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Technical & Electronics Section
 Technical: Consumer Electronics (Modern Era) Search
Search Consumer Electronics Search
All Tech
Popular Electronics Popular Electronics
Electronics magazine starting in 1954
Electronics World Electronics World
From 1959. Successor to Radio News.
Radio & Electronics Radio Electronics
& Electronics Now

From 1948
Successor to
Radio Craft.
Modern Electronics Modern Electronics
Electronics magazine 1986 to 1991.
Electronics Catalogs Electronics Catalogs
from Allied, Olsen,
Heathkit and others
Lafayette Catalogs
Over 75 editions from the 30's until 1979
Electronics Now Electronics Now
1992 to 1999 as successor to Radio Electronics
Electronics Illustrated Electronics Illustrated
1958 to 1972 consumer electronics magazine
S9 CB Magazine Citizens Band Radio
CB Radio magazines and publications .    
RCA Electronic Age RCA Electronic Age
Technology quarterly from RCA

RCA Radio Age RCA Radio Age
Technology quarterly from RCA
Byte Byte
Early personal computer and microcomputer magazine.
Radio News Radio News 
Radio - TV News

Hobbyist & electronics magazine
Many Special Editions
1919 to 1959
 Technical: Earliest Era (Pre-1920)
Telegraph Age
Telegraphy journal starting around 1883
 TECHNICAL: Hobbyist Publications  
Radio TV Experimenter Radio TV Experimenter
50's and 60's hobbyist magazine with projects and experiments.
Elementary Electronics Elementary Electronics.
60's to early 80's hobbyist magazine
Electronics Digest Electronics Digest US
US title produced by Radio Shack starting in 1967
Radio Shack
Engineer's Mini Notebook Series
Hands On Electronics Hands-On Electronics
Hobbyist publication from 1984 to 1989
Hobbyist Special Editions Hobbyist Special Editions. One-time or annual publications for electronics hobbyists.
Don Lancaster's Books Don Lancaster
Publications by a leading writer for the hobby & experimenter community
Vacuum Tube Valley
90's and 00's magazine about tube technology.
Elektor Electronics USA
The American version of this international hobbyist magazine
 TECHNICAL: Audio & Recording Search Audio
& Recording
Search Audio & Recording
Audio Magazine Audio Engineering / Audio Magazine.
1947 - 1964
Pro journal which became a leading consumer magazine.

db Sound Engineering db magazine. The Sound Engineering journal.1967 to 1994.
Professional audio.
High Fidelity Magazine High Fidelity
Milton Sleeper's consumer audio magazine 
Tape Recording Tape Recording Consumer magazine from the 50's and the 60's
Studio Sound Studio Sound &
The Tape Recorder

Sound and
professional audio journal from the UK
1969 to 2001
Modern Recording Modern Recording
Studio production and audio magazine
Audio Record Audio Record.
Publication of Audio Devices from 1944 to the late 50's
One to One One to One
Mastering, pressing
and duplication
Amateur Tape Recorder Amateur Tape

(United Kingdom)  
1959 to 1967
Recording Engineer Producer Recording Engineer / Producer. "REP"
Tape Recording
UK Edition
British magazine 1957 to 1971
Audiocraft Audiocraft
Do-it-Yourself Hi-Fi
1955 to 1958 from publisher of High Fidelity.
Stereo Review HiFi & Music Review
HiFi Review
HiFi & Stereo Review

Audiophile and music magazine from 1958 to 1999
Hi-Fi Stereo Buyers' Guide
Consumer Audio product guide and reviews from 1966
Audio Collection
Miscellaneous Magazines, booklets, books and pamphlets about audio and hi-fi.
A 1966 audio and HiFi enthusiast magazine.
Starting in 1962, this  high end audio magazine is still published
Hi Fi Music at Home from Milton Sleeper Hi Fi Music at Home
Milton Sleeper's 1950's
home audio publication
Mix Magazine
Recording studio and audio magazine beginning in 1976
High Fidelity Trade News
Home Audio dealer magazine starting in 1957
Hi-Fi News
UK stereo and hi-fi magazine begun in 1956 and still in publication
Pro Audio Review
Professional Audio Magazine starting in 1995
Music at Home
Early audio magazine from Milton Sleeper 
Beginning in 1954
Sound & Communications - Professional Event Audio Magazine Sound & Communications
Professional audio for venues and events
The Audiophile Voice
High end audio magazine from 1991 to 2022
Pro audio magazine from 1989 to 2011
Speaker Builder
Audio Magazine
Beginning in 1980
TECHNICAL: Broadcast, Cable & Engineering Publications Search This Section Search Technical Broadcast Engineering Publications
Society of Broadcast Engineers member publication since 1988
ATE Journal ATE Journal
1935-1941 magazine
for the Association of Technical Employees (NABET) of NBC
Broadcast Engineering Broadcast Engineering Technical magazine for station engineers from 1959 to 2013 Broadcast Management Engineering
Broadcast Management / Engineering

Technical Magazine 1960's to 1900's
BE Radio
Radio only spin-off of Broadcast Engineering starting 1994
Broadcast Engineer's Journal Broadcast Engineer's Journal
(ATE Journal)
1941 to the 50's from NABET.
Broadcast Sound UK
Engineering publication starting in  
Broadcast Equipment Exchange Broadcast Equipment Exchange
Predecessor to
Radio World.
Broadcast Communications Broadcast
Radio and TV station engineering publication.
Started in 1978.
Communications & Broadcast Engineering Communications
& Broadcast Engineering

Communications Technology
Cable TV engineering.
Society of Cable Television Engineers
Magazine of Cable TV technology
Began in 1975
CATV Magazine beginning 1967 CATV Magazine
Cable Television magazine beginning in 1967
Common Point
Monthly newsletter for broadcast engineers from an equipment dealer.
Radio  /  CQ

1931-1936 journal for radio operators.
 (Not related to the Ham Radio Magazine)
FM Magazine FM & Television Magazine from Milton Sleeper: 40's and
50's Covers FM, communications 
and TV
The Journal of the Society of Broadcast Engineers Journal of the Society of Broadcast Engineers.
Begun in 1964
National Association of Broadcasters
Proceedings of the Engineering Conferences
NAB Engineering Handbooks
Older volumes
Vol. 4, 5 6 and 7
Proceedings of the Radio Club of America
Oldest radio association!
RCA Television
Book series
New technology  publications from
 (30's to 50's)  
RCA Broadcast News RCA Broadcast News
From 1931 to 1985.
RCA's broadcast equipment magazine.
All issues are here.
Radio Engineering Radio Engineering
Radio Guide
Radio Engineer's magazine from 1993 to 2010
Radio Engineer's Digest Radio Engineer's Digest
1944-1957 compendium of articles from leading publications
Television Engineering Television Engineering
Early 1950's
Television and related
TV Technical Review TV Technical Review
International TV engineering journal

TV Technology
Television and video technical and equipment magazine from 1982
TV & Communications TV & Communications
Cable and TV
distribution journal
from the 60's
Western Electric Oscillator Western Electric Oscillator
Promotional magazine fore WE's broadcast equipment division.
Western Electric Pick-Ups Western Electric
Predecessor title to the "Oscillator"
TECHNICAL: Related Engineering Fields Search This Section Search Technical General Engineering Magazines
Tele-Tech Tele-Tech magazine, Radio, TV, electronics.   Electronic Industries Electronics Industries
40's to 60's
Electronics technology magazine
Overlapped with Tele-Tech
Communications Magazine
to 50's 
Broadcast Engineer's Journal
1934 to the 50's from NABET
Beginning 1928.
Electronics technology magazine.
Radio-Electronic Engineering
Supplement to  Radio News in the 1950's
IBEW Technician Engineer IBEW Technician Engineer
Union member journal about technology and labor relations
Radio Digest (Second Era) Technical Magazine Radio Digest
(Second Era)
Radio, TV and Communications journal from 1937
National Radio News National Radio News
The bulletin of home study school NRI
from 1928 to 1980
AIEE Journal 1920's American Institute of Electrical Engineers
1920's issues.
Proceedings of the IRE Proceedings of the Institute of Radio Engineers
IRE Group on Broadcasting IRE Transactions
Professional Group on Broadcasting

Member papers on broadcast engineering.
Hugo Gernsback Publications Gernsback Publications
A collection of Hugo Gernsback's  publications and  including the Gernsback Library editions
Gernsback's Amazing Stories magazine.
(Not about radio but pure Gernsback)
Technical Collection
Single magazine issues, catalogs. brochures & directories
from the 40's to today
Electronic Design
Industry publication beginning in 1964
Above Ground Level Cellular towers and antenna publication AGL Above Ground Level
2006 to today
Cellular and communications antenna sites.
IEEE Spectrum
Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers beginning in 1963
RF Expo
Meeting Papers
Communications Quarterly
Academic journal beginning in 1976
TECHNICAL - Broadcast Equipment Catalogs & Manuals Search This Section Search Broadcast Equipment Catalogs and Manuals
The Jack Sellmeyer Collection
Books, manuals and catalogs from the collection of broadcast engineer Jack Sellmeyer
Broadcast Equipment Catalogs Broadcasting
Equipment Catalogs

& Manuals from
Gates and Harris transmitter and audio equipment catalogs, brochures and manuals RCA transmitters, studio and TV equipment
manuals, sales brochures and manuals
Western Electric Equipment Catalogs
& Manuals
General Electric
Catalogs and manuals for electronics and broadcast equipment
Collins transmitters and studio equipment catalogs and manuals 
  Broadcast Equipment Dealer Catalogs
Multi-line distributors of equipment, parts and supplies.  
Radio's Master
Catalog of industry-wide components, parts and assemblies.
Graybar Catalogs
For many years part of Western Union and then Western Electric, one of the oldest electronics suppliers in the world.
TECHNICAL - Company Magazines See also
"Early Radio Company Magazines"
Search This Section Search Service and Retailing Publications
  RCA Publications Including Consumer Publications Search This Section Search Service and Retailing Publications
RCA Victor Album Club
Mailer to member which included artist articles and new release details.
RCA Review RCA Review
Radio and Electronics research and engineering. Began in 1937. 
RCA Engineer RCA Engineer
Publication for RCA engineers 1954 to 1980's
RCA Broadcast News RCA Broadcast News
From 1931 to 1985.
RCA's broadcast equipment magazine.
All issues are here.
RCA Laboratories News
Technical publication from the 1940's.
RCA Communicate
Company magazine for employees from the 1970's
RCA: What It Is What It Does RCA "Who it is,
What it does"

Annual series from the 40's and 50's
RCA Radiotrons "Good News" Radiotron: Good News about RCA Radiotrons
Tube dealer magazine from RCA starting in 1930
RCA Relay
Employee Magazine of RCA Communications Division starting in 1940
In The Groove
and RCA Record Review
Consumer music magazines
RCA Picture
Late 40's and early 50's magazine featuring RCA record artists.
RCA Record Review and "In the Groove"
Promotional magazines from later 40's and 50's from RCA
  RCA Picture
1949 to earlier 50's.
Promotional monthly for RCA records and record players 
The NBC Transmitter Staff Magazine The NBC Transmitter
1835-1945 staff magazine for NBC radio and the new TV section.
RCA Technical Books
Collection of RCA consumer and professional books and directories.
RCA Broadcast Equipment  Transmitters, studio and TV equipment
manuals & sales literature
RCA Cherry Hill Observer
Employee publication for Cherry Hill factories and labs.
Ham Tips RCA Ham Tips
Publication for radio amateurs beginning in 1938
RCA Institutes
Courses for independent study  
(Find in "Home Study" section)
RCA Listen
Magazine insert or supplement from late 1930's
Service News, Service Tips, Service Company News, Victrola Service Tips and TV Service Tips. Publications for field servicers The Scanner.
RCA Employee internal publication from 1936 to 1942
RCA Victor Service
(Service Data and Service Notes)
1923-1952 service information for RCA consumer goods.
RCA "What it Is"
1940's and 1950's
Explanation booklet describing all the "parts" of RCA
RCA World Wide Wireless"
A publication for the staff of RCA beginning in 1920
RCA Television
Book series
New technology  publications from
 (30's to 50's)  
RCA Service
An employee magazine beginning in 1944
RCA Victor Record Review
Record releases and artist information beginning in 1937
RCA Communications News
Covering Mobile and Microwave starting in 1951
RCA Radio News
A complimentary service dealer magazine.
One issue from 1948
RCA Collection
Miscellaneous publications from RCA.
Other Companies
Aerovox Reseaqrch Worker Aerovox Research Worker
A magazine from the Aerovox Corporation, maker of capacitors for users and hobbyists..
Ampex Readout
From 1959.
Lenkurt Demodulator
Company magazine from GE subsidiary
begun in 1951
Machlett Cathode News Machlett Cathode

Magazine from manufacturer of
vacuum tubes.
General Radio Experimenter General Radio Experimenter
1926 to 1970
Cornell-Dublier Capacitor Cornell-Dublier Capacitor
Monthly magazine for customers.
Bell Laboratories Record Bell Laboratories Record
Technical advances by the AT&T system
Bell System Journal Bell System Technical Journal
Scientific aspects of electrical communication.
From 1922
ITT Communication ITT Electrical Communication
1922 to 1966  
Sylvania News Sylvania News
1935 to 1950's technical bulletins from Sylvania
Boonton Radio "Notebook"
Gates Studio Review
Magazine for radio engineers and management starting in 1935
Westinghouse Engineer The Westinghouse Engineer.
Technical Journal beginning in 1940
Also: Westinghouse News
IRC Servicer The IRC Servicer
Customer publication of the International Resistance Co. in the 1930's  
Grundig Technische Informationen
Tech information and product line descriptions.
Philips Technical Revue
1936-1988 journal of technical advances and issues from the Netherlands.
Scott News frm E. H. Scott Scott News
Magazine of the early luxury radio manufacturer.
Amalgamated Wireless (AU)
Technical notes
GE Techni-Talk,
Service Parts & Portafax

General Electric newsletter publication for service shops and technicians from 1948
HP / Hewlett Packard
Technical publication
of Hewlett Packard
1949 to 1998 
Marconi Service News
Starting in 1916, was employee magazine of the Marconi Telegraph Company
DuMont Oscillographer
Technical and customer magazine beginning in 1937.
World Wide Wireless
RCA's employee magazine starting in 1922
Hazeltine Service Corp. Reports
Technology reports from the developer of NTSC Television.
Philco Serviceman
1930 to late 50's
Philco News
1920's and 30's
Philco TechRep Bulletin
Sencore Test Instrument catalogs and newsletters Sencore News
Test instrument company's newsletter and catalogs
Western Union Technical Review
From 1947 to 1969
Majestic Radios
Voice of the Air
Voice of Majestic
Early 30s
Philco Accessory Merchandiser
Dealer newsletter starting in 1948
Tektroinics Service Scope
1960's magazine for users of Tektronics test equipment
Harris Broadcast Communiqué
1990's promotional magazine
Tube Topics
from ECONCO,
the Vacuum Tube rebuilding service
The Spartan
from Sparta Electronics
beginning in 1972
Hoffman Transmitter
Magazine for employees of this TV set and appliance manufacturer
General Electric
The Monogram

Employee journal starting in 1953.
 TECHNICAL - Home Study / Servicing Training
Home Study Courses
A selection of complete home study courses from the 20's to the 70's
Correspondence Schools
A  varied selection of complete home study courses from the 20's to the 70's
Servicing Training and Education books.
Coyne Electrical School
Home study courses, books, training materials and brochures from leading career school
 TECHNICAL - Retail & Servicing Search Retail & Service Search Service and Retailing Publications
 Manuals & Schematic Collections for Service Providers
Beitman Supreme Schematics Beitman - Supreme
Radio and TV diagrams.
Page also includes books by Beitman
RCA Service Notes  RCA Victor
Service Notes
Service Data
Service News.

Service guides &
News from 20's to 50s.
Rider's Service Manuals Rider's Perpetual Troubleshooter's Manual
Official Radio Service Manual Official Radio Service Manual (Gernsback)
Diagrams and service notes.
Atwater Kent Radio
Service Manual

Westinghouse Canada Manuals
Radio College of Canada
Individual Circuit Service
Canadian Receivers 1927-1930
 Magazines and Training Materials
    Electronic Service Dealer
Magazine of the California State Electronics Assoc.   
Electronic Technician and

Later incarnations of Radio Retailing.
National Radio News National Radio News
The bulletin of home study school NRI
from 1928 to 1980
PF Reporter - PF Index - Electronic Servicing PF Reporter /
PF Index /

Electronics Servicing

Home electronics service magazine.
Radio Industries Radio Industries.
Radio set manufacturing industry trade monthly from 1926 into the 30's.
The Radio Dealer The Radio Dealer
1922 - 1928
Radio set sales
trade publication.  
Radio Journal Radio Journal
Radio & TV Journal

1922 Hobbyist
Magazine becoming
a dealer journal
in the 30's
Radio Merchant Radio Merchant
Retail radio and electrical device retailer magazine
Radio Masters - New York City area servicemans' magazine. Radio Masters
1940 Radio serviceman's' magazine for New York City area based on WBNX radio show..
Radio Maintenance Radio Maintenance
For the service professional from 1945
Radio Retailing Radio Retailing
Technician /
Electronic Technician /

A magazine for radio sales and service stores
Radio Retailer and Jobber Radio Retailer
& Jobber

Trade journal
beginning in 1922
Radio Sales & Service Radio Sales and Service
1930's dealer and servicer magazine
Radio Service Dealer Radio Service Dealer from 1940 for servicing dealers.
Radio Television and Appliance Sales Radio Television & Appliance Sales
Canadian appliance dealer magazine from 1946 to the 50's
Radio Weekly Radio Weekly
Dealer journal from 1932 to 1939
RCA Service News RCA Service News
RCA Radio / TV Tips

Newsletters for service professionals and radio dealers from the 30's into the 70's
RCA Plain Talk & Technical Tips
Service industry newsletter beginning 1958
Rider's Successful Servicing Rider's Successful Servicing
Tips, techniques and theory for radio service pros. 1934-1941
Service Service
Radio Service journal from 1931 into the 50s
Service & Sales Collection
Publications, brochures, catalogs, schematics that are not part of a collection.
Service Management
The business magazine of the radio electronics service industry starting in 1951
Servicing Training
and Education books.
Talking Machine & Radio Weekly Talking Machine & Radio Weekly
1928 to 1933 radio and phonograph and music retailer magazine.
The Technician
Los Angeles area publication for radio repair shops
Technician - Electronic Technician Technician / Electronic Technician
Electronics service journal. The continuation of Radio Retailing
Talking Machine World Talking Machine

1907 to 1928  Phonograph and music retailer magazine.
Western Trades Journal Western Music & Radio Trades Journal
Western states radio and phonograph retailer magazine.
From 1927
What's New in Television What's New in Television
1949 to the 50's television service and retail 
 TECHNICAL - Miscellaneous
Service & Sales Collection
Publications, brochures, catalogs and the like that are not part of a collection.
Electronics Collection
Single publications and one-time editions related to electronics.
Early Radio Catalog Collection. Manufacturer and vendor catalogs & manuals
Consumer Electronics Catalogs
A variety of these from B-A to Heathkit to Allied.
Modern Era Technical
Booklets, brochures and publications from post-WW II period
Technical Books
Early Radio Technology
Anything about the tech side of radio from 1900 to the end of WW II
Drake's Cyclopedia of Radio & Electronics Drake's Cyclopedia of Radio & Electronics
Many editions available.
Bernards and Babani Books Bernard's & Babani
Hobbyist & Technical books from the UK.
from the field's
leading publisher.
Radio Engineering
Mid 40's to the 90's
Books about radio related technology and electronics
Bookshelf: Technical and Engineering Modern Era Radio Tech Books
Broadcast Engineering and related technical books.
Radio Shack
Books and Booklets
Rider Library
Some of the more than 125 books published by Rider
SAMS Library
A collection of technical books from Howard Sams
TAB Books
Technical books from this publisher
Tubes and Tube Technology
Books specific to vacuum tubes and their use and design.
General Electric
Books and Booklets
Guides and Manuals from the late 30's to the 50's
Hobbyist and Constructor Books Hobbyist Books
Hundreds of theory and construction books and publications listed by Author
Hugo Gernsback Publications Gernsback Publications
Hugo Gernsback's  publications  including the Gernsback Library editions
Books about radio and TV servicing and service equipment
Skillfact Library
Technical books from Skillfact
RCA Technical Books
Collection of RCA consumer and professional books and directories.
Radio Engineering Handbooks
Technical reference books from the 20's onwards.
Radio Amateur's Handbook from the ARRL        
 BOOKSHELF: Technical United Kingdom Search
UK Books
United Kingdom
United Kinddom
Bernard & Babani Books

 BOOKS: Consumer and Professional Electronics

Service & Sales Collection
Publications, brochures, catalogs and the like that are not part of a collection.
Electronics Collection
Single publications and one-time editions related to electronics.
Early Radio Catalog Collection. Manufacturer and vendor catalogs & manuals for both consumers and the trade.
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