Home Study Courses & Servicing Education & Training

   Several generations of engineering and service technicians learned "by mail" or from books.

From the 1920's until late in the 20th Century, many people found the only way to start a career in electronics was through home study.
Presented here is a sampling of such courses showing how a student could master the subjects in short, individual lessons, each with its own mail-in examination
Home Study
Coyne Electrical School
Extensive Collection of Courses and Books
New Additions to this Section  
1956 Home Study Course from United Electyronics Laboratories in Kentucky.        
Massachusetts Radio & Telegraph School 1937 Catalog National Radio Institute "Extra  Money Jobs"
Making money doing  servicing by NRI grads. (Many issues - One File)
NRI Booklet on professional charges for radio TV service
Industrial Training Institute
1953 Radio & TV training course
Sprayberry Academy Business Builders
Sprayberry Academy
Radio and TV Course
National Radio Institute How to Make Extra Money Fixing Radios from 1950 National Radio Institute
Introducing You To Radio
Radio News
34 Lessons in Radio And Television
Coyne Radio Electronics
TV Course
Lessons 1-50
Coyne Radio Electronics
TV Course
Lessons 51-99
Commercial Trades Institute Television Course.
2200 page TV course from 1950's
Complete Course in Radio Telegraphy & Telephony
National Radio Institute 1924
Radio Servicing Course
Radio Technical Institute
RCA Home Study Television Servicing Course
1480 page home study course
DeVry Modern Television Course
DeVry Technical Radio Course
Pictures on the Air
First National Television
1936 TV and Communications course brochure
Capitol Radio Engineering Institute (CREI)
Capitol Radio Engineering Institute
1949 home study course. 75 lessons.
Cleveland Institute
Cleveland Institute
Basic Course
Mixed batch from 1985
Cleveland Institute
Advertising mailing promotional piece
Your Future in Electronics
Cleveland Institute
DeForest Courses
DeForest's FCC Questions with Answers from late 1940's DeForest Technical School home study course from late 1940's DeForest's FCC Questions with Answers from late 1940's
DeVry Courses

DeVry Basic Electronics Course
DeVry Electronics Course
Dated in the late 1960's.
NRI  Home Study Courses & Related Materials
NRI Study Guides
for FCC First Class License
Commercial Radio Operator Theory Course
Ameco 1972
Practical Radio and Electronics Course from Beitman 1960
NRI Sales Brochure
Late 1990's
1950 Set of Lessons
Random issues from electronics courses
1426 total pages
NRI Complete Course in Practical Radio
1600 pages.
NRI Radio & Electronics Dictionary
NRI Radio & Television Data
for Graduates
(Reprints from trade magazines)
NRI Journal
Golden Anniversary
NRI Student Aids
What to charge for service
Guidance f
or students
Around 1950
NRI Computer Course
NRI Electronics and Radio Course
Making Extra Money Fixing Radios
NRI Single Lesson
Class C Power Amps / Oscillators / AM modulation
NRI Radio-Television-Electronic Dictionary
1943 Edition
NRI Advanced Course
Radio & TV Service
NRI Television Course
Partial Set
NRI Course with Answers
Includes promotion brochure
NRI Promotional Booklet: "Rich Rewards in Radio" from 1935 National Radio Institute
Practical Radio course from 1930
National Radio News
The bulletin of correspondence school NRI from 1928.
National Radio Institute 1937 Practical Electronics home study course. National Radio Institute
Electrical / Electronics course
NRI Course
NRI Course
NRI Radio Television Electronics Dictionary
NRI Radio Receiver Course
1950 Edition
NRI basic courses
1949 1950
National Schools
National Schools
Los Angeles
Complete 1946 electronics course: over 1250 pages!
  National Schools
Electronics, Radio and Television course from 1937
RCA Institute
RCA Point to Point training course from 1954 RCA Institutes
Home study course
from 1932 
RCA Color Television
Home study course from RCA Institutes
  RCA Electronic Training Series.  RCA Institutes Home Study Course lessons from 1932    
National Schools
National Schools
Los Angeles
Complete 1946 electronics course: over 1250 pages!
NRI basic courses
1949 1950
All Other Home Study and Training Courses and Related Publications
48 Radio Lessons
4-part training course in Spanish from Argentina
Book 1 1929
48 Radio Lessons
4-part training course in Spanish from Argentina
Book 2 1929
48 Radio Lessons
4-part training course in Spanish from Argentina
Book 3 1929
48 Radio Lessons
4-part training course in Spanish from Argentina
Book 4 1929
Radio & TV Training School
1949 student recruitment brochure
Australian Radio College
Home study course
Late 1930's
Guide to Careers in Electricity, Television and Radio
  Marconi School of Instruction
"The Open Door to Opportunity"
Industrial Training Institute
45 Lessons from the 1951 comprehensive course
Photofact Television
Home study course
  Basic Radio Course
from Electronics Australia
1967 "course in a book"
UEL Course
25 lessons from 1967
Massey Technical Institute
Several lesson booklets from 1958
2-Way Course
Couse Description
Radio TV Training School
100 lesson 1949 course
MTI Course of Study
Brochure detailing mobile course
Learn by Doing, a brochure promoting the study of electronic servicing. CREI News
Magazine of the Capitol Radio Engineering Institute. A collection of issues.
Midland Radio
1942 Radio & TV course for home study.
Over 3,000 pages.
The Easy Course in Home Radio
Everyman's guide to using and enjoying radio in 7 lessons
Service Guides for Radio Repair
Trouble Shooter
1961 Visual TV service guide