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Calectro Digital Handbook 1973 Calectro FET Circuit Book 1973 Calectro Semiconductor Projects Handbook Ebens 1975 Handbook of Oscilloscopes Lenik 1968 Hayden Telephone Accessories You Can Build Gilder 1976
Maintaining & Repairing Videocassette Recorders Goodman 1983 Operational Amplifiers Theory and Servicing Bannon 1975 Réalisez Vous Même Un Synthétiseur Musical Girard 1979 Sylvania Servicing TC Receivers 1950 Sylvania Technical Manual Tubes 1953 9th Edition
The Development And Practice Of Electronic Music Appleton-1975    
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106 Easy Electronic Projects
110 IC Timer Projects
Gilder 1970
Ameco 11 Transistor Theory And Circuits Made Simple Harvey Pollack AM / FM Broadcast Station Planning Guide
 Etkin 1960
Allied Understanding Schematic Diagrams 1970 Allied Understanding Transistors 1960 The Algebra Of Electronics Page 1958 Active Filter Cookbook Lancaster Allied Data Handbook 1966
Acrosokund Output Transformers
Briggs & Garner
York 1954
An Approach to Audio Frequency Amplifier Design
Applied Electronics
Gray 1954
Audels Radiomans Guide
Allied Radio Circuit Handbook 6th Edition 1961 Allied Basic Electronics 1st Edition 1961 Allied Understanding Transistors And How To Use Them 1963 A C Calculation Charts Lorenzen Rider 1942
A Beginenrs Guide to Radio
Camm 1956
Basic Electron Tubes
Geppeart 1951
Build A Better Music Synthesizer  
Capacitors Magnetic Circuits and Transformers
Matsch 1964
Cathode Ray Oscillographs
Circuit Theory & Design
Stewart 1956
Circuit Theory of Electron Devices
Boone 1953
Collins Radio Diary 1970 UK
Dynaco Transformers
Dumont Cathoder Ray Equipment 8th 1951 The Development And Practice Of Electronic Music (2)    
Electronic Music Circuit Guidebook Brice Ward Electronic Musical Projects Sood 1979
EEE Magazine Electronic Circuit Design Handbook 1975 Electronics Installation And Maintenance Book
Naval Engineering Center 1965 
Everybody's Radio Manual Popular Science 1942  Electromagnetic Waves and Radiating Systems Jordan 1950  Everybody's Television and Radio Handbook Popular Science 1951 
Electrical Engineering
3rd   Kimberly 1952
Electron Tube Circuits
Seely 1950
Electronic Amplifier Circuits Pettit McWhorter 1961 Electronic Circuit Theory Zimmerman Mason 1959 Electronic Circuits and Tubes Cruft 1947
Electronic Circuits Angelo 1958 Electronic Circuits Martin 1955 Electronic Designers Handbook Landee et al 1967 Electronic Transformers and Cabinetry Hammond 1974 Electronic Transformers and Circuits Lee 1955
Electronics and Electron Tubes McArthur 1936 Electronics for Engineers Markus Zeluff 1945 Electronics for Everybody Benrey 1970 Engineering Electronics Happel Hesselberth 1953 Essentials of Electricity Electronics Slurzberg 1965
Federal Telephone & Radio Handbook of Tube Operation 1944 Functional Circuits and Oscillators Reich 1961 Fairchild Voltage Regulator Handbook 1978 Fairchild TTL Applications Handbook 1973 FM Radio Station Operations Handbook 
How to Build 78 Radio and Television Sets
Popular Science 1950
Handbook of Operational Amplifier RC Networks Burr Brown 1966
Hayden Transistor Basics A Short Course 1975 Stanley, Jr HP Power Supply Handbook 1970 Handbook of Noise Management Peterson 9th 1980  Handbook of Noise Measurement General Radio   Handbook of Operational Amplifier Applications Burr Brown 1963
ITT Electrical Communication 1967 #2 international Rectifier Zener Doides 1969 International Library Radio Receivers & Transmitters Da 1927  
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Levers, Pulleys and Engines   Ladybird      
Mullard Data Book 1965 66 Music Synthesizers   Delton T HornI      
Materials Technology for Electron Tubes Kohl 1951 Materials Technology for Electron Tubes Kohl 1960 Mullard Circuits For Audio Amplifiers Motorola HEP Semiconductor Cross reference 1975 Microsoft MS DOS 6 Concise User's Guide
The New World Of Electronic Music The New World Of Electronic Music Sear-1972
The Oxide Coated Cathode Wagener Vol 1 1951 The Oxide Coated Cathode Wagener Vol 2 1951
  P Q
Philips The Transistor Practical Amplifier Diagrams Robin 1947 Principles of Electricity Applied to Telephone and Telegraph Work 1953 Principles of Aeronautical Radio Engineering Sandretto 1942  
Postscript Language reference 3rd Edition 1999 Postscript Language reference Manual 2nd 1992 Postscript Reference Manual 1st 1982 Practical Test Equipment 1976 Philco Everyday Electronics Reference Manual
RCA Victor A Basic Concept of Transistors 1964 Raytheon Receiving Tube Data 1957 Raytheon Transistor Applications
1960's (?)
Radio Servicing by Comparison Method Beitman 1950 Réalisez Vous Même Un Synthétiseur Musical Girard 1979
Radio & Electronics Handbook Boyce Roche 2nd Edition 1950 Radio Valve & Semiconductor Data   A M Ball Optimised Radiotron Receiving Valve Manual 1952 Radiotron Receiving Valve Manual 1962 Raytheon Radio Tube_Data & Substitution 1945
Reference Data for Radio Engineers 1st ITT 1943 Reference Data for Radio Engineers 2nd ITT 1946 Reference Data for Radio Engineers 4th ITT 1956 Reference Data for Radio Engineers 5th ITT 1956 Reliability Factors Ground Electronic Equipment Henney 1956
Sylvania Electronic Shortcuts for Hobbyists 1951 Sylvania 40 Uses for Germanium Diodes
Semi conductors Wright 4th 1966 Storage Tubes Knoll Kazan 1952 Sarkes Tarzian Selenium Rectifier Handbook 1950 Sourcebook of Electronic Circuits Markus 1968 Sound Synthesis   Analog and Digital Techniques. Terence Thomas
1st Edition
Kiver i956
3rd Edition
iver 1962
Transistors and Integrated Electronics Kiver 4th 1972    
Transistor Circuits for the Constructor No. 2 1957 OCR Transistor Circuits for the Constructor No. 2 OCR Transistors Theory And Applications Coblenz Owens 1955 Technique of the Sound Studio 3rd Nesbett 1974 The Technique of the Sound Studio Nesbett 2nd 1974
Tektronix Some Transistor Measurements Using the 575 1959 Television Receiver Design 8A Uitjens 1953 Television Receiver Design Neeteson 1953 Television Servicing Sloop Theory and Applications of Electron Tubes Reich 1944
Tuning Coils How to Wind Them Kendall Transistor Circuits Sylvania 1958 Tuning Coils and How to Wind Them Kendall 1924 Tape Recording from A to Z Crawford 1974 Tech Tips from Radio Guide
Whitaker 1993
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Vacuum Tub Oscillators Edson 1953 Vacuum Tubes Spangenberg 1948 Understanding Electronic Circuits Ian Sinclair 1973
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Wireless Really Explained Risdon UK