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on the web.
My biography and
"ego wall" pages 
David Gleason Article David Gleason
(for readers of Spanish)
Chapter from "En la Misma SintonĂ­a" about your webmaster's radio stations in Ecuador
Associated Site: DFW Radio Archives.
Fascinating profile of a major market.
  En Frecuencia 
Mexican Media News updated instantly!
A granular dive into radio and radio stations from Mark Durenberger 
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"world famous" station pictures.
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WABC history, surveys, airchecks, jingles.
New York City
Broadcasting History
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Early cable TV
Newspaper Radio Logs Link Newspaper Radio Logs New York, LA Chicago and Washington radio logs 1930-1960 John Schneider's
Radio Historian
A collection of articles and photos about early radio in the USA
Eyes of a Generation Television cameras were the Eyes Of A Generation; this is Television history the way they saw it.
The Radio Historian
A collection of articles and photos about early radio in the USA
"A History of American Broadcasting"
by  Jeff Miller.
Old TIme Radio programs Old Time Radio Researchers Group
Thousands of OTR shows in MP3 and downloadable.
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Station lookup, maps, applications and CPs
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Station Lookup, rules, tables and documents about radio stations in the US
Radio Music Survey Lists Airheads Radio Survey Archive. (ARSA)
Thousands of Top 40 record charts plus air checks and more.
Marlin Taylor's website
The author of FM radio's early success and renowned programmer.
Broadcaster's Desktop Resource Barry Mishkind's
Broadcaster's Desktop Resource
History of the Car Radio
A brief timeline of the ubiquitous mobile appliance!
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