Electric dealer hand-out promoting its electrical and electronic product lines.
Music: Miscellaneous Added Circus "The Year in Rock & Roll" for 1989
Added Circus June 30 1993 issue
Added Circus "The Year in Rock" for 1993
  Music Row   Added October-November 2012 and April-May 2014
  The Music Scene
BMI Canada
Added a new section for the publication of the Canadian office of BMI with 63 issues of the magazine from 1967 to 1989. BMI is a performing rights organization representing authors, composers and publishers in the music industry.
  Network Publications   Added the 1942 Columbia Broadcasting System annual report for shareholder.
  Wireless World Added a new scan of the 50th anniversary issue from April 1961
  Record World   Added July 31 1976 and a better scan of June 12 1976
  Early Radio Programming   Added a Tender Leaf Tea picture album / booklet for it's sponsored serial drama, "One Man's Family"
  City Radio Guides   Added the February 1923 issue of Radio Waves from Portland, Oregon. Radio schedules and articles about radio sets and radio technology.
  Hi-Fi Stereo Review   Added the 1963 Stereo Hoi Fi Directory issue.
  Radio Pictorial Added November 18 1938
May 9 Q.R.P. Collection nearing completion with the assistance of Peter Merriman. Just two issues now needed.
  Broadcasting Magazine
Digital TV
  Added all 1998 issues of Broadcasting & Cable magazine's "Digital Television" publication.
They are listed under the same year as the Broadcasting / Broadcasting & Cable issues are listed.
  Brill's Content   Added August 2000 edition
  Mix   Added  August, June 2011; February, April, June October 2012
Months with a gray "x" indicate issues purchased but not yet received / scanned.
  Canadian Musician Added March/April and May/June 2001
  Musician   Added January 1996
  Wireless World Replaced 1961 January and February with complete editions with covers and ads.
  Television   Added September and December 1962 completing that year.
Added September, October, November 1963 completing that year.
This collection is now complete from 1949 to 1968 but we need many issues from 1944 to 1948. Please help us find them.
  U.K. Collectioin   Added a 1925 issue of Wireless - The One Word Weekly".
May 6 United Kingdom
  We spent the last three days rebuilding the scope, accuracy and inclusion of the searches for all U.K publications.
The global ones for Early Technology (through WW II), Modern Era Technology, Music, Books, and "BBC-Short Wave-Private Radio and TV are located on the UK page (in the section headings) and on both the vertical side menu and the top drop-down menu on the home page.
If you encounter problems, let me know (not that search results depend considerably on the quality of the original documents so some will generate oddly spelled words and the like.
May 3 Mix   Added July 2011
  Q.R.P. Added issues 46 to 56. July/August 1953 to June 1954
  RPM Canada Added 61 more issues, going back as far as 1965. Also added many of the special editions like Juno Awards, record company anniversaries and music industry directories.
We now have 1775 issues and specials of this magazine.
The RPM search has been updated to today's changes.
  Music Collection   Added the 1982 and 1992 Circus Magazine annual review of rock music. They are under their respective decades in the Music Collection page.
  Canadian Musician Added October 1979 and February 1986
Apr 30 FCC Publications   Added the 1955 FCC Study Guide and Reference for Commercial Operator Exams.
  Metronome   Added November 1944
  Capitol Music Views   Added February 1953
  Station Booklets and Pictorial Albums   Added an undated "Good Morning" Programs of KWTO, Springfield, MO.
Appears to be very late 1920's.
Added CFAM Altona, Manitoba 50th anniversary publication. }
Added the CKWX, Vancouver, Canada station and city album
Add the 1923 WRC The Voice of the Capital Washington DC booklet.
Added a 1960s promotional brochure for WHLO in Akron, Ohio.
  Early Radio Programming   Added a 1930's brochure about "The Chesterfield Radio Program" showing how the show is produced and broadcast.
  Maplin Electronics Added Issue #20 of the Maplin Projects Book.
  Canadian Musician Added August 1983 and August 1989
  GE Monogram   Added July 1930
  Circus   Added Circus Summer Rockers June 1988
Added Circus Year in Metal December 1990
Added Circus The Year in Rock and Roll 1987
Apr 28 G.E. Monogram   Added the June-July 1968 issue of the General Electric Monogram
  Musician   Added July 1994, Completing that year's issues in our collection.
  RPM (Canada)   Added over 100 issues with more to come. Look for dates that are underlined. We have more purchases on their way from Canada to further our wish to complete this collection.
Apr 26 Radio News   Added the 1928 edition of "1001 Questions and Answers"  We now have 4 different editions of this annual publications, with the first from 1926 and the "newest" from 1930
  DXing and Short Wave Collection   Added Fine Tuning Proceedings 1994-94 Receivers and lots more DX topics..
Apr 25 Billboard   Added the 1978 "Disco Supplement"
  International Musician   Added thee July 1978 edition from the American Federation of Musicians
  City Radio & TV Schedule Magazines   Added a 1950 issue of Radio Record, a listing of Seattle and Vancouver (BC) radio and TV shows and related articles.
"Voice of the Air"
Added Volume 2 Number 1 of  radio manufacturer "Majestic" publication "Voice of the Air".
Note / Warning: This issue features "Amos & Andy" which was a popular radio show where two non-African Americans imitated and parodied Black people. It was very popular, but does not pass the "test of time" in this editor's opinion.
  BMI Many Worlds of Music   Added 111 issues from the 1970's. All are underlined.
  ASCAP Magazines   Added Fall 1980 "ASCAP in Action" and July August 1998 "Playback"
  Canadian Musician Added 13 more issues. Each is underlined in the listing.
  Early Radio Collection   Added The A.B.C. of Radio by Kaempfert. A 1922 early and basic explanation of how radio works and how to use it at home!
  Music Miscellaneous   Added the book "Grammy Awards by Year" covering 1958 to 1998 with annual listings
Added the Circus Magazine's "Year In Rock" for 1987.
Apr 23 RCA Catalogs   Added an undated WP 33-B Regulated Power Supply brochure
Added the 1970 Radio TV equipment price list
Added the 1960 Broadcast Transmitting Equipment for TV catalog.
Home Study Courses Added the United Electronics Laboratories home study electronics course from 1956.
  Record World   Added1975 issues for November 1, 8, 15,22,  29, December 6, 13, 20, 27 July 5, 12, 26, August  2, 9, 16, 23, 30,
  RPM Canada Added the December 31 1974 directory issue.
Added October 2 1976 Directory issue.
Added May 26 1973 Directory issue
Added 13 Single Editions from 1978 to 1981. They are ujnderlined.
  Music Miscellaneous   Added "Solid Gold" a special edition from rock magazine "Circus". We'll add more from this magazine if there is any interest.
  Citizens Band Radio Publications   Added October 1961 "CB Horizons"
  The Mix Added July 1996 of the UK edition of this title.
  Tower Radio   Added May and July of 1937. We now have all but one of this publication's print run!
  Radio Logbooks and Station Lists   Added the RCA Radio Travel Log dated March 1940
  CMJ New Music   Added 7 issues from 1995 of this airplay and music magazine principally focused on campus radio stations.
  Early Radio Collection   Added the 1926 Retailing Radio Trade Directory from 1926
Added booklet "The Zenith Story" with the history of Zenith Radio Corporation abeginning in 1919. Many illustrations.
  Radio Life   Added June 22, 1941, October 23 1949, May 22 1949, February 22 1948,
  Electronics Digest   Added 5 issues from 1972. This was a Radio Shack publication "for home and school".
  Radio Pictorial Added May 3 1935 and April 30 1937 issues
  Radio News
Special Editions
  Added edition #6 of the Radio News Amateur's Handibook from 1939
  NAB Publications   Added Broadcasting & The Lottery Laws, 5th edition, from 1974
Added the Polical Broadcast Catechism 7th Edition from 1972
Added "Why do Radio Research" from 1980
Apr 22 Note:   We finished well enought to use our new main site processing coputer, using a Ryzen Threadrippper 7960 24 core processor with new generation memory and high speed SSD-based RAID arrays for work areas and backup. Pictures t

In the meantime, we have several week's worth of files backed up and will begin putting them on the site tonight! Click HERE to see new gear!
  Television Age   Added Septemeber 19, 1960 issue
Music Business Added January 30 1965
  RCA Victor Radio News   Added the Msarch 1940 issue of this predecessor to the "RCA In The Groove" magazine for record buyers.
  RCA Listen   Added undated issue of this 1937-1939 supplement to major magazines promoting RCA home electrical and electronic devices.
  Practical Wireless Replaced with better copies: July 1938 and October 8 1938
  Wireless World Replaced December 1938 with better copy
  Television Factbook   Added the "Stations" volume of the Television Factbook for 1981-82.
  Music Miscellaneous   Added the 1981 Twelfth Annual Country Radio Seminar program.
  Indiana Historical Radio Society   Added 5 more issues of this "old radio" preservation group.
  Lafayette Catalogs   Added a much improved scan of the 1940 "Gift Catalog" #79
Country Music Added four issues from the 1970's, and three from the 2000's. They are underlined.
We are now missing less than 15 issues to complete this magazine. Let me know if you'd like to see other  country musc "fanzines" on this site... and which ones! david@worldradiohistory.com
  Brill's Content   Added March 1999, November/December 2000, June 1983, July 1984
  Billboard   Added the August 6 1966 "1966-1967 International Buyer's Guide"
Added the August 7 1965 "1965-1966 International Buyer's Gude
  Canadian Musician Added July 1984, June 1983, November 2000, December 1996. More have been purchased and are on their way.
  Q.R.P. Added issues #16-18 and #32-34 and #42-44 as well as #71
  Early Radio Hobbyist   Added  the American Radio Relay League 1925 Convention in Chicago Program.
Early Radio Catalogs Added the Coast to Coast Radio Corp 1933 Semi-Annual Supplement
Apr 11 General Electric
  Added March 1968 edition.
  Music: Miscellaneous Collection   Added the Grammy Winners 25th Anniversary Edition
  Early Radio: Catalogs   Added a 1920's catalog from Young & McCombs in Rock Island, IL from the 1920's. If any site visitor can pinpoint the year of issue, please let us know.
  Music Business   Replaced March 27 1965 issue with a better scan.
  Mix Magazine   Added November and December 2009, January, February,  March, May, June, July, August, September, October, November, December 2010, January, February, March, April, May 2011
  Q.R.P. Added issues 19 to 31,  April 1951 to April 1952
  Popular Wireless Added 6 issues from 1933- They are underlined.
Apr 10 Etude   Added August 1940
RPM Added November 13, 2000. This was the "farewell" last issue of the publication.
And some good RPM news: we have found about 30 of the missing issues and have bought them. You will want to look for them soon, eh?,
We have moved RPM to the North American / U.S.A. music section and made the issues searchable.
Apr 8 Country Music   Added 11 issues. They are all underlined.
  Billboard   Added the 1993 International Recording Equipment & Studio Directory
Added the 1989 International Manufacturing and Packaging Directory
Added 1994 International Recording Equipment & Studio Directory
  Arbitron Ratings Booklets and Pamphlets   Added the Undated Understanding Arbitron Ratings (likely from 1980's)
Added the 1989 Arbitron Radio Programmer's Guide
Added the 1977 Research Guidelines for Porgramming
Added the 1989 Turning the Numbers into Sales
Added the 1976 Understanding and Using Radio Audience Estimates
Added the 1989 Why the Diary
Added the 1990 article "Day in the Life of an Arbitron Diary.
  Radio Station Lists & Logbooks   Added the 1961 Wireless World Guide to Broadcasting Stations.
  Musician   Added the 1981-1982 edition of The Year In Rock
  Wireless World Guide to Broadcasting Stations Added Edition 13 from 1961
Radio Ratings Books Added Miami Pulse October November 1973
Added Richmond Hooper from October 1973 and October 1974
Added Miami Hooper November-December 1973
Added Miami Arbitron 1973 October-November
Note: this is a unique opportunity to see Hooper, Pulse and Arbitron side by side in one market
Added Rochester Arbitron from Winter 1987
Added a station's notes from a 1974 diary review of Richmond, VA, Arbitron diaries
Added the Custom Survey Area report for Spring 1989 for Nags Head NC
  CM Canadian Musician Added four more issues, including one from the first year of publication, 1979
Apr 1 Radio World
(Modern Era)
Added 24 issues from 1996
Added 19 issues from 1997
Added 6 issues from 1998
Added 9 issues from 2006, including 4 issues of the Engineering Extra
Added 6 issues of Engineering Extra from 2007
Added 8 issues from 2008 including 6 issues of Engineering Extra
Added 10 issues from 2009 including 5 issues of Engineering Extra
Added 4 issues of Engineering Extra from 2010
Added 6 issues of Engineering Extra from 2011 and the Nov 16 regular issue
Added 6 issues including 5 Engineering Extra
Added 2 issues from 2013
Added one issue from 2014
Added one issue from 2015
Added two issues from 2016
Added 27 issues from 1921 including the 2021 Source Book
Made all issues SEARCHABLE and the search can be done by decade, too!
  CM Canadian Musician Added 39 issues from 1986 to 1993
Mar 31 Practical Wireless Added 5 issues from 1938. As usual, New(er) additions are underlined
  Brill's Content   Added May 2001
  Musician   Added 4 issues, and they are underlined.
  Electronics   Just a reminder that the original article containing Moore's Law was in the April 19th 1965 issue of Electronics magazine.

The later issues of Electronics are very hard to find, and I'm using the "bait" of the issue mentioned above to request the contribution of any of the missing issues. particularly from the 1980's.
Mar 24 CM Canadian Musician Added our first issue of this Canadian music and musicians' magazine that ran from 1979 to 2023. Many more issues on the way.
  Listener In Australia Added the 1936 11th edition of the Modern Radio Handbook.
  Bookshelf: Servicing & Construction   Added a new section for books and booklets about home servicing of radios and TV sets, simple construction projects and similar subjects that are not part of a regular magazine series.
Added 8 books to start the page.
Mar 23 Popular Wireless Added 6 issues from 1931. They are all underlined.
  Q.R.P. Added five more issues, completing the 1950 editions.
Mar 22 United Kingdom Collection Added The Concise Household Encyclopedia "A Practical Guide to all Home Crafts" from 1920
  Music Row   Added 9 more issues. They are underlined.
  Wireless World Publications   Added Radio Engineering for Sound Broadcasting 1955, "by members of the BBC Engineering Division". Find it in the left-hand column under "Books from Wireless World".
Mar 21 RCA Collection Added the June 13 1953 issue of Time Magazine with David Sarnoff on the cover and a feature article about the head of RCA.
United Kingdom Collection Added "Radio Caroline and its Stars", a pictorial view of the UK pirate radio station.
Added issues #1 and #2 of "Beatwave" a magazine about pirate radio in the UK:
  Radio-Electronics   Revised page for this magazine to included all the special editions. They are listed at the bottom of the page.
  City Radio Guides   Added our first issue of "Best Bets", a Spokane, WA, radio program guide from August 1935
Added the September 17 issue of Saint Louis' Radio and Entertainment Guide magazine.
  Early Radio Catalogs   Added the 1924 catalog from American Radio Manufacturing Company
  BBC Radio Times Added "The Art of Radio Times" featuring the best art and illustration from the BBC publication.
  Musician   Added 14 issues from 1989 to 1999. They are underlined.
Added 1995 special edition "Understanding MIDI"
  Record World   Added three new issues from 1975: May 3 and May 24 and September 27 and replaced all the May and June issues with better scans
  Brill's Content   Added November 2000
  Radio Life   Added the October 12 1947 issue from this Los Angeles area radio and TV program listing with many feature articles about stations, shows and personalities.
  Radio Logbooks and Station Lists   Added the Burgess Index of Radio Broadcasting Stations from March 1927
Mar 17 Who's Who
in Television
Added issues from 1960, 1962, 1965 and 1966. This is a "fanzine" but contains information on radio and TV shows and stars from each year.
  Q.R.P. Added 9 issues between 1949 and 1950 of this low power radio amateur publication.
  CMJ "New Music"   Added the Monthly CMJ "New Music" edition for all of 1999 and 6 issues from 2000. This was a music magazine focused on college radio stations with significant rock programming. If you like Limp Bizkit you will like this magazine.
  Speaker Builder   Added 97 issues between 1980 and 1998.
Indiana Historical Radio Society Added three issues. They are underlined.
Hi Fi Yearbook Added all but one of the Hi Fi Yearbooks from the UK between 1956 and 1981
BMI Magazine Added Issue 3 from 1979
RCA Collection Added the 1972 RCA Product Technical Manual
St. Louis Radio and Entertainment Added a new page with four 1931 issues of this Saint Louis, Missouri radio program and entertainment guide.
  Channels of Communication   Added the 1986 Field Guide issue
Radio Doings Added October 11 1925 and November 29 1925
Music Row Added 8 issues from the 90's, including the March 8 1999 issue with an extensive interview with Rusty Walker, the amazing Country Music consultant. All new additions are underlined.
EQ Added 16 issues. They are all underlined
Hi-Fi Music at Home
Added December 1958
Mar 16 Popular Wireless Added the complete set of August 1931 issues in one file.
Added 5 single 1930 issues.
Added the complete set of issues for October 1930 in a single file.
Early Radio Collection Added The Microphone Radio & Television Worker's Union May 1935
SAG-AFTRA Added 6 issues from 2022
Early Radio Programming Added "Ladies Be Seated", a souvenir program from the Aunt Jemima show on ABC.
Hi-Fi Choice Added issue 1 to 36 from 1975 to 1984. These were topic based editions with a single focus.
Added issues 37 to 53 to 1987. These were also single topic issues.
Brill's Content Added August 1998, the premier issue.
Musician Added December 1998 and several issues from 1989, completing that year.
Added February 1992
Mar 15 NOTICE: Search
All Music Magazines
  We have rebuilt the searches for all music related magazines. They now include every publication on the site as of today.
Mar 13 Short Wave Magazine Added January 2001 issue.
Musician Added 112 more issues of this West Coast USA music industry magazine.
An updated search utility has been created.
Mar 12 Billboard Replaced January 25 and February 1 1964 with better and more complete scans.
SBE Signal Added December 2023 issue
The Etude Added 13 issues from the 1940's. s
SAG-AFTRA Added the Spring 2023 issue of the SAG-AFTRA member magazine.
ASCAP Added six special editions. They are shown at the left-hand column.
BMI Added 5 special editions. They are listed at the bottom of the page.
Mar 10 Music Connection Added over 150 issues from 1987 to 1999. This magazine promoted itself as The West Coast's Music Magazine.
Musician Added July 1998 and April 1999
Added December 1990, March 1990, June-July 1980, April 1987
Added April 1999, November 1998, October 1998,
International Musician Added the February 1974 issue of the magazine of the American Federation of Musicians
Hits Added March 11 1990 and October 29 1999
Brill's Content Added a new section for this "Media Watchdog" publication which began in 1998. Wee have 7 issues now and will add more as they become available
Crosley Broadcaster Added the November 1 1926 issue.
Radio Station Lists and Logs Added a new scan of the Boston-Transcript's-Radio-Handbook-from February 1924. This edition includes several pages of updates.
Added the Almanac Wireless Log Book from 1926
Added new scan of the Air Line Radio Map & Log from 1926
Mar 9 Popular Wireless Added 1 issue from 1933 and 10 from 1935
Mar 4 Bookshelf: History of Radio    Added: Hollywood and Broadcasting Hilmes 1990
Added: La Radiodifisusion Nationale Annuaire 1934 
Added: Radio's First Two Decades 1987

Added: Television An International History Smith 1995 
Added: The Story of Modern Science Williams 1923 
Added: Towers on the Prairie Mann Vol 2 1945-1979 
  Bookshelf: Radio Programming   Added: Christina Hits Radio Hot Hits Brothers 1999
Added: Complete Encyclopedia of Television Programs.1947 1976 Terrace
Added: TV Movie Almanac Ratings 1958-59
  Bookshelf: Regulation & FCC   Added: Say it Safely Ashley 1959
Added: TAB BM E Interpreting FCC Broadcast Rules Vol 2 1968
  Bookshelf: Education   Added. Announcing Broadcast Communicating Today O'Donnel 1987
Added Announcing O'Donnell 2nd 1991

Added Kids Discover Television 1992 03
Added Radio Production Worktext Gross Reese 2nd Edition
  Bookshelf: Biography   Added: CBS's Don Hollenbeck Gdhiglione 2008
Added: Nothing Could Be Finer Than A Crisis That Is Minor Osgood 19
Added: People of the Century Time CBS News 1999

Added: The Alexander Popov Inventor of Radio Radovsky 1957 
Added: David Sarnoff A Biography Lyons 1966 
Mar 3 Beat Instrumental Added 11 issues from 1980. We are now just 2 issues short of a complete set of this publication.
RCA "In the Groove" Added July and November 1948 issues of this promotional monthly magazine for RCA records and record artists.
Musician Added June 1990
  Journal of the British Institution of Radio Engineers Added the October to December 1945 issues
Added the November 1943 to January 1944 editions.
The Etude Began a new page for The Etude, a music magazine published from 1883 to 1957. Our first issue is from 1949 and we will be adding more as they become available.
Home Study Courses Added National Radio Institute booklet on professional charges for radio TV service
Hobbies Added 40 issues from 1952
Radio Dial Added our first issue of the Columbus Ohio "Radio Dial" weekly program guide. This was the third issue for that city. We have over 100 issues for the Cincinnati Ohio edition.
  Early Radio Programming   Added the September 1923 issue of Radio Record, its 4th issue. This is a magazine that details the progress of radio in both consumer technology and programming.
Added our second issue of On the Air from February 1926
  Early Radio Hobbyist Publications   Added a single issue of One issue of  "The Broadcast Receiver" from 1924
  Early Radio Catalogs   Added the Radio Television Supply Co Catalog, undated.
Added the 1919 Sears "Apparatus" catalog
Added the Radio Equipment & Supplies 1925 catalog from Hub Cycle and Auto Supply in Boston
  Service Manuals   Added Westinghouse Canada Manuals 1936-1937
Added Radio College of Canada Individual Circuit Service Canadian Receivers 1927-1930
(Find these down the page under "Retail and Servicing"
  Practical Wireless Added the 1941 8th edition of Camm's Practical Wireless Encyclopaedia. We now have 4 different editions that show the progress of electronics from 1928 to 1954
Feb 28 Early Radio Programming   Added Radio Forecast magazine with weekly radio program listings and articles from April 17, 1932.
Musician Added 18 issues. All are underlined.
Feb 27 Hi-Fi Choice Added 203 issues of Hi-Fi Choice, the high fidelity and stereo publication from the UK.
All issues are now searchable!
  Audio Book Collection   Added: Hi Fi in the Home Crabbe 3rd 1972 
Added: Hi Fi Stereo Handbook Boyce 1961 
Added: HiFi Stereo Installation Simplified Cameron 1978 
Added: Reproduction of Sound Villchur 1962 
Added: Set Up Your Own Hi Fi by Warring 1974 
Added: Sound Design Attwood Beazley 2002 
Added: Sound Recording & Hi Fi Brown 1976 
Added: Sound Reproduction Briggs 2nd 1950 
Added: Stereo for Beginners Webb  
Added: The Hi Fi Handbook from Pioneer 
Reorganized the Audio Book and Publication page. Items are not listed alphabetically, with sections for single-publisher series or collections.
Feb 26 ASCAP Publications   Added the 1002 Annual Report
Added Spring 2008 issue of Playback
  Television Added the February 1930 issue of this early Television magazine from the UK.
  Music: Miscellaneous   Added our first issue of The Etude, a music magazine begun in 1882. This issue is Vol LVIII No 8
  Who's Who in Television and Radio   Added issues from 1955, 1956 and 1957
  Record World   Added August 23 1969 (complete), June 20 1964, June 27 1964.
  Music Connection   Added the December 1, 1977 issue (First issue published)
  Music Technology   Added the September 1987 issue
  UK Miscellaneous Added the August 1949 issue of The New Beat, "A Modern Music Magazine" featuring Big Bands, Crooners and pop jazz.
  Audio Miscellaneous Collection   Added our first issue of Sight & Sound Marketing, and it is from September of 1967
Added 11 books on audio subjects, including Tape Recording, Tape Recording & Hi Fi (ARCO), Tape recording & Hi Fi, Collins Nutsheel Book 32, Reproduction of Sound, Set Up Your Own Hi Fi, Stereo Handbook GA Briggs, Loudspeakers The Why & How of Good Reproduction, Magnetic Recording, Practical Hi Fi Sound, Introducing Hi Fi Turner 1976 and Introduction to Hi Fi Brown 1966
  Early Radio Programming   Added a brochure and schedule for two Chesterfield network shows on CBS and NBC.
Added Radio Stars Album 1932 publication from Dell with brief biographies of many radio stars.
Added On the Air, an early radio program magazine. This issue is from January of 1926
  Hits   Added three issues from 2013 and one from 2002
  RCA The Wireless Age   Added the April 1930 issue of this employee magazine from RCA.
  National Radio Institute
Home Study
  Added a set of "Extra Money Jobs", a  four to 6 page "newsletter" for  NRI graduates with hints and techniques for being a successful radio and TV serviceman.
  Radio News   Added the special edition "Hi Fi Annual" from 1959. Look for many special editions at the bottom of the Radio News page.
  Radio Log & Lore   Added June 1933 issue
  Radio Life   Added the June 6 1948 issue
  Radio Journal   Added 11 of the 12 issues from 1931. This was a radio and appliance dealer magazine.
  Capitol Records
"Music Views" and Record Club
  Added 10 Record Club mailers and 28 issues of the monthly Music Views magazine which promoted new Capitol releases and was given away at record stores and mailed to record buyers.
  Early Radio Collection   Added the 1928 Atwater Kent "Company Story" about this major early manufacturer of radio sets.
  Radio Logbooks, Station Lists.   Added the Motorola United State FM Station List  from the 1950's
Added Radio Broadcasting Stations 1923 from the Boston Transcript
Added Radio Foto Log for 1940 National Union Tubes
Added the Radio Travel Log fro RCA Victor
Added Western Union Radio Log 1925 October issue
Added the WTAQ Gillette Rubber Co Radio Log Book
  Beat Instrumental Added 12 issues from January to December of 1979
  Practical Wireless Added the Practical Wireless Encyclopedia by Camm 7th Edition 1939 and 11th Edition 1946.
Feb 24 Melody Maker Added 76 issues from 1945, 1946 and 1947
  Radio & Television Weekly   Added 31 total issues Radio & Television Weekly from 1947. This was a retailer's publication for the home entertainment market. and, under several names,  dated back 32 years to 1916 when it began as a gramophone dealer publication.
  Electronics & Music Maker /
Music Technology
Added August 1989 issue
  Hobbies Added four issues from 1930
Added five issues from 1931
  The Mix Added the January 1999 issue. This is not the same title as the US magazine called "Mix" without the "The" ahead of it.
  Popular Wireless Added 6 issues from 1928, including  the missing June issue allowing us to combine all in a single June collection file.
Added set of April 1931 issues
Added July 23 132
Added sets of complete September and October 1935 issues
Feb 20 Popular Wireless Made 10 additions from 1931 to 1933. Some are individual weekly issues, others are "complete sets" of all the issues from a single month (we combine issues when we have a whole month's worth) and one replaces an issue with missing pages.
  Practical Wireless Added just the blueprint from the February 11 1933 issue
Added the 13th Edition of the Practical Wireless Encyclopaedia from 1954
Added the Aerial Data Pocket Guide from 1965
  Modern Era Collection   Added the 1969 Los Angeles Times special supplement on "Radio's 50th Year".
FCC Documents Added 1979 filing by CKLW Winds Ontario, renowned engineer showing absence of adjacent channel interference by  Stereo. Tests performed by E.R. Buterbaugh.
  Citizen's Band Collection   Added the 1976 "Official CB Dictionary".
  UK Miscellaneous Collection Added the 1962 and 1974 International Audio Festival & Fair convention handbooks. Full of intereresting ads for audio gear.
Added the 1960 London Audio Fair exhibition and convention program
  Electronics World   Added the 1960 Electronics World magazine Hi Fi Annual and Audio Handbook.
  Bookshelf: Technical Handbooks   Added the 1937 Jones Radio Handbook and the 1937 Jones Radio Handbook Supplement
  Electronics Illustrated   Added 1959 Hi Fi Handbook special edition.
  Early Radio Programming   Added the 1939 "Biggest Show on Earth" weekly radio programming booklet for the Los Angeles, CA, area.
Feb 11 Melody Maker Added 59 issues from 1943 and 1944
Feb 8 Popular Wireless Added February 25 1933  and replaced February 11 and February 4 issues with ones including the blueprint or slider.
Feb 6 Radio World   Added the March 19, 1932 issue. With this issue we believe we have completed the entire Radio World collection. It has taken over 15 years to find them all and this may be the only full collection available to the public in existence.
  Popular Wireless Added a revised scan of the June 1932 issue with many missing pages added.
  Radio Pictorial Added 13 issues from 1938
  Wireless World Added the Wireless World book "Foundations of Wireless" by Sowerby, 2nd Edition from 1940
  Electronics & Music Maker /
Music Technology
Added the December 1984 issue of Electronics & Music Maker and the March 1988 issue of Music Technology, the changed name of E&MM
  Fabulous Added 1964 Beatles Lyrics special pamphlet / booklet
  Record Mirror Added the April 21 1990 issue
  Wireless World Added the 1950 and the 1960 Index issues detailing the contents for each of those years.
  Radio Pictorial Added issue from September 21 1934
  Short Wave Magazine Added about 20 missing pages from the March 1980 magazine, making it complete.
Feb 5 Bernards  & Babani Books Added Babani BP 435 Programming in C++
  Maplin Publications Added Best of Maplin Projects #3 and #4. Look for them in tn the left hand sidebar
  Modern Era Collection
(Post WW II)
  Added a collection of Fair Radio surplus catalogs from the 1980's
Feb 4 Billboard   Added the 1977 Disco Source Book
Added the 1979 International Buyer's Guide 1979-1980
  Music Connection   Added August 19 1991 and April 27 1992
  Record World   Added November 11 1969
Electronics and Radio Sales Catalogs Added Concord Radio Victory Clearance 1945
Added Walter Ashe Catalog 1934 Spring
Added Sears Roebuck Radio Equipment 1941
Added H&B Radio Catalogue Number 85
  Radio Instructor   Added our first issue of this magazine from June 1922. This was originally called Radio Digest, but changed its name because of another "new" journal with the same name.
  Amateur Radio Added May 1989 and March 1983. This appears to complete the entire publication history of this magazine.
  Short Wave Magazine Added April and August 2000, January and February of 2005 and December 1999
Thanks to many recent contributions by Peter Merriman, this collection is complete from 1937 to 2005
  Radio Logbooks and Station Lists   Added the 1932 Radio Pictorial and Log Book from Spring
Feb 3 Popular Wireless   Added all weekly editions for September and October of 1931. As is our custom, when  we get all issues for a month of smaller weeklies we combine them into a monthly volume. We had just 3 weeks of each of these months and now we have them all!
Jan 26 Audio Collection   Added 48 books, booklets and magazines, mostly from the UK, about Hi-Fi. Stereo, Tape Recording, Digital Audio and Gramophones. Most are from the 50's. 60's and 70's period of home stereo growth.
Jan 24 Beat Instrumental Added 39 issues from 1976, 1977, 1978, 1981. This set of issues includes the final issue in June 1981.
  Radio Pictorial Added 10 issues from 1934 and 1936. They are underlined.
  Melody Maker Added one issue from 1941 and replaced 3 that were "fuzzy" scans. They are underlined.
  The Tape Recorder
Studio Sound
Added October 1979, August 59, February 1961 and September 1963. And with these additions, we have completed the collection of The Tape Recorder and Studio Sound.
  Radio Review Supplement to Tropical Times Added three issues from 1933.and 1934 These are supplements to Tropical Times magazine.
Jan 20 Popular Electronics   Added the Popular Electronics Electronic Hobbyist Handbooks from 1989 to  1995. They are at the bottom of the page along with the Electronic Experimenters Handbook issues
Jan 17 The Tape Recorder Added August 1963
  Lenkurt Demodulator   Added the January-Feb 1980 issue
Added 7 issues from 1962 and 1963. They are underlined
  Early Radio Catalogs   Added the 1919 Sears, Roebuck & Co "Radio Apparatus" catalog
Jan 4 Bookshelf: Biography and Career Stories   Added: The Life of a Man Brinkley Wood 1937
Added: For The Love of Mike (WHA) Hazard
Added: Paul Harvey's Rest of the Story  Aurandt 1978
Added: Story of Henry Field Frances Field 1994
  Bookshelf: Babani
Technical Books
Added: BP90 Audio Projects
Added: BP105 Aerial Projects
Added: BP24 52 Projects Using IC741
Added: BP36 50 Circuits Using Germanium Silicon & Zener Diodes
Added: BP535 PC Interfacing Using USB
Added: BP523 Easy PC Interfacing
Added: BP267 How To Use Oscilloscopes
Added: BP309 Preamplifiers and Filter Circuits
Added: BP122 Audio Amplifier Construction
Added: BP88 How to Use Op Amps
Added: BP53 Practical Electronics Calculations
Added: BP182n MIDI Projects
Added: BP160 Coil Design and Construction Manual
Added: BP124 Easy Add on Projects
Added: BP18 Beginners book of Practical Radio and Electronics
Added: BP358 Projects for the Electric Guitar
Added: BP334 Major Electronic Projects
Added: BP297 Loudspeakers for Musicians
Added: BP315 An Introduction to the Electronic Wave
Added: BP3 Handbook of Tested Transistor Circuits
Added: BP329 Electronic Music Learning Projects
Added: Bernards 214 Audio Enthusiasts Handbook
  Bookshelf: Radio Technical   Added: Television for Radio Men Vol 1 1963
Added: Television for Radio Men Vol 2 1963
Added: Broadcast Engineering & Maintenance Handbook Finnegan 1976
  Bookshelf: Business of Broadcasting   Added: Successful Religious Broadcasting by Lowe
Added  Television Station Management Roe 1964
  Wireless World Added the 1942 3rd Edition of the Wireless World book, Foundations of Wireless by Sowerby.
  Bookshelf: Regulation and Law   Added: AM Stereo and the FCC Braun 1994
  Bookshelf: History of Radio   Added: A Cultural History of Broadcasting in the U. S. Hilmes 2002
  Bookshelf: News   Added: Broadcast Newswriting RTNDA Block 1994
Added: Sound Reporting 1992 Rosenbaum Dinges
Added: Television Network News Issues Adams Schriebman 1978
Added: Broadcast News Process 5th Shook 1996
  Bookshelf: Education   Added: A Golden Age Wickham 1996 (Children's book for African Ameican kids)
Added: Professional Radio Writing Crews 1946
  Bookshelf: Programming   Added: Decline and Fall of Public Service Broadcasting Tracey 1998
  Bookshelf: Commentary & Opinion   Added: Radio On Listener's Diary Vowell 1996
Jan 3 Radio Life   Added March 6 1953
Music Connection Added February 23 1987
  AFTRA   Added Spring 1995
  Practical Electrics
  Added April 1922 "Electrical Progress in Plain English"
  Lenkurt Demodulator   Added the 1966 edition of "Selected Articles"
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