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Dec 4 The Street
(Music Collection)
  Added 6 issues of "The Street" which was a publication apparently part of or sponsored by Record World, the U.S. retailer of recorded music. It was given free at the stores. For the moment,. we are putting the issues on the "Music Collection" page.
  The Technician   Added a new page for "The Technician" which was a journal for an association of radio technicians and service men. We have 28 issues.
  RCA Miscellaneous Collection   Added the 1974 Radio Corporation of America 1974 Annual Report and the RCA Labs 1944 Annual Report
  Pro Audio Review   Added July 2008 issue
Dec 3 Short Wave Magazine Added September, November 1999 and April 2004
Thanks to site friend Charles Baetsen, we now have 17 issues of the Canadian magazines Radio and its predecessor, Aviation and Wireless
  Bookshelf: History   Added CNN The Inside Story Whittmore 1990
Added Dick Clark's The First 25 Years of Rock & Roll 1981
Added The Birth of Radio in Canada McNeil 1982
Added The Gas Pipe Network Bloch 1980
Added Wodehouse at War Sproat 1981
  Bookshelf: Radio Programming   Added: Broadcast Talk Scabbell 1991
  Bookshelf: Business of Broadcasting   Added: Doedamn & CBS Hess Muller 1987
  Bookshelf: Education and Training   Added: Broadcasting In America 5th Head
Added: Broadcasting in America Head 2nd 1996
Added: Broadcasting in America Head 6th 1990
Added: Do's and Don'ts of Radio Writing Rogers 1937
  Bookshelf: Regulation and Legal   Added: Broadcast Fairness Rowan Longman 1984
  Bookshelf: Biography and Career Stories   Added: Empire William Paley & Making of CBS Pawper 1987
Added: Fridays With Red Edwards 1993
Added: Microphone Memoires Harris 1947
Added: My Night People Gray 1975
Added: Rambling with Gambling John Gambling 1972
  Television Quarterly   Added Spring 2002
  EQ Magazine   Added 5 issued from 1997 and they are underlined for easy identification.
  Sound Choice   Added 3 issues to this collection. Winter 1987, Spring and Summer 1990
  Music Connection   Added January 17 1986
Station Booklets and Albums Added WRC The Voice of the Capital August 1923 Commemorative and promotional booklet
Added WENR Chicago One-page brochure from this station owned by a radio set maker
Added WGN Chicago Chicago Tribune 1928 Picture Book of Radio
Added CKNX Wingham, Ontario, Canada 25th Anniversary 1951
Added KWTO Springfield, Missouri 1993 booklet featuring some of the station live artists and station pictures.
Added. CFCF Montreal Golden Anniversary 1969 Commemorative album with liner notes.
Added: CKOM Saskatoon 340 The Friendly Station promotional booklet.
Added: CJCL Toronto Metro 1430  1981 Promotional Brochure
Added: CJCL 1981 Promotional Brochure for station inauguration.
Added: CKOV Kelowna 50 Years 1981 "Masking radio waves in the Okanagan"
  Columbia Journalism Review   Added a new page for this publication due to its relevance to radio and television news coverage.
  Station Lists and Logbooks   Added the 1939 Tung-Sol World radio log. Unlike many station lists from that era, it includes a significant lit of world shortwave stations, too.
Added Sears Silvertone World Wide Radio Log from 1934; lots of ads for Sears Silvertone Radio s and feature articles about radio stars
  Radio & TV Star Fan Magazines   Added the 1958 edition of Who's Who in Television and Radio. This page has dozens of issues of early "Fanzines" from 1942 into the 70's.
  Radio Pictorial   Added 8 more issues from 1936 and 1938. These, as well as the adds made on December 2, are underlined to aid in location.
  Bookshelf: Technology of Radio   Added: Foundations of Wireless Scroggie 3rd 1942
Added: Foundations of Wireless Scroggie 5th 1951
Added: Foundations of Wireless Scroggie 6th 1958
Added: Foundations of Wireless Scroggie 9th 1975
Added: Foundations of Wireless Scroggie 4th
Added: Fundamentals of Radio Gorder 1945
Added: Radio Engineering Sandeman 1948
Added: Radio for Amateurs Verron 1922
Added: Television Engineering Amos Birkinshaw Vol 1 1953
Added: Television Engineering Vol 2 Amos 1956
Added: Television Engineering Vol 3 Amos
Added: Television Engineering Amos Vol 4 1958
  Home Study Courses   Added Massachusetts Radio & Telegraph School 1937 Catalog. This promotional booklet gives a good profile of jobs and opportunities for radio operators and technicians.
  Television (UK) Added May, October, November 1931, November 1930 and May 1932
  Early Radio   Added a brochure for the United Radio Black Beauty horn-type radio speaker for $10!
  Radio Station Books   Added the book about WKBB Dubuque Iowa "Unforgettable Radio" by Kruse 1993
  IRE Proceedings   Added December  1951
  RTNDA Communicator   Added three issues of this journal of the (former) Radio Television News Directors Association.
  SAG-AFTRA   Added the Summer 2019 issue
  Electrical Retailing
(Radio Retaiiling)
  Added 5 issues from 1923 and 1923 In 1925, this magazine became "Radio retailing"
  NAB Engineering Proceedings   Added the 2006 and 2007 Editions of the Engineering Conference proceedings
  Modern Era Collection   Added the General Electric FM Stereo Listener's Guide from 1963
Added 1957 Version of CONELRAD citizen's brochure: "What to do when the Russians Attack" 
  International Television Almanac   Added the 1997 Edition. We now have all but 3 of these annual directories which include a useful and extensive "Who's Who" section in each edition.
  Radio Life   Added September 24th, 1954. This is a TV and radio magazine fro Southern California with schedules and many articles about programs and artists. And we have hundreds of issues.
  Radio Pictorial Added June 12 1936
  Rider Manuals   Added Rider's Television Transistor Radio Home Radio Vol 27 1960. Find it near bottom of page.
Dec 2 Radio Pictorial Added 14 issues from 1934. New additions are underlined
  RCA Tube Handbooks   Added Tube Handbook Vol 9-10. Vol 3-4, Vol  1-2, Vol 5-6,Receiving Tube Section,  Miscellaneous Tubes
  Broadcasting & Cable   Added the September 2023 issue.
  Home Study Courses   Added the Sprayberry Academy Business Builders Graduate newsletter
Added the Sprayberry Academy Radio and TV Course from 1945
  Communications   Added December 1938
  Cash Box   Replaced October 25 1969 issue with a more complete one. 
  Billboard   Replaced the July 28 1958 issue with a more complete one.
Replaced November 30 1940 issue with a full edition with nearly 60 more pages.
  Broadcasting   Added the March 24 1941 Broadcasting special supplement showing the frequency reassignments of nearly ever radio station in the U.S., Canada, Mexico, Cuba, Haiti and the Dominican Republic. Listing by both city of license and by frequency
Dec 1 Short Wave Magazine Added January  February May June July August November and October 2002
Added February March November and December of 2003
Added January, February, March 2004
Nov 29 Television/Radio Age   Added 53 issues and over 7,000 pages of Television / Radio Age from 1984 to 1986
Nov 28 International Musician   Added July, September, December 1980 of this US edition of the British magazine.
  BMI Music World   Added Fall 1988, Spring 2016, Summer 2016 and Summer-Fall 2017
  AFTRA   Added Winter 1996-97,
  Popular Wireless   Added 4 issues from 1930 and 8 from 1931
  ASCAP   Added Winter 2007, Summer 2015, Jan-Feb 2001
Nov 27 Musician   Added over 30 issues from 1970s to 1994. They are underlined.
  Melody Maker Added 4 issues from 1963, one from 1964, one from 1965, one from 1966
  Amateur Wireless Replaced March, April and May 1934 issues with complete and improved copies
  Short Wave Magazine Amended the August 2001 issue with its missing supplement
Added issues from 2003: April, May, June, July  August, S eptermber
  Early Radio Hobbyist   Added Practical Mechanic's special edition "ABC of Television" from 1927
Nov 9 Amateur Radio Added four issues from 1989 and 6 from 1990 thanks to the valued work of Peter Merriman in the UK
  Broadcaster Wireless Retailer Added the Broadcaster Trade Annual  from 1935. We now have 4 of these directories from the 1930's available for review.
  Radio Electronic Master Catalog   Added the 1961 edition of the Master Catalog. These are thousand-page listings of all products in the radio and electronics fields, from knobs to resistors to tubes and wire.
  Short Wave Magazine Added January through July and December 2001. Added November  and December 2005
  Billboard   Replaced incomplete November 30 1940 with full edition and added the supplement to that issue for the IAFE Jubilee
  Beat Instrumental Added August 1972 and April 1971 issues of this U.K. combination of a musicians' magazine and artist "Fanzine".
  Bernards & Babani Books Replaced Babani BP380 Advanced Projects for the Electric Guitar with a better scan.
  Lenkurt Demodulator   Added October 1961 issue
Nov 7 Popular Wireless   Added all issues from March, April and May 1934
Added 8 weekly issues from September, October, November and December. They are underlined.
  Note   We have not added anything for two weeks. First, we went to New York City for the NAB & Library of American Broadcasting Foundation  award and then we got COVID from the trip. Only today have I been able to do any limited work.
Oct 21 Billboard Rock Airplay Monitor   Added over 160 issues of the Billboard Rock Airplay Monitor from 1995 to 1999.
Oct 20 Beat Instrumental   Added all issues from 1975 of this music "Fanzine" from the UK
  Billboard Country Airplay Monitor   Added January 13, 1995 issue
  Billboard Top 40 Airplay Monitor   Added June 30, 2000.
  ASCAP Annual Report   Added the 2004 Annual Report
  Lenkurt Demodulator   Added 13 issues from 1960 to 1963
  Billboard   Added missing pages from, October 15 1983
Oct 19 Maplin Electronics   Added Catalogs from 1994 95, 2015, 1979 and Professional Catalog from 1997-98
Oct 18 Music Technology  Added another 23 issues of this title, all from 1992, 1993 and 1994
  Babani Books : Added Babani BP518 Easy PC peripherals troubleshooting
Added Babani BP610 How to Make Your Own Web Site for the Older Generation
Added Babani 111 Elements of Electronics Book 6: Audio
Added Babani 125 25 Simple Amateur Band Aerials
Added: Babani BP147 An Introduction to 6502 Machine Code
Added Babani BP127 How to Design Electronic Projects
Added: Babani BP75 Electronic Test Equipment Construction
Added Babani BP287 A Reference Guide to Practical Electronics Terms
Added Babani BP190 More Advanced Electronic Security Projects
Added Babani BP185 Electronic Synthesizer Construction
Added Babani BP78 Practical Computer Experiments
Added Babani BP249 More Advanced Test Equipment Construction
Added Babani BP374 Practical Fibre Optic Projects
Added Babani BP 51 Electronic Music and Creative Tape Recording
Added Babani BP44 IC 555 Projects
Added Babani BP280 Getting the Most From Your PC'1 Hard Disk
Added Babani BP286 A Reference Guide to Basic Electronics Terms
Added Bernards Radio Test Equipment Manual
Added Babani Babani BP301 Antennas for VHF and UHF
Added Babani BP380 Advanced Projects for the Electric Guitar
Added Babani BP392 Electronic. Project Building for Beginners
Added Babani BP50 LM3900 Projects
Added: Babani BP377 Practical Electronic Control Projects
Added Babani BP378 45 Simple Electronic Terminal Block Projects
Added Babani BP345 Getting Started in Practical Electronics
Added Babani BP272 Interfacing PCs and Compatibles
Added Babani BP331 A Beginners Guide to MIDI
Added Babani BP394 An Introduction to PIC Microcontrollers
Added Babani BP247 More Advanced MIDI Projects
Added Babani BP173 Computer Music Projects
Added Babani BP174 More Advanced Electronic Music Projects
Added Babani BP179 Electronic Circuits for the Computer Control of Robots
Added Babani BP37 50 Projects Using Relays SCR's & Triacs
Added Babani BP368 Practical Electronic Music Effects Units
Added Babani BP367 Electronic Projects for the Garden
Added Babani BP95 Model Railway Projects
  The Mix Added a new page for this title, begun in 1986 and covering artists and recording in the UK
Not related to the US publication simply called "Mix".
  Fabulous Added February 4 1967
  Electronics   Added four issues from late 1974. They are underlined and in blue lettering. This leaves just one issue missing to complete 1974
  Maplin Electronics Added the 1986 Buyer's Guide for Maplin electronics retail and order service.
  Early Radio Assorted   Added "Voice of the Air" magazine 1930 single issue Vol 2 # 13
Oct 17 Musician   Added two issues from 1991
  Music Connection   Added three issues,. They are underlined
  Music Technology  Added 31 issues from 1987 to 1991
  Electronics & Music Maker Added 10 issues from 1985 and 1986. The new additions are in blue lettering and underlined
Oct 11 Hitmakers   Added November 17 1989 issue
Oct 10 Billboard Airplay Monitor   Added March 3 and March 10 1995 of the Top 40 Airplay Monitor
Added December 3, 2000 and April 21 1995
Added July 14 and July 21 2000
  FMQB Album Report   Added October 20 1995
Oct 9 Wireless World replaced July 1939 and October, November 1959 issues with complete copies with ads and covers.
  EQ Magazine   Added 18 issues from 1992 to 1995. They are underlined.
  Fabulous Added November 14 1964
  Electronics & Music Maker Added Electronics  &  Music  Maker  Projects  Volume  1 from 1983
Early Radio Hobbyist Added Efficient Radio Sets by Winger, Johnson & Smith. This is mostly a "junk" mail order catalog with a little bit about early radios. still, an interesting period piece.
  Wireless Weekly Replaced September and December 1923 and March and May of 1924 with complete issues (when we have the full month's issues, they are combined with one file with all 4 or 5 issues)
  Bernards & Babani Books   Added  Babani  393  Practical  Oscillator  Circuits
Added: Babani  396  Electronic  Hobbyists  Data  Book
Added: Babani  BP79  Radio  Control  for  Beginners
Added: Babani  BP230  A  Precise  Introduction  to  GEM
Added: Babani  BP240  Remote  Control  Handbook
Added: Babani  BP285  A  Beginners  Guide  to  Modern  Electronic  Component
Added: Babani BP177  An  introduction  to  computer  communications
Added  Babani  BP275  Simple  Short  Wave  Receiver  Construction
Added: A  Concise  Introduction  to  Pressworks
We have nearly 50 Babani books ready to scan and add soon!
  ASCAP   Added Summer 1988 issue honoring Irving Berlin.
  Electronics & Music Maker Added June, July, October 1984; February, March, April, July, August, November 1985
Oct 7 2024 Radio Historian's Calendar   The the tenth annual printing of john Schneider's Radio Historian's calendar is available. the 2024 calendar features fourteen high  resolution colorized photographs from radio broadcasting's glorious 100+ year history.  Each image originated as an original black and white glossy photograph, and has been digitally re-mastered and colorized to replicate the original scene as accurately as possible.  Two pages of text at the end of the calendar describe the history of each scene.  Additionally, each month's calendar page commemorates important dates in radio history.
Oct 5 Babani and Bernards Books With the extensive help of Robert Kam, many errors  in this book publisher's listing have been corrected and the titles and numbers of many missing books have been added.
Look for many PDF titles to be added, also thanks to Robert.
Oct 4 Wireless World Replaced March, June, September, April, May and July-August 1959 with complete-with-ads and covers versions.
  AFTRA   Added new page for the American Federation of Radio & Television Artists (Later SAG-AFTRA( and added 6 of the quarterly issues.
  Musician   Added December 1989
  Electronics   Added July 7 1969, completing the collection for that year.
Added all 11 issues from August to December 1971
  Radio Station Lists and Logbooks   Added the International Short Wave Club December 1934 member bulletin with world short wave listings. 
Oct 3 Billboard Rock Airplay Monitor   Added 9 issues of the Billboard Rock Airplay Monitor from April to July of 1999.
Added 7 issues from 1994
Added 5 issues from 1995
Added 46 issues from 1996
Added 3 issues from 1997
Oct 2 Popular Wireless Added five issues from 1929
  Bernards Books Added Bernards #108 "Five Valve Circuits" from 1956
Bookshelf: BBC Books Added "British Broadcasting: A Study in Monopoly" by Coase from 1950
  Australian Electronics Monthly Added a new collection with 29 issues from 1985 to 1988 of this Australian electronics magazine for the hobbyist and consumer
  Wireless World Added the 1972 January to December index
Added a much better scan with covers and ads of Wireless World, April, 1972
  Bookshelf: History   Added "The Natural Bent" by Lionel Fielden 1960. This is from a founder of AIR, All India Radio.
  Amateur Wireless Added better scan of February 28 1931 issue
  Wireless Constructor Added 1931 September issue, replaced November 1931 with better scan.
Oct 1 Billboard Airplay Monitor Added nearly 300 issues of the Billboard Top 40 Airplay Monitor from 1995 to 2000. This is the Billboard publication that shows every song that "moved" on the panel of stations that were monitored and reported to Billboard. Many ads for new release that were no promoted the same way in Billboard itself.
If you were wondering why we had no new additions for a week, this is why!
  Music: Miscellaneous   Added: Spring 1984 "Rock.It" magazine
  Fabulous Added August 29 1964 and August 7 1965
  Electronics World
(Wireless World)
Added November and December of 2008
  Radio Station Picture Albums   Added: KFAB Lincoln, Nebraska 1940 Station picture album
Added: WSM Nashville, Tennessee "Family Album"
Added: WICC Bridgeport, CT 1940 picture album
Added: KSTP St. Paul, Minnesota Picture album from unknown date
Added: WTAQ Green Bay, Wisconsin
  Lenkurt Demodulator   Added 9 issues from 1958 (4 issues) and 1959 (5 issues).
  Hi-Fi Stereo Review   Added the1974 Hi Fi Stereo Review Hi Fi Buyers Guide
  Company Magazines
  Added "Electronics Components & Applications to the Philips section, joining Philip's Technical Review. We nave 49 issues plus an index for this publications.
  RCA In The Groove   Added March 1946
  Bookshelf: Education   Added Television Story Floherty 1951
  Bookshelf: Business of Broadcasting   Added Television Broadcasting by Lohr with forward by Gen Sarnoff from 1940
  Bookshelf: Regulation   Added: Broadcast Indecency by Lipschultz 1997
  Bookshelf: Station Books    Added: Marion Taylor's book "WHIZ 850 On Your Radio Dial" from  1954
  Capitol Music Views   Added July 1977 of Capitol Records' monthly music mini-music magazine for record buyers
  Bookshelf: Allied and Radio Shack   Added: Allied How to Use Your VOM and VTVM 1968
Added: Radio-Shack-Understsanding-Microprocessors.1979
  Bookshelf: SAMS   Added: SAMS 30 IC Projects Friedman 1975
Sep 29 Billboard Airplay Monitor Added "25 years of Detecting Hits"
Sep 23 Musician   Added 61 issues from 1980 to 1989 of  Musician,  a monthly magazine that covered news and information about American popular music. For most of its history it was published by Billboard.
  International Musician   Added the October 1996 Centennial Edition with a year-by year narrative of the story of the Musician's Union.
Added August 1972 and September 1962 issues
  International Musician & Recording World   Added a new page for this recording industry and talent magazine published between 1975 and 1991. We now have 12 issues of this title. This is not the same magazine as the musician union's "International Musician".
  Capitol Music Views   Added 6 addition issued including November 1953, January, February, March, August, July 1954
  Electronics Today Added "Audio Projects" Volume 1 from 1975 from the Australian version of ETI
  Coyne Trade School   Added a brochure "Be a Farm Electrification Expert", likely from late 20's or early 30's, promising graduates $75 to even $100 a week doing farm electrical work!
  ASCAP Playback   Added May-June 1994
  CMJ New Music   Added February 1999, March 1996, August 1996
  RCA Victor Record Review   Added July, October 1948 issues
Sep 22 U-P-D-A-T-E   We moved to a new server with our provider, Hivelocity (most recommended! ) with twice the storage capacity (2 x 8tb in redundant RAID) and an additonal system SSD drive to do the searches much faster Let me know if anything does not work or seems peculiar... missing graphics, bad links, dead links.
Sep 20 International Musician   Added January 1979 edition.
  FM Magazine /
Milton Sleeper
  Added January, February, April, October and November 1950. Note: These are from library bound volumes which, unfortunately, were habitually bound without the front and back cover.
Sep 18 Music Connection   Added 141 issues from 1978 to 2000 in this new collection which now has 176 issues.
Sep 16 Music Connection   Added 35 issue from 1993 to 2019. Music Connection is a United States-based monthly music-trade magazine, which began publication in 1977
  Modern Era Miscellaneous Collection    Added General Electric How Electronic Tubes Work from 1944 A consumer-focused explanation of tube technology
  Coyne   Added the Coyne Electrical School promotional brochure fro 1926. Includes several follow-up letters to a perspective student.
  Record World   Added the January 30 1982 issue.
  Canadian Collection Added Documents of Canadian Broadcasting Bird 1988
  Bookshelf: Biography   Added: The Kansas Doctor Bonner 1976
Added: The Roguish World of Doctor Brinkley Carson 1960
  Grand Ole Opry   Added the 1995 book "Grand Ole Opry History of Country Music"
  Musician   Added a new section with 37 copies of Musician Magazine, published from 1976 to 1999. This was. a monthly magazine that covered news and information about American popular music.
Sep 14 Lenkurt Demodulator   Added 7 issues from 1957
Sep 10 Radio & TV Fan Magazines      Added Who's Who in TV & Radio Vol 2 No 1 1952
  Music Connection   Added a new page for Music Connection magazine, Added two issues.
  TAB Books   Added: TAB Video Electronics Technology Ingram 1983
Added: TAB Solid State Projects for the Experimenter Green 1971
Added: TAB PLL Synthesizer Cookbook Kinley 1980
Added: TAB The Master Handbook of IC Circuits Powers 1982
Added: TAB IC Projects Green 1971
Added: TAB Build a Personal Earth Station Transfer 1982
Added: TAB 462 104 Easy Transistor Projects Brown 1968
Added: TAB 99 Test Equipment Projects You Can Build 73 Magazine 197
Added: TAB  RF &_Digital test Equipment You Can Build Green 1974
Added: TAB Electronic Databook 3rd edition
  Radio & TV Programming   Added: Best in Television 50 Years of Emmys Gelman Accas
Added: Complete Encyclopedia of Television Programs 1947 1979 Vol 1 A to L
Added: Complete Encyclopedia of Television Programs 1947 1976 Vol 2 M to Z
 Added: Music in Broadcasting Chase 1947
Added: Sports on New York Radio Halverstam 1999
Added: Television Programming & Production Hubbell 3rd 1056
  Books: History of Radio & TV   Added: Newspaper Row Kenny 1978
Added: History of International Broadcasting Bowers 1992
  Books: General Technical   Added: The Development And Practice Of Electronic Music Appleton 1975
Added: Sylvania Servicing TC Receivers 1950
Added: Réalisez Vous Même Un Synthétiseur Musical Girard 1979
Added: Operational Amplifiers Theory and Servicing Bannon 1975
Added: Maintaining & Repairing Videocassette Recorders Goodman 1983
Added: Hayden Telephone Accessories You Can Build Gilder 1976
Added: Handbook of Oscilloscopes Lenik 1968
Added: Calectro Semiconductor Projects Handbook Ebens 1975
Added: Calectro FET Circuit Book 1973
Added: Calectro Digital Handbook 1973
Added: Sylvania Technical Manual Tubes 1953 9th Edition
  Books Radio & TV Related Technical   Added: The Electrical Fundamentals of Communication Albert 1942
Added: Elements of Television Systems Anner 1951
Added: All About Home Satellite Television Cook Vaughan 1983
Added: Measurements in Radio Engineering Trerman 1st 1935
  Rider Books   Added Rider Radio Operator's License Q &-A-Manual-6th-1957-Kaufman
  RCA Books   Added RCA Receiving Tube Manual RC 14 1940
Added RCA Solid State Thyristors 60's
  Radio Shack / Archer / Allied Books   Added ARCHER Transistor Substitution Guide 1972
Added Archer Semiconductor Reference Handbook 1978
Added: Radio Shack Understanding Solid State Electronics 2nd 1972
Added Allied's Radio Formula and data Book
Added Allied Best Ways to Use Your VOM and VTVM 1965
Added Radio Shack Introduction to Antennas Dezettel 1975
Added Radio Shack Semiconductor Reference Guide & Notebook
Added Radio Shack Understanding Communications Systems 1980
Added Radio Shack Understanding Solid State Electronics 2nd 1972
  Sams Books   Added  SAMS 30 IC Projects Friedman 1975
Added  SAMS 101 Ways to Use Your VOM and VTM Middleton 1969
Added  SAMS Computer Data Handling Circuits Corbin 1974
Added  SAMS From CB radio to
Added  SAMS How To Use Integrated Circuit Logic Elements Streater 1
Added  SAMS Linear IC Principles Experiments Noll 1974
Added  SAMS Second Class Radiotelephone License Course 1961
Added  SAMS Transistor Transistor Logic Flynn 1974
Added  SAMS Understanding CMOS Integrated Circuits Melen 1975
Added: SAMS Understanding IC Operational Amplifiers Melen 1974
Added: SAMS Workshop in Solid State Ennes 1970
Sep 9 Citizens Band UK  Added one issue from 1980 and two from 1981 of "Breaker".
Early Radio Collection Added a 1941 Delco Auto Radio Dealer's Manual
Added the 1937 RCA Victor radio catalog featuring "Magic Brain" "Magic Eye" and Metal Tubes
  Fabulous Added January 25 1964
  Radio Journal   Added issue from June 1935
  Practical Wireless Replaced 6 issues from 1973, 1974 with better full color scans. They are underlined.
  Lenkurt Demodulator   Added 7 editions from 1956
Added Annual Compendium Editions from 1966 to 1970
Sep 3  Lenkurt Demodulator Added: Lenkurt's Engineering Considerations for Microwave Communications Systems from 1972 
Added Demodulator issues from January, December 1964, May 1961, April 1960, May 1961, July 1962, May, July 1963
  Music Miscellaneous    Added the January/February 1973 issue of Country Music World  
  Hits    Added  September 10, 2018
  Music Technology    Added thee 2001 Buyer's Guide
  Modern Era Technical Collection    Added Merit General Catalog TV Hi Fi Radio1965 66
  Modern Era Miscellaneous Collection    Added  March 1976 of the "Journal of College Radio" and this is the annual directory issue
Added the 75th Anniversary issue of Journalism & Mass Communication Quarterly from
1998 Winter
Added Satellite Radio Guide June 1994 from Universal Electronics
Added Electronic Media January 1990 "Review of the 1980's" issue.
Added one issue of Radio Historian from Fall 1975 from the first year of this radio history magazine
  Australian Collection  Added Teletronics from February 1872
  EQ Magazine    Added December 1993 and January and February 2011 
  RCA Collection    Added the RCA Institutes School of Radio & TV brochure from 1955
Added the RCA "Radio Progress" booklet "What About Television" with a consumer focused description of RCA's products and developments in all it's product areas, from Radio to miniature vacuum tubes. Believed to be from 1936 or 1937
  Radio & TV Fan Magazines     Added Who's Who in TV & Radio from 1953, Who's Who in Television from 1960, 1961,1963 and 1965 
  RCA Record Review    Added the November 1939 issue
  Hobbyist Special Editions    Added the Science & Mechanics "101 Electronics Projects" editions from 1972 and 1973 
  Music Views     Added August 1953 edition with Jackie Gleason on the cover
  Music Reporter /
Music Business 
  Added our oldest issue of Music Reporter from June 15, 1959. This magazine later became Music Business and lasted until 1965 before closing.  
  Early Radio Collection    Added All About Television,  a Special Edition from Summer 1927 of "Science and Invention" from Hugo Gernsback
Added our first issue of "Radio  Review for the Listener from February 1930. Includes and article "A Case for Television" (and a beautiful Art Deco cover)
  Music Industry Publications    Added our first issue of Musician Magazine from August 1998 with an article entitled "This Is Not a Test" that says "An inside view of how radio really works and how a band can make its way through the programming minefield."
  Philco Company Publications    Added 1959 and 1960 Philco Annual Report to Shareholders.
  Radio Logbooks and Station Lists    Added the Listeners Radio Log from 1931.  It included Canadian, Mexican and Cuban stations, as well as Network (Red, Blue, CBS) programs for each day of the week. Also had shortwave stations and hints on using "your radio".
Sep 2 ASCAP Books   Added a new and better copy of the ASCAP Biographical Dictionary of Composers, Authors and Publishers from 1952 (Second Edition)
  Station Books    Added "Joe's Journals", a story based on WDRK in Greenville, Ohio 
  Station Albums    Added a 1940 station picture album from KFAB in Lincoln, Nebraska. This station later moved to Omaha.  
  CMJ New Music   Added the monthly edition for June 1995
  Mexican AM Radio Added the IRCA Mexican log 2023 24 with all AM radio stations including names and formats.
  Catalogs: Gates   Added a set of "one sheets" (single page or fold out pages) for all the gear needed for a full FM station as sent  to a possible customer at WOCR in Oswego, NY, in early 1972. Complete with cover letter and automation, tape and cart gear, FM antennas and transmitters, audio ´processing and monitoring gear, test equipment, turntables, consoles, and the only brochure I have found for the Gates Broadcast Cassette Recorder and Reproducer.
  Tip Sheets: "Fred"   Added the November 6 1978 issue featuring WMMS and its buzzard!
  EQ Magazine   Added January 2011 issue
  Fabulous Added August 22 1964 and  replaced 7 issues with better scans.
  ETI Australia Replaced January, May, June, July, August, September and December of 1989 of "Electronics Today International" Australian edition.
  Early Radio Collection   Added 3 issues of Babson review / Babson Magazine from the 1940's. This was a publication that covered radio records, sports and photography among other fields
Aug 31 EQ | Added January 1999
  Station Books   Added KWNS Pratt, Kansas Protest Period 1959 1962 Detwiler 2015
Added KWNS Pratt, Kansas The Mighty 1290 Radio Story Detwiler 2015
Added KWSK Pratt, Kansas Radio Story Detwiler  2015
All books courtesy of the author
  Early Radio Catalogs   Added Radio And Short Wave Treatise 1935 from Radio Trading Company in New York City
Added S. S. Kresge Radio & Television Catalog and Service Men's Guide from 1931 1932
Aug 30 Hits   Added multiple issues from 1997, 1998 and 2001
Aug 29 ASCAP Magazines and Publications Added the ASCAP annual report for 2003
Added ASCAP Today from Fall 1976
Added ASCAP 30 Years of Motion Picture Music 1928 1958
Added ASCAP Dictionary of Composers Authors and Publishers McNamer
Added ASCAP The Facts 1987
Added  June 2004 ASCAP Playback.
Aug 24 Citizens Band UK  Added six issues of Breaker on the Side from May to October of 1982
  Lenkurt Demodulator   Added 60 issues of this company magazine, mostly between 1955 and 1972 as well as two books with collections of selected articles.
Aug 22 Mexican AM Logbook   Added the 2023 IRCA Mexican Radio Station logbook. All AMs and many valuable notes.
  Radio Age
(No Link)
  We have been ordered by the Miid Atlantic Radio Club to remove "Radio Age". The issues are now only available to paying members and not to researchers and casual users.
  Communications Quarterly   Added issues from the 1990's. on a new page and category. "Published first in 1953, under the title Today's Speech, Communication Quarterly includes over 50 volumes, has been edited by nineteen scholars from around the nation, and continues to publish the finest quality research in the communication discipline."
  Bookshelf: History   Added From Compass to Computer by Atherton from 1984
  Music: Miscellaneous   Added December 1948 issue of "Notes", a music magazine.
  Maplin Books Added Maplin Power Supply Projects
Added Maplin Electronic Circuits Handbook
  CMJ New Music   Added February 2001 issue
Aug 20 Sams Service Handbooks   Added 18 more auto radio, Hi Fi and Tape recorder PhotoFact books.
  Australia Collection Added Teleview from April June 1951
  Early Radio Programming   Added Bachelor's Children Program Synopsis Flynn 1939
ASCAP Magazines Added ASCAP in Action from Fall 1991
Added ASCAP In Action Fall 1983
  Record World   Replace April 22 1967 issue with a complete copy and a better scan.
Aug 17 World Radio   Added 6 issues from 1974
  Radio News   Replaced the December 1937 issue with a new scan with all pages complete.
International Musician Added August 1963 issue
  Radio Logbooks and Station Lists   Added The Green Radio Station Finder, Vol. 1 #9. Apparently later 1920's. Includes log station listing, daily schedules and even church broadcasts!
Added the Walgreens Aetna Radio Log from 1935.
Aug 15 Ampex Readout   Added a new section on this site with four issues of the Ampex customer magazine.
  ASCAP   Added annual financial report to members from 11995, 1996, 1997, 2001 and 2002
  Radio Life
TV-Radio Life
  Replaced May 8, 1953 with cleaner copy.
Added May 4, 1956
  RCA Collection   Added the July 1928 issue of The Wireless Age, "Published at New York for its emplyees by the Radio Corporation of America".
  RCA Victor Album Club Popular Album Review   Added another new page today for the mailers from the RCA Victor Album Club. While this is a sales publication, it has articles about RCA artists,  new release and "best sellers" from the earlier days of the 33 RPM album
  Capitol Music Views   Added September 11955, July 1958, February 1957, May 1958 and June 1954
  UK Collection Added one issue of DeeJay from 1972. This was a consumer radio and music magazine and this is the second issue published.
  Early Radio Collection   Added one issue of Radio Technical Digest from January of 1939
  Lenkurt Demodulator   Added a new section with 62 issues of this magazine for GTE Lenkurt customers
Aug 13 ETI Australia Replaced January to October 1988 with much better scans.
Added ETI Simple Circuits special editions #2 and #3
Added ETI Radio Experimenter's Handbook Vol 2
  Station Picture Albums and Booklets   Added WPOR Portland, Maine, "Going Forward With Radio " from 1947
Added WSGN "The Birmingham News Herald Station" from 1941
  Bookshelf: Radio Technology Modern Era   Added Elements of Radio by Marcus  and Marcus 4th edition from 1960. We now have the 2nd, 3rd and 4th editions of this book
Added The Physics of Television Fink Lutyens 1960
  Bookshelf: Early Radio Technology   Added Henney's Principles of Radio, 3rd edition, from 1938-
  Music Business   Added better copy of the October 24 1964 issue
  Rider Books   Added: How to Use Meters 1954
Added: -How-to-Use-Meters-1954
  Amazing Stories   Added July 1927, completing all the issues from 1926 to 1930
  Bernard's Books Added Bernard's 101 Two Valve Receivers
  Hobbies Added March 29 1961, June 11 1958, July 6 and November 16 1929, and replaced December 21 1955 which was incomplete.
ASCAP Playback Added 6 issues from 2005 to 2010
  Early Radio Hobbyist Publications   Added the Boston Transcript's Radio Handbook from 1924. Station lists and basic radio information and technology for the lay person. This is a beautiful copy of a 99 year old booklet.
  Heathkit Catalogs   Added Spring 1984
  Bookshelf: Stations   Added Towers on the Prairie Omaha Radio 1899-1945 by Carl Mann
  Bookshelf: Encyclopedias   Added the Encyclopedia of Radio and Television, 2nd Edition, 1958
  SAMS Service Guides   Added  Modular Hi Fi Components #36
Added Transistor Radio 108
Added Transistor Radio 148
Added Auto Radio Manual 7, 8, 9, 18
Added Audio Radio Series 19, 20, 21, 23, 26, 27, 28, 38, 40, 46, 52, 54, 72, 73, 74, 75, 79
  World Radio   Added 68 issues of World Radio, a ham radio magazine begun in 1971
  Radio's Master Catalogs   Added the Lafayette Radio edition of Radio's Master general industry catalog.
Aug 11 ASCAP Magazines   New Section: Added 22 issues of the ASCAP magazine for its Authors, Composers and Publishers.
  Early Radio Programming   Added "Radio Personalities" by Rockwell, a beautiful book with 272 full of photos and information on all of radio's stares from 1935
  Music Vendor   Added 12 issues between 1958 and 1960. of this music trade magazine which became Record World in 1963.
  40's and 50's Radio and TV Fan Magazines   Added "Radio Stars & Television2 from February 1949 from this magazine which became Record World
  FM and Television   Added February 1946 issue of this Milton Sleeper magazine
  Gavin Report   Added the 1994 Gavin Directory from the publisher pf the Gavin Report, a major source of music and airplay information for radio.
  RCA In The Groove   Added April 1948
Aug 5 Listener In Added issues #1 and #2 of this Australian radio magazine.
Aug 3  Bookshelf: FCC and Legal   Added  the Federal Communications Law Journal 1993 #4 and 1994 #12.
  Bookshelf: Commentary and Opinion   Added: Media at War Challenge to Newspapers Jackaway 1995
Added: The Taming of Television Pyle 1972
(Radio & Records)
  Added November 2, 2007
  Bookshelf: History of Radio   Added: Radio from 1927 to 1942 Wolff Jacobson 1987
  Bookshelf Technical
  Added: The Radio Amateur's Handbook Collins 15th 1983
  Bookshelf: Radio Technology Modern Era   Added: An Introduction to Television Hylander Harding 1941
Added: Elements of Radio Marcus Marcus 2nd 1948
Added: Elements of Radio Marcus Marcus 3rd 1953
Added: First Principles of Radio Oxford 1944
Added: Foundations of Radio Scrppgoe 1957
Added: NRI Radio Television Dictionary 1943
Added: Radio Engineering Terman 2nd 1937
Added: Sleeper Mobile Radio Handbook FM TV 1950
Added: Sun Earth and Radio Ratcliffe 1970
Added: Television Present Methods Sheldon Grisewood 1929
Added: The Incredible Television Machine Polk LeShan 1977
  Bookshelf: Radio Technology Pre-WW II   Added: Emergency Broadcasting and 1930's American Radio Miller 2003
Added: Principles of Radio Engineering Glasgow 1936
Added: The Radio Manual Sterling 2nd 1929
Aug 2  CMJ New Music    Added February 2001 
  Station Picture Albums    Added the 1950 WHEC Rochester NY 25th anniversary booklet 
Added the WBYS Canton, IL, 20th anniversary brochure from 1967.
  Citizens Band UK  Added two books from the UK about CB Radio
Big Dummies Guide to CB from 1981
Tandy CB Guide from 1981 
Added CB Citizens Band magazine from January 1991
  Early Radio Hobbyist    Added a booklet entitled "The Home Radio and How to Make It"  by Verrill from 1922
  Early Radio Catalogs    Added Montgomery-Ward-1922-Catalog 
  Home Study Courses    Added Industrial Training Institute Technical Service 1953 Radio & TV servicing course
  Radio Logs and Lists    Added the 1936 Western Auto radio log with many featured Western Auto radio products and accessories.
Aug 1 Coyne School   Added the last Coyne catalog before the college closed in 2023
  Country Music   Added  December 1974 issue
  Billboard   Added the 1988 Manufacturing & Packaging Directory
  Gavin Report   Added October 14 1988 from this "tip sheet" which was one of the most important publications used by radio stations going back to the 1950's
  Added January, May 1945 May, November 1941, September 1951, November 1953, May 1963
  Australasian Radio World Added August 1938 and April 1941, leaving only one issue missing from this collection.
Jul 31 Electronics Today International Australia Replaced all 1987 issues with much improved scans in color and higher definition.
Also added improved copies from January to April issues from 1990
Added ETI's "Test Gear Volume 2"
  RCA Tube Handbooks
  Added 8 volumes of the tube by-tube specification sheets for RCA tubes as well as one volume of semiconductors. Sheets range in date from late 40's to earlier 60's. Nearly 10,000 pages of tube and semiconductor device specs with another 6 volumes to come soon.
  RCA Collection   Added the Color TV Troubleshooting Pict-O-Guide from 1954
  RCA In the Groove   Added January 1949 and July 1947
  Band Leaders   Added January 1946
  Fabulous Added 7 issues from 1964 and 1965. They are underlined.
  Breaker on the Side Added January to April of 1982
Jul 25 Bookshelf: Radio & TV Programming   Added: Chicago's Personality Radio Salowitz 1993
Added Television's Greatest Year 1954 Heldenfels 1994
  Bookshelf: Business of Radio   Added: How To Retail Radio 1922 from Electrical Merchandising
Added Radio and Television Broadcasting European Continent Paula 1967
  Bookshelf. Legal and Regulation   Added: Regulating Broadcast Programming Krattenmaker & Powel 1994
  Bookshelf: Technical Handbooks   Added: The Radio Amateur's Handbook Collins 15th 1983
Added The Radio Engineering Handbook by Henney from 1935
  Bookshelf: Technical Early Radio   Added: Principles of Radio Engineering Glasgow 1936
Added: The Home Radio How to Make it and How to Use It Verrill 1922
Added: The Radio Manual Sterling 2nd 1929
  Fabulous   Added two issues from October of 1964 of this Radio Luxembourg affiliated magazine.
  RCA Miscellaneous Publications   Added a new page with 8 publications from RCA that could not be classified in any of our other RCA pages. Included is a 1948 RCA Records catalog and the 1937 consumer brochure with all of he radio models along with a note to dealers from Gen. Sarnoff.
Jul 24 Networks   Added 1997 and 1998 Annual Report to Shareholders from CBS
  Gernsback's The Experimenter   Added August and December of 1925
General Electric Monogram   Added 52 issues, giving us now a total of 70 total Monogram issue from 1954 to 1982  All new ones are underlined.
  Westinghouse Engineer   Added a sample mailing envelope for the magazine
Added July, March, May 1952, February, 1942 and January 1970
  International Musician   Added January 1965 from this magazine of the American Federation of Musicians
  Country Music   Added March 1974
  Billboard   Added the 1989 International Recording Equipment issue.
Jul 22 Radio Logbooks and Station Lists   Added the Air Line Radio Map Log 1926. Unlike many such p8ublications, this one shows ownership of early radio stations.
  Country Music   Added August 1973, February, June and November 1974, October 1978, March-April 1984, November-December 1985 and "The Best Of" Volume 1 from 1974
Jul 17 Westinghouse
  Added issues from  July 1946 and May 1949
  Station Picture Albums   Added a WOWO Fort Wayne, Indiana Hoosier Hop farm dance illustrated program
Added a 1946 station album from WNAX in Yankton, SD. Cover shows mail pull by country from 8 states!
Added the 1942 picture album from NBC Red affiliate WSJS in Winston  Salem, North Carolina
Added the 1940 pictorial booklet from WICC in Bridgeport New Haven Connecticut.
  Electronics World   Added missing 6 pages from the June 1967 issue thanks to site friend "Cos".
  Breaker on the Side Added November and December 1981 and September and October of 1983
  Canada Miscellaneous Added our first issue of Canada's Electronics & Technology from April of 1988
Jul 10 Hobbies Added 3 issues from 1952, 1 from 1954,, 2 from 1957, 4 from 1958, 1 from 1959,
7 from 1960, 1 from  1961, and two from 1962
  Country Music   Added 11 more issues to this new collection.
  Music Miscellaneous   Added "100 Years of Country Music" illustrated history magazine special
Added the April 1949 American Record Guide
  Music Views   Added a new section with 8 issues of this Capitol Records consumer promotional magazine from the 1940's and 1950's.
  Hits   Added February 3 1997
  NAB Publications   Added Careers in Radio from 1967
  RCA Communications News   Added a new page with two issues of the 1950's RCA Communications News, covering microwave, marine and mobile radio.
  SAMS Books   Added SAMS All About Crossover Networks Tremaine 1960
  Coyne Books   Added Modern Radio Instruments and Testing Methods from 1947 published by this Chicago technical school
  Speaker Builder   Added four issues from the 18¿989, 1997 and 1991
  TV Radio Fan Magazines   Added 1962 editions of TV Album and TV-Radio Album. Consolidated 40's to 60's "Fanzines" on one new page.
July 6 RCA Victor Record Review   Added 23 issues from 1946 to 1948 of this RCA Victor magazine about its latest record releases and artists.
  Bookshelf: History   Added  Volumes 1, 2 and 3 of "Radio Manufacturers of the 1920´'s"
  Bookshelf Radio Programming   Added: Broadcast Programming 3rd Edition Cliff Greer 1977
  Bookshelf: Regulatory   Added: Broadcasting & Government Emery 1961 (New Copy)
Added: Law of Mass Communications Nelson Teeter 3rd 1978
Added: Law of Mass Communications Teeter 7th 1992
  Bookshelf: Business of Broadcasting   Added: How To Retail Radio by Electrical Merchandising 1st 1922
Added: Radio Station Management Reinsch 1948
  Bookshelf: Biography and Career Stories   Added: Father Charles E Coughlin Ward 1933
Added: Out of Thin Air Frank 1991
RCA Books Added RCA Receiving Tubes  1952
Jul 5 RCA Publications   Consolidated all RCA publications into a section on the Technical page. There you will now find links to the RCA technical books, magazines, service data and music publications as well as broadcast equipment brochures and manuals and internal employee magazines.
We are building a search for "all things RCA" and the first step will be "everything". Later we will make individual categories and titles separately searchable and also add thumbnails to these searches. Look for search late today.
This is a "prototype" for some further reorganization of the site so let us know your opinion and report any bugs, errors or stupid mistakes.
  Radio News   Added the 1937 special edition "34 Lesions in Radio and Television"
Also added to the "Home Study Courses" section.
  RCA Service   Added RCA Service, an employee magazine beginning in 1944. Added one issue from 1964
  NAB Technical Papers   Added the NAB Proceedings from the 1969 and 1971 conventions as well as an improved scan of the 1970 edition.
  Radio Logbooks and Station Lists   Added one issue of the quarterly National Union Chain Broadcaster listing of the affiliates to each network Columbia, NBC WEAF Network, NBC WJZ Network. Shows affiliates and the timetable for "Chain Broadcasting Programs"  Likely from 1932-33
  QST Magazine   Added the 1929 index for this Amateur radio magazine.
  CONELRAD   Added the schematic for a CONELRAD radio kit from the later 50's. Added a link to the Wikipedia article explaining CONELRAS.
  FM & Television   Added the January, 1946 issue of this magazine by Milton Sleeper
  Cash Box   Added January 9, 1960
Replaced July 9, September 10, October 22, October 15, January 16 and July 16 with complete issues that are not missing chart pages. We are now only missing 7 issues.
  CB Radio   Added October-November 1980 issue
  Breaker on the Side Added November and December 1982 and July and August of 1983
Jul 3 Country Music   Added 23 issues from 1973 to 2003
  RCA Picture   Added 14 issues from 1949 to 1952. We now have 32 issues of this RCA pictorial recorrd review.
  Home Study Courses   Added a set of lessons from the 1933 R.C.A. Institutes including an illustrated "Medium Frequency Transmitters"
Breaker on the Side Added 8 issues of Breaker on the Side from the UK
Jun 21 Telegraph Age   Added 72 issues from the years 1901, 1902, 1903, 1906, 1908 and 1909 of this magazine which began in 1883 covering telegraphy, later becoming Telegraph & Telephone Age and still published as Communications News.
Jun 20 Radio News   Replaced December 1925
  Bookshelf: News and Journalism   Added: Radio News Writing and Editing Warren 1947
Added:  Media at War Jacaway 1995
  Music: Miscellaneous   Added: Mountain Broadcast and Prairie Recorder issue from Feb-Mar 1947
  RCA Books   Added: RCA Patent Notes for Engineers Tuska 1947
Added: RCA Patent Notes for Engineers Tuska 1954
  UK Miscellaneous Added "The Baird Televisor" from around 1930 with articles about John Bairds Television inventions.
  Bookshelf: Opinion and Commentary   Added: Time for Reason About Radio Bryson 1948
  Bookshelf: Drake's Cyclopedia & Others   Added: Drake's Radio Television Electronic Dictionary from 1971
SAMS Books Added: SAMS Basic Electricity Electronics I to V 1964
Added: SAMS Learning Electricity Fundamentals Crow 1957
Added: SAMS Basic Electricity Vol 5 Motors 1st 1964
Added: SAMS Basic Electricity Vol 3 Understanding 1981 4th
  Bookshelf: History   Added: On the Air Pioneers of American Broadcasting Henderson 1988
  Bookshelf: Radio Related Technology   Added: Fundamentals of Radio Terman 1938
Added: Modern Practical Radio and Television Quarrington 2nd 1948
Added: Propagation of Radio Waves Rydbeck 1944
  Music Vendor
(Record World)
  Added 6 issues between 1955 and 1963 of this magazine which later became Record World.
  Hobbies Added two July 1962 issues
  Sound Choice   Added a new page for this title with 7 issues of this 1985-1992 music magazine. There were 17 issues published.
  Bookshelf: Biography and Career Stories   Added: David Brinkley A Memoir 1995
Added: Banned from Public Radio Graham 1995
Added: A Reporter's Life Cronkite 1996
Added: A Life on the Road Kuralt 1990
  NAB Publications   Added  the 2006 NAB Publications Guide
Added: NAB-Brochure-Multimedia-World-Conference-2003
Added: NAB 2003 Broadcast Engineering Conference Program
Added: NAB 2003 Convention Exhibit Guide
Added: NAB 2003 Convention Program
Added: NAB Brochure Multimedia World Conference 2003
Added: NAB Publications Guide
Added: NAB Convention Daily News Batch
Added: NAB Convention Program 2001
  General Electric Books   Added: GE Entertainment Semi-conductor Almanac 1969
  Indiana Historical Radio Society   Added 7 issues: 2 from 1974, 4 from 2021 and one from 2015
  Early Radio Catalogs & Manuals   Added: Federal Type 61 Radio Receiver Instructions
  TeleTech   Replaced June, July, August 1948 and March, May 1949 with new and better complete scans
  Station Albums and Booklets   Added a 1945 "WMBI WDLM Scrapbook" from the Moody Bible Institute in Chicago.
  Station Books   Added "WQUA - Moline's Hometown Station" history.
  Gernsback's Television   Added a much improved copy of the July 1928 issue of this early Gernsback magazine about television technology.
  Home Study Courses   Added an almost complete set of the 1949 National Radio Institute "Introducing You To Radio"
  The Experimenter
Practical Electrics
  Added December 1921 and June 1923 of Practical Electrics, one of Hugo Gernsback's early electrical and electronics magazines.
  General Electric Monogram   Added October 1969, May 1961, March 1962 and November 1964
  Cash Box   Replaced October 25, 1969 with complete issue with all pages.
  BMI Music World   Added the Summer 1989 issue
  Radio Logbooks and Station Lists   Added the Fall 1929 Listener's Official Radio Guide. Included European stations and network program guide for national shows.
Jun 11 Hobbies Added three issues from 1944, 8 from 1945 and 19 from 1949
  EQ Magazine   Added October 1995, October 1996, March 2006, December 1999, January 2001, June 1999, August 1999, August 1995,
  Band Leaders   Added the July 1942 issue, the earliest one we have.
Jun 10 Indiana Historical Radio Society   Added issues from September 1972 and March 1977 and October 1973
Radio World Added March 30 2001.
June 6  Electron  Removed upon order of Veron, the Dutch publisher.
June 5 RCA The Scanner   Added a new section for the members of the engineering departments of the RCA Manufacturing Company beginning in 1936. We have found four issues to start this new section.
  Indiana Historical Radio Society   Added 33 more issues ranging from 1976 to 2021.
  Bookshelf: Commentary and Opinion   Added former FCC Commissioner Newton Minnow's 1995 book, "Abandoned in the Wasteland"
  Bookshelf: Technology   Added: Build A Better Music Synthesizer
Added: Electronic Music Circuit Guidebook Brice Ward
Added: Electronic Musical Projects Sood 1979
Added: International Library Radio Receivers & Transmitters Da 1927
Added: Music Synthesizers   Delton T HornI
Added: Réalisez Vous Même Un Synthétiseur Musical Girard 1979
Added: Sound Synthesis   Analog and Digital Techniques. Terence Thomas
Added: The Development And Practice Of Electronic Music (2)
Added: The New World Of Electronic Music
Bookshelf: Early Novels about Radio Added: Janet Hardy in Radio City Wheeler 1935. This is a story for younger girls about a fictional character who visits the NBC Radio City facilities. Presented on this site as an example of how radio was an important part of American life in that era.
  Bookshelf: Broadcasting in
the UK
Added: A Concise History of British Radio 1922-2002 Street
Added: A Concise History of British Television 1930- 2000 Currie
Added: For the Love of Radio 4 Hodgson 1988
Added: Laughter in the Air Took 1981
Added: Ten Seconds from Now UK  Talbot 1973
Added: The Radio Companion Donovan 1991
  Bookshelf: Radio Programming & Programs   Added "Flywheel Shyster and Flywheel The Marx Brothers' Lost Radio Show." by Barson from 1988
  Bookshelf: Station Books   Added:  "KSB Saint-Boniface Manitoba, Canada "La Radio due Petit Canada" by  Bocqiel
  Bookshelf: History of Radio and Television   Added. Great Moments in Television Aylesworth 1987
Added. Tube The Invention of Television Fisher 1996
Added. Big Voices of the Air Foust 2000 (This book follows the long history of the effort of the clear channel radio stations to upgrade from 50,000 watts to as much as 750,000 watts)
Added. Television Prime Time News Sports Greenfield 1977
  TAB Books   Added TAB Electronic Music Circuit Guidebook Brice Ward 1975
  Electron ARemoved upon order of Veron, the Dutch publisher.
Jun 4 Electron Removed upon order of Veron, the Dutch publisher.
  BBC Radio Times   Added the special edition of Radio Times "The War Years 1939-1948"
  Music Row   Added May 1986, June 1985, June, July, October 1984, July 1984, All are underlined to identify the new additions.
  BMI Magazine   Added "Issue 1" from 1983
  IRE Proceedings   Added complete copy of August 1959 (with ads and covers)
Added the July to December issues from 1957, completing that year.
June 3 Indiana Historical Radio Society   Added all issues from 2020, 2022 and single one from 1972 (First issue ever), and 2015 and 2018
  SAMS Books   Added: SAMS 2 Way Mobile Radio Handbook Helmi 1960
Added: SAMS ABC's of Ham Radio Fye 1960 
Added: SAMS Audio Technology Essentials Cohen 1989
Added: SAMS Basic Electricity Electronics Vol 1 Basic Principles 1968
Added: SAMS Handbook of Electronic Tables & Formulas 2nd 1962
Added: SAMS Handbook of Electronic Tables & Formulas Herrington 2nd
Added: SAMS Microphone Manual Huber 1988
Added: SAMS Modern Recording Techniques RIA Runstein 1974
Added: SAMS Photofact Television Ciourse 2nd 1959
Added: SAMS Speaker Enclosures Badmaieff 1976
Added: SAMS Television Antennas Nelson 1949
Added: SAMS Television Tube Location Guide 1953
Added: SAMS TTL Cookbook Lancaster 1975
Added: SAMS Using the Scopes in Color TV Middleton1969
Added: SAMS Electronic Music Circuits Klein 1982
Added: SAMS Practical Training Manual Television Vol 1 1955
TAB Books Added: TAB Music Synthesizers Horn 1984
Added: TAB Sound Synthesis Analog and Digital Techniques Thomas 1990
Added:  TAB Build a Better Music Synthesizer Henry 1987
  RCA Books   Added: RCA Radiotron Handbook 3rd edition from 1940
  Drake's Encyclopedias & Handbooks   Added: Drake's Electrical and Radio Dictionary 1944
  Early Radio Collection   Added the 1907 Universal Handy Book called "Practical Electrics" covering telephones, microphones, phonographs and even "photophones".
  Radio Logbooks and Station Lists   Added a later 1930's logbook sponsored by a variety of patent medicines, including Alka Seltzer.
Added Listeners' Official Radio Log from 1932
Added: Peffer Radio Directory from 1923 (Station list and early radio hints and explanations)
  Citizens Band (CB) Magazines   Added 5 issues of CB Radio and three of "Citizens Band" from the UK.
  Technical Books: Handbooks   Added: Jones Radio Handbook from 1937 by Frank Jones 
Added Radio Engineering Handbook by Henney, 1st edition from 1933 
Added Radio Handbook 1960 Netherlands Edition.
May 30 UK Books   Added the second edition of The Amateur Radio Handbook from 1940
May 29 Courses / Home Study   Added the 1950's Commercial Trades Institute Television Course which was a  2200+ page TV service training course.
Added the 1950 National Radio Institute
 "How to Make Extra Money Fixing Radios" course.
May 27 CMJ New Music   Added October 2001, April 1999, January 2001, December 1990, April 1997, March April and December 1995, February 2000
  EQ Magazine   Added October 1997, March  and August 1998, February 2004,
May 26 Station Photo Albums and booklets   Added the 1949 "The American Way" photo album from WREX in Duluth, Minnesota
Added: Two pamphlets from KICD in Spencer, Iowa.
  Station Magazines   Added 11 issues of the WEEU Reading PA annual "Journal" each over 100 pages about the station, its community and curiosities.
  Tempo   Added our first issue of Tempo, a 1933-1940 musician's magazine from 1933 to 1940
  RCA Relay   Added a new section for the RCA Relay magazine, a publication of the RCA Communications "family" from 1940 into the 1960's.  Added 23 issues between 1957 and 1965
  EQ Magazine   Added 9 issues from 2003 to 2006
  Radio TV Life   Added August 4, 1950 from this Los Angeles California area media magazine.
May 25 Hobbies Added 14 issues from 1944
May 23 Proceedings of the IRE   Added February, March, July, August, September 1955
Added August, September 1962
Added June, September, October, December 1960 (Year now complete)
  RCA Picture   Added January 1950 issue
  Radio Logbooks and Station Lists   Added: RMS Radio Log 1941 with New NARBA Dial Numbers
Added: White's Air Line Radio Log 1927
Added: Keller's Radio Call Book and Log 1922-23 Winter
May 22 Pro Audio Review   Added one issue each from 2010 and 2011
May 21 Book Sections   We just made a major update to the entire book section. The organization is improved with some new search categories, but over 1,000 books had to be moved to new directories. And that meant changing the links on all the associated pages. The whole book section was temporarily deleted from the server, and we just finished the upload of the new structure along withe re-creating the searches for all the sections and subsets. It's been about 14 hours, but it is should be finished by 20:00 GMT today.

Let us know if any books or searches don't work.

Note; if you have technical books or pages bookmarked, those will not work any longer. Please find the items you need and create new bookmarks.
May 16 EQ Magazine   Added 12 issues. They are underlined.
May 15 Radio Station Lists and Logbooks   Added the March 29 1941 issue of the Zenith Radio Log. This shows the "New radio station wave lengths" following the NARBA reallocation of the majority of stations. Also shows international shortwave stations.
  Rider Books   Added added Rider Servicing Receivers by Means of Resistance Measurement from 1932
  Radio Shack Books   Added the 1976 Booklet "All about CB Radio"
  Fabulous Added February 20 1965 and May 20 1967
  Coyne Electrical School   Replaced the 1951 large and very extensively illustrated brochure from this electrical, electronic and mechanical training school in Chicago.
  Network Albums and Special Publications   Added the CBS Hollywood Reporter 60th Anniversary special edition from 1987
  Early Radio Hobbyist Publications   Added Radio Receiving for Beginners by Snodgrass and Camp, a Short book for early radio users from 1922. Pictures and diagrams of early radios..
May 14 Westinghouse Engineer   Added the September 1964 issue
  Early Radio Hobbyist Publications   Added a single issue of  Diagnotrician Service monthly from November 1929.
  Bookshelf: Regulation   Added: Media Law Handbook from the Handbook Series
  Bookshelf: History of Broadcasting   Added: Caminos del Aire UPR Rodriguez Bou 1951 (Puerto Rico)
Added: History of Broadcasting Harriman 1978
  Bookshelf: Radio Related Technology   Added. Dynamic Analysis of Speech Sounds Wente 1972
Added. Principles of Radio 6th Henney 1952
Added. Principles of Radio Henny 5th 1945
Added. Radio Fundamentals Dart 1928

Added. Radio Simplified Kendal Koehler
Added. Television Simplified Kiver 6th Edition 1962
Added: Synchronized Reproduction of Sound Bell 1928
  Bookshelf: Business of Broadcasting   Added: The Business of Research RCA and the VideoDisc G F Graham 1986
  Bookshelf: Programming   Added: Technical Guide to Collecting Old Time Radio Programs Burnha
  Bookshelf: Biography   Added: Marconi 1974 Centenary Issue
Added: Much Ado About Me Fred Allen 1956 Allen
Added: Out of the Air Mary Margaret McBride 1960
Added: Georgie Woods I'm Only a Man Spady 1992
  Bookshelf: Commentary and Opinion   Added: Television in the Lives of Our Children Schramm 1961
Added: Selling the Air A Critique Streeter 1996
Early Radio Catalogs Added the RCA Color picture radio catalog from 1937 
  Forecast FM (Washington DC)   Added the November 1966 issue.
May 13 Searches   Remember that every item we put on the site is a searchable PDF where you can find (or not) any content you are looking for in every book, magazine or publication. And you can do searches in each section and publication, too, using the search icons in those sections and categories.
  Audels Guides   Added the 1964 Radiomans Guide. We now have 11 editions of this guide, from 1931 to 1969.
May 12 Proceedings of the IRE   Added January to March of 1960, February 1963 and the huge 1960 membership and electronics supplier directory (which we split into those two logical parts for easy downloads)
  Station Albums and Booklets   Added a 1947 WILS Lansing, Michigan station booklet / photo album. This is one of the "Going Forward with Radio" series.
May 9 Hobbies Added 22 issues from 1957
Added 16 issues from 1959
Added 14 issues from 1958
Added 4 issues from 1961
Added 21 issues from 1960
Added 21 issues from 1956
Added 31 issues from 1955
  Gates Manuals   Added the 1962 manual to the M6144 Dual Peak Limiter.
  R&R Ratings Summary Editions   Replaced the 1997 Fall edition with a new scan including all the additional industry directory pages.
Replaced the 2004 Spring Edition and the 2009 Edition, also with all sections included.
  GE Monogram   Added  February 1956 and April 1954
  Miscellaneous UK Collection Added a single file with multiple issues of "Popular Music" from 1933 to 1935. This magazine had both the sheet music and articles about current songs in the UK.
  Hobbies Added five more issues from 1944
  EQ Magazine   Added a new page for this 1989-2011 pro audio magazine with 32 issues.
  Modern Era Collection   Added the 1951 booklet from RCA showing the development of its Cincinnati Ohio vacuum tube plant.
May 7 Allied & Radio Shack Books   Added Understanding Transistors 1959
Added Allied's-Radio-Data-Handbook-1943
  Fabulous Added February 30 1965
  Station Albums and Booklets   Added the 1948 booklet "WFRO - Fremont's Frequency Modulation Station" from America's 136th licensed FM station.
  Rave Added June and July 1967
  Bookshelf: United Kingdom Added "Competition 1955-1974" by Asa Briggs, his fifth and final book in the series "The History of Broadcasting in the United Kingdom
  Modern Era Miscellaneous   Added the 1953 Radio & TV Baseball Handbook by Turkin. Includes lists of radio and TV stations and the play-by-play announcers.
  Bookshelf: Handbooks   Added the 4th edition of Radio Magazine's Radio Handbook from 1938
  Hobbies Added 7 issues from 1943 ad two from 1944
Bookshelf: Early Radio Technology Added: Induction Coils Norrie 1909
  RCA Picture   Added July 1951, May 1951, and September, October 1950
  Hi Fi World   Added 9 issues from the early 2000's
  Bookshelf: General Technical   Added; Transistors 1st Kiver 1956
Added: Transistors 3rd Kiver 1962
Added: Transistor and Integrated Electronics Kiver 4th 1972
Added: Radio Servicing by Comparison Method Beitman 1950
Added Sourcebook of Electronic Circuits Markus 1968
Added: Sylvania 40 Uses for Germanium Diodes
Added: Sylvania Electronic Shortcuts for Hobbyists 1951
international Rectifier Zener Diodes 1969
Added: Handbook of Operational Amplifier RC Networks Burr Brown 1966
Added: Tape Recording from A to Z Crawford 1974
Added: Handbook of Operational Amplifier Applications Burr Brown 1963
Added: How to Build 78 Radio and Television Sets from Popular Science 1950
Added: Raytheon Transistor Applications 1960's (?)
May 6 Fabulous Added two new  issues
  Country Music   Added 17 issues from 1973 to 2002
Apr 27 Coyne School Books   Added the 1946 "150 Shop Prints and How to Read Them"
  Hobbies Added a single issue each from 1943, 1959, 1961 and 1962. They are underlined
  Station Albums and Booklets   Added the 1952 Civil Defense booklet from WHK in Cleveland, Ohio. This has a few pages of station pictures, followed by a lengthy presentation about the perils of the atomic bomb.
  UK Miscellaneous Added two booklets in a single file with little picture albums of 30's radio personalities, sponsored by First Imperial Tobacco. In the original booklets, each artist's picture was on thin cardboard and attacked to the pages. I believe the pictures came in packs of "smokes" and were then inserted into "empty" booklets.
  R&R / Radio & Records   Added the 1979 booklet "How To Get The Most From R&R's music Information" It is listed part way down the left hand "special editions" column.
  BMI Music World   Added the Winter 2008 09 issue
  Electronics World   Added the 1961 special edition "Audio Yearbook"
  SAMS Books   Added Dial Cord Stinging Guide DC 6 from 1958
Added Dial Cord Stinging Guide DC 5 from 1955
  Modern Era Technical Miscellaneous Publications   Added the late 50's RCA Brochure " SILVERAMA Picture Tubes: A Story of Precision Engineering"
  TAB Books   Added the  Complete Handbook of Radio Receivers and Transmitters by Carr 1980
Apr 26 Station Picture Albums and Booklets   Added a WBOC AM & FM, Salisbury, Maryland "Souvenir Booklet" from 1950.
  Network Booklets and Publications   Added Daily Variety's 1998 special edition celebrating "CBS The First 50 Years" (Television)
  Bookshelf: RCA   Added Solid State Databook 1973, Solid State Devices Manual 1975 and Transistor & Diode Manual from 1969
Apr 24 Hobbies Added 10 issues from 1943 and one from 1960
  Early Radio Miscellaneous   Added tie 1925 26 Radio Dealer Year Book, a listing of suppliers and vendors of radios and parts.
  Country Music   Added over 20 issues. They are underlined.
  FCC Publications   Added the 1986 booklets "Careers in Radio" amd "Careers in Television" and the 1991 edition of Careers in Television
  BMI Magazine   Added Issue #3 from 1978
  Mix   Added November 1981, October 1982, June, August , September, October 2009
Apr 20 Beat /Beat Instrumental Added June and August 1964. We now have available all issues of this title from the 1960's.
  Equipment Catalogs & Manuals   Added the John Steven APL Series Cart Machine flyer from 1982
Added the Beco Impedance Bridge #250 brochure from 1950s
Added 9 manuals and brochures for Brenell Mini 8 products
Added 7 Fostex manuals and brochures.
Added 48 manuals, catalogs and updates from Studer
Added 13 Technics manuals and brochures
  Record Mirror Added four issues from October and November of 1957
Apr 19 Hobbies Added three more issues from 1943
  UK Miscellaneous   Added the 1958 Television Annual by Bailey
  WSM Grand Ole Opry   Added sample souvenir programs from 1975 and 1981 for Opry attendees.
  Radio Shack Books and Brochures   Added 1978-1979 Radio Shack Dictionary of Electronics
  General Electric Books   Added Tunnel Diodes from 1961
Added Transistor Manual 6th Edition from 1962
  SAMS Books   Added Satisfying Customers for Profit from 1960
  Bookshelf: Ratings and Research   Added Mass Media Research Wimmer Dominick 2nd  Edition 1983
  Rider Books and Manuals   Added Rider Set Catalog and Index 1921-1933
  Record Mirror Added three issues from November 1957
Apr 17 Record Mirror Added December 7 1957
  Bookshelf: Biography and Career Stories   Added: The Inventor of Stereo by Blumlein Alexander 1999
Added: Herbert W Armstrong Radio Church of God by Martin 1968
Added: John Logie Baird A Life by Kamm & Baird 2002
Added: Sermons Soap and Television John Logie Baird 1988
Added: Oliver Lodge and the Invention of Radio by Rowlahds 1994
Added: Making Waves 50 Greatest Women Duncan from  AWRT 2002
Added: Wizard Life sand Times of Nikola Tesla by Seifer 1996
Added: Guglielmo Marconi 1874- 1937 byGeddes 1974
Added: Tommy Handley by Kavanagh 1949
  Bookshelf: UK Added: Broadcasting in Britain 1922 1972 by Geddes 1972
Added: Keep it Going Murphy Radio During WW II
Added: The Cat's Whisker 50 Years of Wireless Design by Hill 1978
  Hobbies Added four issues fro 1943. They are underlined.
Apr 16 Wireless World Replaced February 1959 with complete issue
Replaced January 1930 with complete issue.
  Melody Maker Added four issues from 1970. They are underlined.
  Hi Fi World Added 41 issues between 2000 and 2008. The new additions are underlined.
Country Music Added one issue from 2002, one from 1992 and one from 1995. They are underlined.
  Electronics & Music Maker Added four issues from 1984 and three from 1983
Apr 13 Bookshelf: Ratings & Research   Added Mass Media Research by Wimmer & Domnick 1st Edition from 1983
Added Mass Media Research by Wimmer & Domnick 3rd Edition from 1991
Added Mass Media Research by Wimmer & Domnick 4th Edition from 1994
Added Mass Media Research by Wimmer & Domnick 5th Edition from 1997
BBC TV News We don't have a complete collection of BBC radio and TV listener and viewer publications, but as a "new" coronation is approaching we picked u the May 15, 1953 issue with full coverage of the upcoming coronation
  Bookshelf: RCA   Added RCA Transistor Manual SC-13 from 1967
  Station Albums   Added "50 Years of KBOO" from the Portland Oregon community radio station.
  Radio Station Lists and Logbooks   Added the National Union Radio Guide logbook from approximately 1932. Has list of early TV stations
  Bookshelf: Radio Station Books   Added From Tom-Toms to Hi-Fi Story of KXOK St Louis 1957
  Allied / Radio Shack   Added the Allied / Radio Shack Modern Dictionary of Electronics 1970 Editiion
  Bookshelf: UK Added Volume IV of The History of  Broadcasting in the United Kingdom, "Sound and Vision 1945-1955" by Briggs.
Added The BBC 70 Years of Broadcasting by Cain 1992
Apr 12 Mix   Added 7 issues from 2011 to 2014
  FCC Publications   Added the 1968 "How to Apply for a Broadcast License"
Added the 1968 Bulletin "Station Lists"
  Radioland   Added July 1935 "Romantic Stories and Radioland"
  Radio Doings   Added the March 4, 1928 issue which includes "new" station lists.
  Early Radio Collection   Added one issue of Radio Record, a radio dealer and retailer magazine, from 1930
Added "Radio Workers" from 1940, a profile of the people who work in radio.
  Hobbies Added 8 issues from 1942
Added 6 issues from 1943
  Electronics & Music Maker Added three issues from 1982 and two from 1983
  New Musical Express Added two issues from 1970
  Melody Maker Added the Spring 1976  "Fifty Years of Music" issue
  Disc & Music Echo Added three issues from 1970
  Beat Instrumental Added 4 issues from 1974
Apr 9 Hi Fi World Added 37 more issues between 1998 and 2022
Apr 8 Broadcast Engineering   Added three issues from 1966 and one from 1969, leaving just three issues from  1980/1981/1999 needed to complete this collection.
  Station Books   Added KVLF "The Voice of the Last Frontier" by Gene Hendrix. Stories from a rural Texas radio station.
  Bookshelf: RCA   Added the 1966 SC-12 RCA Transistor Manual
  Station Albums   Added the 1939 "Personalities" album from WGAR Cleveland, Ohio. This was issued just after joining CBS and has several pages of "Columbia" artists and stars, too.
  Bookshelf Radio Shack   Added: 1974-1975 Dictionary of Electronics
  Early Radio Miscellaneous   Added the 1934 "Radio Announcers" illustrated profile annual magazine
  Tele-Tech   Added May 1948
  ARRL Handbooks   Added The Radio Amateur's Handbook, 2nd edition, from 1927
  Hobbies Added eight  issues from 1942
  Beat Instrumental Added 14 issues from 1972, 1973, 1974
Apr 5 Beat Instrumental Added 8 issues from 1971, 1972 and 1973. They are underlined.
  Hobbies Added two issues from 1941, 2 from 1942 and one from 1944
Mar 31 Beat Instrumental Added February, October and December 1970
  Station Picture Albums and Booklets   Added the 1948 "Going Forward with Radio " from WKNX in Saginaw, MI.  The "going Forward" series was done by a publisher for many stations, but each has station photos of staff, facilities and towers as well as community pictures.
Mar 29 Bookshelf: Radio & Sound   Added the Lafayette-Radio-Sound-It's-Fundamentals book & catalog from around 1949-1950. This book has a basic explanation of sound in its first half, and then a full catalog of sound equipment.
  Television Added April June July 1930
Added January, February and April 1931
Added March 1932
  Radio Logs   Added the 1937 RCA "The Globe Trotter" with lists of shortwave stations and North American medium wave stations and ads for RCA short wave radios.
  Ham Radio Today Added June 1996 and March 1998
  Bookshelf: Technology of  Radio   Added the National Bureau of Standards 1965 book "Ionospheric Radio Propagation"
Added Technique of the Sound Studio from 1972, 3rd Edition by Nesbit
Added: Television Manual American Television Inc. 1948
Added Radio Noises and Their Cure 2nd Edition from Tobe / Filteretee 1930
  Music Row   Added September 1985 and June 8 1997s
  Mix Magazine   Added July 1983, February and June 2000
  The Audiophile Voice   Added 29 issues from 1991 to 2004 (Volumes 1 to 10)  This magazine ceased publication last year.
Mar 28 Beat Instrumental Added March and July 1971 and March, May, June, July 1973
Mar 27 Beat Monthly Added Jun 1963 and July 1964. This magazine later became Beat Instrumental
Added April 1973
  Catalogs: Broadcast Equipment Suppliers   Added: Lauderdale-Electronic-Labs-Catalog-1976
Added: BSW-West-2023-03
Added: Broadcast-Supply-West-1982-Catalog
  Catalogs: Collins   Added 51M-8-VHF-Fixed-Tined-Receiver-1962
Added Collins-820-D-1-AM-Transmitter-1967
Added Collins-21B-AM-Transmitter-1949
Added Collins-Overhall-180R-Antenna-Coupler-and-Control-1967
Added Collins-VHF-Transmitter-242-F-1962-
  Modern Era Catalogs and Manuals   Added:  Emerson Portable Cassette recorder
Added: Garrard LAB 80 Transcription Turntable
Added: GE Portable Transistor Radio ES170 1963
Added: Hudson DB 48 Radio Manual 1948
Added: Knight Dual Speed tape recorder Instructions
Added: Motorola 8 Track Tape Player
Added: Sears 8 Track Stereo Tape Player
Added: Silvertone Magnetic Sound Recorder Model 4236
Mar 26 TAB Books   Added TV Radio and Hi Fi Hints and Kinks from 1971
  Beat Instrumental Added 6 more issues from 1971-1972
  CMJ "New Music" Issues   Added several issues from the years 1996, 1997, 1998 and 2001- This was the monthly edition (which complemented the weekly one with charts and other news) that included a CD of new releases and song reviews.
  Ratings Documents Hooper Study   Added Hooper's Variables Causing inconsistencies Between Radio Program Audience Ratings Obtained by the Day-Part-Recall  and the Coincidental methods. Undated, but likely from 1941
  Technology: Modern Era (Post WW II)   Added: "Cable Timeline" a brief history of cable TV advancements from its beginnings.
Added: Literature for CDS Propagation studies 
Added: RCA "AM-FM Radio Application Guide" showing how to fill FCC applications for radio station installation of RCA equipment (naturally!)  6th Revision 1978
  Broadcast Equipment: Manuals and Catalogs   Added Ampex ATR-100 brochure.
Added Orban Optimod TV 8182 manual from 1986
  Harris / Gates Manuals   Added 2005 Installation Manual for the DX-10 kw 25 kw 50 kw IBOC AM transmitters.
  New Musical Express Added four issues from March, 1955
  Advertiser   Added a partial copy of the September 1936 issue
Mar 25 Modern Era Collection   Added four AT&T Long Lines maps for ABC, CBS and NBC TV networks and one called "Occasional" video network.
  Metronome   Added the 1967 Metronome Yearbook
  The Swing Era   Added "The Swing Era 1940-1941 and 1941-1942" under the "Band Leaders" magazine page.
  Fabulous Added 8 more issues from mid-1965 to early 1967
  Bookshelf: Commentary   Added: A Seamless Robe Broadcasting Philosophy Curran 1979
Added: Redeeming The Wasteland Curtin 1995
  Bookshelf: News   Added: Moments of Truth 5th Survey of Journalism Barrett 1975
Added: News for Everyman Culbert 1976
  Radio News   Added Radio & Television Hi-Fi Annual Number 1 from 1956
Bookshelf: History Added: Mass Communications in the Caribbean Lent 1990 A
Added: Minute by Minute 60 Minutes Hewitt 1985
  Bookshelf: Encyclopedias   Added: Encyclopedia of Television N Y Times Brown 1977
Added: Les Brown´s Encyclopedia of Television 2nd 1982
  Bookshelf: Business of Broadcasting   Added: Broadcast Advertising in Canada Firestone 1966
Added: Direct Marketing Through Broadcast Media Eicoff 1995
  Bookshelf: Biography   Added: Before the Colors Fade Reasoner 1981
Added:  Deadlines & Datelines Rather 1999
  Radio's Master Catalog   Added Volume 16 from 1951
  Hi Fi World Added dozens of issues between 2009 to 2025. They are all underlined.
  Bookshelf: Rider   Added FM Stereo Multiplexing from 1961, the year when FM stereo was authorized in the United States.
  Maplin Projects Added Projects Book #30 from 1993
  Band Leaders   While not a "Band Leaders" publication, added a 1942 booklet "America's Band leaders' Life Stories" and Simon's 1974 book "The Big Bands" with a forward by frank Sinatra as a complement to this page.
  Hobbies Added two issues from 1944 and one from 1950. They are underlined.
  BBC London Calling Added one issue from 1952 and two from 1954 of this magazine for listeners to the BBC world service.
  Broadcaster & Wireless Retailer Added four issues fro 1935
  Popular Wireless  Added October 23, 1926
  Wireless World Replaced defective scan with several pages "stuck together". August 1932
Mar 24 ARRL Handbooks   Added the 1982 Handbook. We now have all but five issues from 1926 to 1984
  Early Radio Miscellaneous   Added a 1946 booklet, Opportunities in Radio, a vocational guidance manual for aspiring career seekers.
  Station Albums and Booklets   Added the 1952 30th anniversary album from KGNC in Amarillo, Texas.
Added the 1947 WMUR, Manchester, NH, booklet "Going Forward with Radio"
  Metronome   New Section! Added a page for Metronome, a music magazine begun in 1885. It began covering classical music, and moved more pop in the 20's and ended as a jazz publication.
We added 15 issues from 1942 to 1961.
  Audels Radioman's Guide   Replace 1955 edition with a better scan.
  Audio Magazine   Added the 1974 first edition of the "Hi Fi Handbook"
  Bernards & Babani Books Added Bernards #15 "Manual of Wartime Household Repairs" from the 1940's. This was published to aid households who had to service devices during the wartime shortage.
Added the Bernards BP38 "Aeronautics Illustrated"
  Band Leaders   Added January 1945
  Beat Instrumental Added 10 issues from 1970, 1971, 1972. They are underlined to facilitate finding them.
  Country Music   Added 27 more issues from the 70's and 80's.
  Hobbies Added 7 issues from 1943
Added 5 issues from 1944
Added 3 issues from 1953
Added 5 issues from 1958
Added 3 issues from 1960
Added 9 issues from 1961
  New Musical Express Replaced August 19 1967 with scan that does not truncate the border text.
  Wireless Constructor Added the diagram from the February 1925 issue
  Fabulous Added March 21 and November 7 1964
Mar 15 Popular Wireless  Added all issues from these years and months with covers and advertisements
June, July 1933 and  January, February 1934
Mar 13 New Musical Express Added January 3, 1987. Look for many more NME additions in coming weeks.
Mar 11 Swiss Sound   Added a complete set of "Swiss Sound", the dealer and user magazine from Studer-Revox from 1982 to 2008
Also added two different editions of the book "From Prototype to World Export", a history of Studer and its products.
  Billboard   Added February 27 2016
  Country Music   Added 14 more issues. They are underlined.
Mar 10 Modern Wireless Added October 1928, September 1933
Added supplement to February 1032 issue.
  BBC Books Added Television Stereo Sound Operations - Ray Angel (1989) 
Added BBC-Engineering-Edward-Pauley-1922-1972
Added BBC Daventry 1925-1992
Added Sound And Television Broadcasting - General Principles
Added BBC-Skelton- Penrith-And-The-World- Davies-1943-1993
Added HQ Sound Production & Reproduction
Added Eckersley's Areas 1929
Added Eckersley Aerial Design 1929
Added BBC-Comm-Games-1986
Added BBC Recording Training Manual
Added: BBC Engineering Training Manual - Microphones (WW)
Added: BBC Engineering Training Manual - Microphones (Robertson)
Added 1942 Engineering Training Manual A
Added Television-Story-BBC-1949
Added BBC Engineering Training Manual - Radio Wave Propagation Above 30MHz
  Bookshelf; Gernsback   Added: Gernsback How to Make Money Operating Your Own Radio and TV Service Business Lane 1960
  Bookshelf: Allied / Radio Shack   Added: Allied's Using Your Tape Recorder 1967
  Bookshelf: Bernards & Babani UK Added: Babani BP275 Simple Short Wave Receiver Construction
  Bookshelf: Radio & TV Technology   Added: Frequency Modulation Engineering Tibbs 2nd 1956
Long Wave And Medium Wave Propagation
Added: Microwave Transmission Design Data 1944
Added: Practical Radio Telegraphy Nilson 1928
Added: Radio and Television Engineers' Reference Book Hawker 1961
Added: Radio Engineering Handbook Henney 1959 Ver 1
Added: Radio Simplified Kendal Koehler

Added: Television Simplified Kiver 6th Edition 1962
  Bookshelf: United Kingdom Added: Forty Years of Television: Story of ATN 7 1996 
Added: Here's Looking At You British television 1908 1939 Norman 
Added: Inside the BBC Miall 1994 

Added: Reith The BBC Years Milner 1983 22 07 10 
Added: The Art of Radio McWhinnie 1959 
Added: The Early British Radio Industry Pocock 1988 
  Bookshelf: General Technology   Added : Electronics Installation And Maintenance Book  from the Naval Engineering Center 1965 
Music Row  Added November, 1982, our earliest issue.
  Ratings Reports   Added a 1965 Pulse custom qualitative report for Top 40 station WKNR
  BBC ENG INF  Added the complete run of 54 issues of the BBC "ENG-INF", a publication for the engineering and technical staff of the "Beeb" from 1980 to 1993
  Popular Wireless  Combined all issues of December 1927 and November 1926  
Combined all May issues in one file and added the missing week.
  Wireless World Replaced incomplete issues, adding covers and ads for February  and May 1958
Replaced June  and September 1958 and January 1959 complete with covers and ads.
Mar 7 Popular Wireless Added January 12 and 19, 1929 and August 17 and 31 1929
Added Blueprint to October 29, 1929 issue
  Wireless World Books   Added Studio Engineering for Sound Broadcasting from 9954. This was published in association with the BBC. Find the link in the left column towards the bottom of the page.
  Early Radio Programming   Added Blue Book of Radio Entertainers from 1935 by General Electric
  Early Radio Catalogs   Added the 1938 Modell's Catalog with every major national brand of radios pictured and described. RCA, GE, Philco, Zenith, Crosley, Kadette, Grunow and more.
  Bookshelf: Gernsback Publications   Added #91 Radio Control Manual
Added #101 TV Trouble Analysis.
  Melody Maker Posted Improved scan for January 12 1957 and July 18 1964
Added two issues from 1963
Mar 4 Wireless World Replaced August through December 1957 issues with "newsstand" versions with covers and advertisements
  Radio Pictorial   Added6 more issues of this British radio listener magazine from 1934(4 issues) 1935 (1) and 1936 (1)
Mar 3 Wireless World Replaced January through July 1957 issues with "newsstand" versions with covers and advertisements. A number of publishers issued year-end "content only" editions; when we get the full versions we always replace the "condensed" editions.
Mar 1 Atwater Kent   Added a complete set of the Atwater Kent service manuals published from 1931 to 1933 covering all present and past models.
  Hoffman Transmitter   Added a new page for the Hoffman Transmitter from the maker of Hoffman Easy Vision Television sets and home appliances. 5 issues are there as we search for more.
  Station Albums and Picture Booklets   Added a 1941 "Radio Personalities" booklet from WBCM in Bay City, Michigan.
  Practical Wireless Replaced  January and February 1938, December 1937 with more complete issues but still missing pages.
Added November 19 1938 issue
  Electronics And Television & Short Wave World   Added February and March of 1941
Feb 28 Radio Pictorial Added January 26, 1934. This is the second issue of this interesting British radio listener magazine- While it is independent of the BBC, it covers BBC programming along with commentary on shows and interviews with BBC executives and talent. More early issues coming soon.
Feb 26 Ham Radio Today Added all issues from 1994 and completed the collection for 1995
Band Leaders Added My 1945 edition
  Country Music   Added 20 issues from the 80s, 90's and 2000's
New additions are underlined.
  Electronics & Music Maker Added May, July and December 1982
  Radio News   Added the 1929 Short Wave Manual special edition. It is listed at the bottom of the page in the special edition section
  Hobbies Added August 3, 1912
  Station Lists and Logbooks   Added the 1953 Motorola Travelolg, a Mapbook and national station listing fro traveleers
  Don McNeil's
Breakfast Club
  Added the 1954 Breakfast Club Yearbook
  RCA Catalogs   Added: RCA Trans Vista 100 Color. TV Chassis 1970 22 06 23
Added: RCA 1964 AM FM Transmitter Price List
Added: RCA 1961 11 Audio Price List
Added: RCA 1961 AM FM Transmitter Price List
Added: RCA 1953 Transmission Line Price List
Added: RCA Radio Equipment AM FM 1973
Added: RCA Transmitting Equipment AM FM Radio 3rd 1962
Added: RCA Transmitting Equipment 1967
Added: RCA Broadcast Audio Equipment 1974
Added: RCA Audio Equipment Second Edition 1955 w prices
Added: RCA Broadcast Audio Equipment 1967
Added: RCA Type 100 E 100 Watt AM Transmitter
Added: RCA FM Transmitting Equipment 1966
Added: RCA FM Transmitting Equipment 1970
Added: RCA AM FM Radio Equipment Catalog 1973
Added: RCA Radio Equipment AM FM 1973 (1)
Added: RCA AM FM Radio Equipment 1967
Added: RCA AM FM Transmitting Equipment 1955
Added: RCA High Power Circular FM Antenna
Added: RCA AM Transmitters 1967
  Shure Catalogs & Manuals   Added: Sure M232 236 Tone Arm from 1960
Added  Shure Model 55 Microphones
Added: Shure M64 Preamp  from1970
Added: Shure Microphones from 1990
  Catalogs and Manuals   Added Revox A-77 Service Manual
Added Tapecaster Cart Machine Schematics
Added Aphex Compellor 300 manual
  Ampex Catalogs   Added 1959 Ampex 351 complete manual
Added 1977 ATR 700 Recorder Manual
Feb 25 Electronics & Music Maker   Added January, March and April of 1982
  Heathkit Manuals   Added construction manuals for the Audio Load, Audio Generator and Intrusion Alarm as well as the 1950 booklet of specifications and schematics
  Ham Radio Today Added all 1994 issues and all the missing 995 ones!
  FMQB   Added August 10 and August 17 2001 of Kal Rudman's famous radio programming
  RCA Laboratories News   Added almost all the 1944 and 1945 issues of the RCA Laboratories News, a publication of the research division of RCA.
Feb 21 Personal Computer World Added September 1984 and four issues from 1985
  Allied Radio Shack Books   Added the 1939 edition of the Allied Radio Builder's Handbook
  Country Music   Added 13 issues from the 90's of this country music fan magazine.
  GE Electric
The Monogram
  Added a new page with 6 issues of this General Electric employee magazine which began in 1953
  Record Mirror Added two issues from December 1957
  Short Wave & Television   Added the 1932 book "How to Build and Operate Short Wave Receivers" from Hugo Gernsback.
  Popular Wireless Replaced the January 26 199 edition with a better copy
  Television / Practical Television Added the September 2006 issue. We are now compete from 1950 to 2006 and are just missing 11 issues from 2007 to have a complete "Modern Era" set of this publication.
  Drake's Cyclopedia of Radio Collection   Added the 1958 14th edition of this electronics encyclopedia. Note that we have three different 14th editions, each from a different year 1951, 1955 and 1958
  BMI Music World   Added the Fall 1993 issue
Feb 20 Electronics & Music Maker Added September and December issues from 1981
Feb 19 Hobbies Added12 issues from 1961
Added 6 issues from 1962
  CMJ New Music Monthly    Added 2 issues from 2002 and 4 from 2003
  Radio Album / Radio & TV Album    Added issues from 1958, 1959 and 1970. These are fan magazines featuring the most popular artists on radio and TV.
  Short Wave Listener   Added March and April May of 1935 of this Gernsback magazine.
  Radio Lists and Logbooks Added a 1933 European station logbook and listing published by "Les 3 Grandes de la Radio", publisher of three important French radio magazines.
Feb 16 Television / Practical Television Added three issues from 2006, each with pages missing. Our policy is "something is better than nothing" so we add incomplete issues and hope to later find full editions later.
  WSM Gran Ole Opry   Added an undated program from 1950 which mentions 25 years of the Opry.
Added an Opry program from July 12 1973
  IRE Proceedings   Added February 1955
  Broadcast Engineering   Replaced February 1970 with much better copy / scan.
  Music Publications / Miscellaneous   Added our first issue of Music Maker from September of 1940. As we find additional issues, we will open a full page for this publication.
Feb 12 Hobbies Added 7 issues from 1962
Added 1 issue from 1961
  Hi Fi World Hi Fi World: Added issues from 1998, 2002, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2016
Hi Fi World Supplement: Added issues from 1994, 2000, 2001
New additions are underlined.
  Billboard   Added the 2021 Billboard MRC Yearend Report. Analysis of music sales and information for the year: "a deep dive on all the year’s biggest trends in music consumption"
  WSM Gran Ole Opry   Added 1963 WSM Gran Ole Opry Picture Book of the Stars
  BBC Publications   Added "The BBC Presents Television Story" by Tilsley. This is an undated story about the development and early years of TV in the UK.
Feb 11 Radio Ink   Added 6 issues from 2010 to 2016
  AGL / Above Ground Level   Added 5 issues from 2010 to 2016- They are underlined.
  Crosley Radio Weekly   Added January 12 1924 from this major early radio manufacturing company and operator of WLW in Cincinnati.
  RCA Annual Reports   Added most RCA Annual Reports to Shareholders from 1921 to 1945. There are 18 in total.
  Hobbies Added three issues from 1958
Added one issue from 1959
Added one issue from 1961
Added 6 issues from 1962
  Short Wave and DX Collection   Added Short Wave Hints and Helps from the International Shortwave Club published in the Mid-1930's
  Radio Album /  Television Radio Album   Added Radio TV Album from 1965.
  Radio World   Added 2015 special edition "HD Radio Evolves" , 2014 Source Book, 2016 Source Book, 2018 Source Book, 2019 Source Book
Feb 10 Television / Practical Television Added December June, July, August, December of 2006 with missing pages as well as January 2007 also with missing pages.
  Antique Radio Classified   Added September of 1997
  BE Radio / Radio   Added nearly 50 issues from 2011 to 2017 courtesy of Barry Mishkind "the Eclectic Engineer"
Feb 7 Practical Television / Television Added February 2006
Feb 6 Practical Electronics Replaced:  October 1973  Audio IC Identichart added
Replaced:  December 1974 Transistor Lead Identichart added
  New Musical Express Added November 4 1967
  Personal Computer World    Added September 2000 and April, May 1988
  International Television Almanac   Added the 1976 edition. It is listed in two parts: the general industry data and the alphabetical listing of television industry people. We are now only missing 4 editions out of a total of 59 that were published.
  Country Music Magazine   Added the 1979 Illustrated History of Country Music.
  The Radio Amateur / Short Wave News Added July through November of 1953, completing that year!
  Practical Wireless Replaced:  October 1971 Circuit Building Bricks Chart adde
Replaced:  October 1972 Aerial Data Chart added
Replaced March 1972 with supplement
Replaced March 1975 with supplement
Feb 3 DownBeat   We have been told by the publisher  to remove DownBeat magazine within 30 days or we will be contacted by attorneys. So within a few days we will  close the DownBeat page. This is the only music magazine in the world that has prohibited the use of older issues on this site, and we had hoped to include their in-depth jazz coverage... a genre not generally covered in depth in other publications.
Feb 2 The Radio Amateur / Short Wave News Added February, March, April, May and June 1953
  Early Radio Collection   Added the Radio Corporation of America's "Radio Apparatus for Amateur and Experimental Use" from November, 1921 (6th Edition)  and the same publication from April of 1922, 7th edition.
  Bookshelf: History   Added: Age of Broadcasting Radio 1997
Added: Air Wars West 1993 1st Edition
Added: Air Wars West 1998 2nd Edition
Added: CBS The First 50 Years 1998
Added: Communications and Broadcasting Henderson 1997
Added: Televisa Presenta 2006
Added: Five Seconds to Air Losure 1998
Added: Television Today and Tomorrow Moseley 1933
  Bookshelf: Business of Broadcasting   Added: Advertising and Selling And Credits 1911
Added: Advertising and Selling Hollingworth 1913
  Bookshelf: Programming   Added: The Radio Format Conundrum Routt 1978
Added: Manual of Gospel Broadcasting Loveless 1946
Added: The Encyclopedia of American Television Lackman 2002
  Added: The Man Behind the Mike Fisher 1967
Added: Off Mike Radio Writing Lawrence 1944
Added: Radio Writing Wylie 1930
  Radio Dealer   Added June 1928 issue
  New Studio Booklet
from Radio World
  Radio World has  a new eBook that gives you a peek inside 15 new or recent studio projects. It's free, but you need to register to get it.
  CMJ New Music Monthly
New Music Report
  New Music Monthly
Added all 12 issues from 1998
Added two issues from 2001
Added 4 issues from 2002
Added 5 issues from 2003
New Music Report
Added November 28 2005
Added two issues from 2006
Added one issue from 2997
  Station Albums   Added the 1939 KOY, Phoenix, Arizona "Family Album"
Added KFRC San Francisco Radio Defense Manual "How to Survive the Atom Bomb" from 1950
Added the WWVA Wheeling, WV 1973 "40th Anniversary" Jamboree music program brochure
Added the 1927 WIBO Chicago, IL, booklet and hymnal for Sunday morning Swedish church service..
  Country Music   Added the 1994 Country Music Encyclopedia... over 450 pages of information on the music and its artists. ,
Feb 1 Radio Guide   Here at WorldRadioHistory, we are saddened to hear of the passing of Ray Topp, publisher of Radio Guide. See Radio Word for the report.
  Radio World   A reminder that Radio World has consistently done some interesting articles on radio history subjects. Click to see that page.
Jan 30 Common Point   Added 7 issues from the early 1990's of th9is broadcast engineering newsletter.
  Maplin Added Project Book 12 from 1984
  Personal Computer World    Added December 1984, March 1996 and November, December 1995
  Ham Radio Today Added 22 issues from 1991, 1992 and 1993
  Down Beat   Added the 1971 Yearbook
Added October 26 1972,, February 28 1963
  The Radio Amateur / Short Wave News Added December 1952 and January 1953
  Modern Era Collection   Added Philco annual shareholder reports from 1959 and 1960
  Radio Album /  Television Radio Album   Added annual issues from 1957 and 1962
  Personal Computer World    Added August 1995 of this self-proclaimed first personal computer magazine in Europe.
  Collins Manuals and Catalogs   Added the 1959 General Catalog covering all Collins lines.
Added five manuals from 1967 for phone amp, phono EQ, monitor amp and program amplifiers as well as the 212 series consoles
  Broadcast Sound Added a new section for this broadcast industry professional magazine begun in the fall of 1982. We added three issues.
  Drake's Cyclopedia of Radio Collection   Added the 8th Edition of the Cyclopedia of Radio And Electronics dated 1937
  Melody Maker Replaced September 2 1961 with better copy.
  Television / Practical Television Added May of 2006.
  Electronics Today /ETI Added July 1973. This appears to be the last missing issue in our collection of the UK edition of ETI, making the set complete.
Replaced July 1981 issue with a better copy.
Jan 29 Hobbies Added 6 issues of Hobbies from 1958
Jan 28 The Radio Amateur / Short Wave News Added August, September, October and November of 1952 of "The Radio Amateur"
Added April 1952
  FM / FM and Television   Added October 1948 and December 1946
  Billboard   Added 1980-1981 International Recording Equipment and Studio Directory.
Added 1981 International Videotape Directory
Added 1979 Disco Sourcebook
  Country Music   Added 5 issues from the 80's and two from the 90's.
  Radio Station Albums and Booklets   Added an undated station booklet from XEVA in Villahermosa, México
Added rue 1933 WWVA, Wheeling, WV, "Jamboree" promotional brochure / album
Added the 1944 WNAX, Yankton, SD, program schedule
Added WSAZ Huntington, WV Friends We All Grew Up With 1999 book
Added the KGW, Portland, Oregon "Picture Parade of Favorite Radio Stars"
Jan 26 Philco News   Added 77 issues between 1931 and 1962.
  Short Wave and DX Collection   Added Skip Arey's Radio Monitoring: A How To Guide from 2010 with permission of the author.
  Hobbies Added 4 issues from 1956
Added 14 issues from 1958
Added 1 issue from 1957
  Personal Computer World    Added September 1995
  Practical Wireless Added 6 issues from 1936
  Wireless World Replaced July, August and September  issues from 1956 with complete copies
  Early Radio Collection   Added: Radio Trading Company Catalog 1928
Added: Randolph Radio Corp 1927
Added: Wireless & Electircal Cyclopedia Catalog 22
Added: Airy Tales by Temple 1929
Added: Pilot Radio Products
Added: Radio Surplus Corporation Catalog 1932
  Melody Maker Added September 3 1961
  New Musical Express Added June 19 1964 and May 6 1967
Jan 25 FM / FM and Television   Added or replaced with better copies 3 issues of this Milton Sleeper magazine: April, June, July 1946, May, June, July, Aug, Septemeber 1950, January, August, October 1949, January, March, June, April, May February, August, September, November 1948, January, October 1947, March, April, June, August, December 1945
Jan 23 Hi Fi World Added one issue from 1992, 6 from 2003, 11 from 2004 (year now complete), 2 from 2005.
Jan 22 Advertising & Selling   Added a new page for one of the earliest magazines about the advertising industry. We have found some of 1919, all of 1920 and most of the 1924 to 1928 years. This includes issues about the earliest years of advertiser supported radio.
  Short-Wave Miscellaneous Collection   Added Short Wave Journey of Discovery from RCA Victor Radio from 1939. A description of all the interesting stations and programs that could be heard... on an RCA Radio, of course.
  Radio Logbooks and Station Lists   Replaced the 1929 RCA Radiotron Broadcast Station Directory with an improved scan. This logbook has pages for 19 popular RCA receiving tubes.
  Practical Television / Television Added January and April of 2006
  Practical Wireless Added 7 issues from 1936
Jan 20 Radio Lists and Logbooks   Added the Spring 1932 issue of The Radio Pictorial, a station list with artist pictures and profiles. Stations listed by state and also by frequency..
  Everyday Electronics Added July and November 1987 and May 1988
  New Musical Express Added December 9 1967 and replaced February 8, 1969 with improved copy.
  BMI Music World   Added the Fall 2008 edition of BMI's Music World magazine
  Music Row   Added August 8, 1997, May 23 1997, May 8 1997, April 8 1997, December 8 1991, May 1983, April 23, 1996
  Down Beat   Added the 1975 and 1976 Music Handbook special editions.
Jan 19 A Review of this Site   Click this like to read a nice review of this website on "Making it Up", itself a fascinating and very readable site
  Missing Pages  

The publications on the site are “what you see is what you get”. Old magazines, whether contributed or purchased online, are sometimes missing pages or articles or photos. The one you want is, unfortunately, one of those “challenged” issues. Sorry. But if you come across missing pages, scan them and send them as it is an easy task to incorporate them in the incomplete PDF.

Jan 16 AGL (Above Ground Level)   Added June 2019 issue of this magazine about communications towers and equipment.
  Country Music   Added a new section for "Country Music", a 1973 to 2003 country music fan magazine noted for being more objective than typical fanzines. 18 early issues are in the first set of additions.
Jan 15 UK Search Databases Rebuilt the searches for all UK publications as well as the multi-publication searches. All publications added up to last week are now part of the search function.
Jan 12 Hobbies Added one issue from 1931, two from 1955, four from 1958, 13 from 1959, one each from 1956 and 1958 and
  Stereophile   This publication, has been ordered removed from this site by the same rights holder as Hi-Fi News. We are sorry, as this was a valuable source of historical data on North American stereo and hi-fi gear, techniques and technology.
  SRDS Spot Radio   Added October 1974 edition of this media buyer's publication
  Early Radio   Added the June 1927 issue of The Talking Machine Journal
  Radio Life   Added March 21, 1943... our fist issue from that month.
  Radio Ink   Added 21 issues from 2010 to 2012. They are underlined. s
  Science & Invention / Electrical Experimenter   Added April 1923 issue of Science & Invention, the successor to Hugo Gernsback's Electrical Experimenter. We now have a complete set of Science and Invention, and are missing only 8 of the Electrical Experimenter.
  Practical Wireless Added November 17 1934
  Popular Wireless Added August 14 1937
  Radio Logs and
Station Lists
  Added an improved and corrected version of "Answers World Radio Atlas Gazetteer and Log Book" from 1934
  Arbitron   Added the 1974 "Inside the Arbitron Television Report" with a detailed explanation of how to read TV ratings.
  Radio for the Millions Replaced September 1927 with complete issue.
  Radio   Added 20 issues from 2010 to 2017. This magazine was first known as "BE Radio" from parent Broadcast Engineering.
Added the Broadcast Engineering & BE Radio "Supplement from March 1994
  Melody Maker Replaced the October 23 1954 issue with a much better version. It is inside the "October" file which was created from microfilm; the new issue is a direct scan of an original.
Als0o replaced October 29 issue in the October file as well as October 26 1957.
Added 1964 July 25 issue
  ARRL Handbooks   Added the 1984 edition.
Jan 4 Hi Fi News
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  Notice: We have been requested to remove this publication by the current publisher.
Jan 3 Hi Fi World Added all 2017 issues and repaired several from 2018 that had "confusing page attributes"
Added 4 issues from 1999
Added 1 issue from 2000
Added 1 issue from 2004
Added 5 issues from 2005
Added 3 issues from 2006
Added 2 issues from 2007
Bookshelf: History Added: The Telephone Hour A Retrospective from the Museum of Broadcasting 
  Bookshelf: Business of Broadcasting   Added: Paying for Broadcasting  (Collection of Articles) 1992
  Bookshelf: Biography   Added: "Jack Benny" from Museum of Television and Radio 1991
  Byte Magazine   Added the 1979 byte "Book of Computer Music"
Early Radio Technology
  Added: Dunlap´s Radio Manual 1924 Dunlap
Added: Experimental Radio 3rd Edition Ramsey 1928
Added: Letters of a Radio Engineer to His Son Mills 1922
Added: Radio Operating Questions & Answers Nilson 1929
Added:Tips for the Radio Amateur Constructor Church 1924
Added: Year Book of Wireless Technology Telegraphy and Telegraphy 1915
Technology Modern Era
  Added: Electromagnetic Waves and Radiating Systems Jordan 1950 
Added: Everybody's Radio Manual Popular Science 1942 
Added: Handbook of Noise Management Peterson 9th 1980 
Added: Handbook of Noise Measurement General Radio
Added: Popular Science Everybody's Television and Radio Handbook 1951 
Added: Technique of the Sound Studio 3rd Nesbett 1974
Added: The Technique of the Sound Studio Nesbett 2nd 1974
  Television / Practical Television Added the annual index supplements for all years 1999 to 2005
  Personal Computer World    Added October 1995 and January 1996
  Ratings   Added there A.R.B. New York Local Market Weekly reports from 1963
Jan 2 Down Beat   Added May 23, 1974 issue
Added 1960 Yearbook
Added 1959 Yearbook
Added 1995 "60 Years of Jazz" by Hal Leonard
Added 1961 Yearbook edition
  National Radio Club   Added AM radio logbooks (complete AM station listings) from 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020
Added Night Pattern Map Books from 1975 to 2018
Added Getting Started in Medium Wave DXing from 1978
Added N.R.C. Antenna Reference Manual from 1978
Added  N.R.C. Receiver Manual from 1978
  Television Digest   Added the 1952 AM / FM Directory
Added the July Television Factbook including billing information, expenses, ownership, program sources, sets in use, FCC data and set manufacturer information.
  Hobbies  Added 6 issues from 1956
  Personal Computer World    Added February 1996 and February 1998
  Music Magazine Collection   Added our first issue of The Baton from October 1943 featuring Orchestra, Radioo, records and Music news.
  Gernsback Publications   Added the 1938 edition of the Radio Reference Annual
  Station Pictorial Albums   Added the 1974 KFDI, Wichita, Kansas booklet "KFDI Through the Years".
  Canada Miscellaneous Collection   Added the CBC 1969 listing of radio and TV stations including network map.
  Band Leaders   Added August 1946, August 1943 and November 1944. We now have 14 issues of this early to mid 40's music magazine.
  RCA Communicate   Added a new page for RCA Communicate, a 70's RCA employee magazine about which there is very little background information.
  Radio Only   Added February 1990
  Wireless World Replaced June 1956 issue with complete cover & ads edition
  NBC Radio Network   Added the 1934 edition of  "On the Air", a booklet for visitors to RCA's Radio City in New York with studio pictures, a brief explanation of radio and even an ad for RCA Victor records.
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