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 Bernards and Babani hobbyist page
Transistors and Crystal Diodes Transistor Circuits and Servicing  
 Edwin Bradley
Miniature Radio Equipment Construction Manual
Bernard's 85
Modern Battery Receivers
Bernards 71
Personal Portables
Practical Radio for Beginners Book 1
Bernard's 97
Radio & Television Laboratory Manual
Bernard's 78
Radio for Boys The Midget Radio Construction Manual
Bernard's 86
Transistor Circuits for the Constructor 1
Transistor Circuits for the Constructor 2 Transistor Circuits for the Constructor #3 Transistor Circuits for the Constructor 4
 Newton Braga
Fun Projects for the Experimenter    
 Len Buckwalter
Easy To Build Transistor Projects Have Fun with Transistors  
 F.J. Camm
Beginner's Guide to Radio Newnes Short Wave Manual Practical Wireless Circuits
Radio Controlled Models Wireless Transmission  
 A.T. Collins
More Simple Radio Circuits Simple Radio Circuits  
 Gilbert Davy
Fun with Electronics Fun with Radio 1 Fun with Radio 4
Fun With Radio 5 Fun with Short Wave Radio Fun with Silicon Chips
Fun with Transistors Making Your Own Transistor Pocket Set  
Learn about...Simple Electronics Making a Transistor Radio Practical Test Equipment
Shortwave Receivers for the Beginner    
 David Findlay
The Electronic Experimenter's Manual    
 L.E. Garner
Getting Started With Transistors IR Silicon Rectifiers Skill Building Transistor Projects
Transistor Circuit Handbook Transistor Projects Transistorized Pocket Receiver
  General Electric Hobbyist Publications
GE Electronics Components
Hobby Manual 1965
 David Gibson
 Rudolf Graf
Encyclopedia of Electronic Circuits 1 Encyclopedia of Electronic Circuits 2 Encyclopedia of Electronic Circuits 3
Encyclopedia of Electronic Circuits 4 Encyclopedia of Electronic Circuits 5  
 Henry's Radio
Practical Transistor Circuits #2    
 A. P. Jacobi
Ballast Tube Handbook Ballast Substitution Guide  
 Bernard Jones
Crystal Receiving Sets Loud Speaker Crystal Sets Simple Valve Receiving Sets
Wireless Component Parts    
 Tom Kneitel
40 Easy to Build Projects 49 Easy Transistor Projects 49 More Easy to Build Electronics Projects
103 Simple Transistor Projects    
 James Kyle
Transistor Etched Circuit Projects    
 Alan Lytel
Handbook of Transistor Circuits Transistor AF and RF Circuits Transistor Circuit Manual
 Alfred Morgan
First Book of Radio and Electronics First Electrical Book for Boys First Radio Book for Boys
Article: Alfred Powell Morgan Getting Acquainted With Radio Science & Construction
The Boy Electrician The Boy Electrician 2 The Boy's Second Book of Radio
The Boy's Third Book of Radio The Boy's Fourth Book of Radio Things a Boy can do with Electricity
Wireless Construction and Installation for Beginners Wireless Telegraph Construction for Beginners Wireless Telegraphy and Telephony Simply Explained
Wireless Telegraphy and Telephony Experimental Wireless Construction  
  W. Oliver
Making And Repairing Radio Sets Making and Repairing Transistor Radios
  Elmer G. Osterhoudt  MRL
HB-1 Headphones: Operations and Repair HB-6 How to Make Coils
HB-11 Radio Operating as a Career
HB-2 No. 2 and 2-A Long Distance Crystal Sets HB-7 Experiments with Magnetism and Coils  HB-12 Radio Workbench Tips
HB-3 Crystal Detectors HB-8 Radio Kinks and QuipsOsterhoudt/HB-8.pdf HB-13 Radio Notes No. 2    replaces  RB&H 26, 30, 31 and 32
HB-4 1-Tube D.C. All Wave Set   (was originally BP-2 until the stencils wore out) HB-9 Radio Notes No. 1  (replaced RBH-34) HB-17 MRL-20 Crystal Set Circuits 
HB-5 Crystal Set Construction HB-10 Facts for Crystal Experimenters  HB-25 MRL-18 Crystal Set Circuits  (replaces BP-25)
The Original Radio (Article) DPF #1 DPF #2
DPF #3 ES #2  
  Elmer G. Osterhoudt  RADIO BUILDER & HOBBYIST
Click here: Website about Elmer Osterhoudt
  F. G. Rayer
50 FET Projects Amateur Radio Digital IC Projects
Electrical Hobbies Electronic Projects for Beginners Francis George Rayer
How to Make Walkie Talkies IC Projects for Beginners Matchbock Receiver
Use of Transistors
  J. A. Reddihough
Beginner's Guide to Transistors    
  Roger Sanders
Electrostatic Loudspeaker Design Cookbook    
  Clive Sinclair
22 Tested Circuits
Bernard's 181
Coil Design and Construction Manual
Bernards 160
Eleven Tested Transistor Circuits
Bernard's 167
Manual De Circuitos Transistorizados Modern Transistor Circuits
Bernard's 177
Practical Transistor Audio Amplifiers
Bernard's 173
Practical Transistor Receiver Book1
Bernard's 148
Tested Short Wave Receiver Circuits
Bernard's 185
Tested Superhet Circuits
Bernard's 196
The Sincliar Story Transistor Audio Amplifier Manual
Bernard's 176
Transistor Circuits Manual 2
Bernard's 163
Transistor Circuits Manual No 5
Bernards 179
Transistor Circuits Manual No 4
Bernards 168
Transistor Subminiature Receivers Handbook
Bernard's 174
Transistor Superhet Receivers
Bernards 151
 J Schaap
Short Wave Amateur Radio    
 Larry Steckler 
Simple Transistor Projects for Hobbyists and Students    
 Donald Stoner 
IR Selenium Photocell and Sun Battery Novice and Technician Hand Book The Transistor Radio Handbook
Transistor Transmitters for the Amateur    
  Rufus Turner
125 Transistor Projects ABS's of Varactors Beyond the Transistor
Diode Circuits Handbook Electronic Hobbyists Handbook FET Circuits
Germanium Crystal Diode Getting Acquainted with the IC Hamdom Traditions
Impedance Integrated Circuits Fundamentals and Projects LC Circuits
MOSFET Circuits Guidebook Solar Cells and Photocells Transistor Circuits
Gernsback 63
Transistor Circuits Transistors Theory and Practice War-Time VTVM Circuits
21 Simple Transistor Radios 84 Practical IC Projects 117 Practical IC Projects
Beginners Guide to Making Electronic Gadgets Beginners Guide to Designing and Building Transistor Radios Beginners Guide to Practical Electronics
Build Your Own Crystal Set Build Your Own Transistor Radios Computers for the Amateur Constructor
Design and Construction of Transistor Superhets Ham Radio A Beginners Guide Instructions to Radio Constructors
Integrated Circuits Logic Made Easy Make your Own Crystal Set
Make your Own Morse Buzzer Making Transistor Radios A Beginners Guide Modern Crystal Sets
Understanding Electronics Radio Construction for Amateurs Understanding Digital Electronic
Modern Transistor Radios    
  Byron Wels
Transistor Circuit Guidebook    
  Harry Zarchy
Using Electronics    
All books courtesy of Graeme "Zim" Zimmer from Australia.