De Forest's Training

 Electronics Home Study Courses - Several eras.

The DeForest School

 DeForest's Training School was opened in Chicago by Dr. Herman DeVry to prepare students for technical work in electronics, motion pictures, radio and later, television.
Original DeForest School

In 1953, DeForest Training
School became DeVry
Technical Institute.
De Forest's Training - Basic Electronics
20 Lesson Course from the late 1940's
1 Audio Amplifiers
2 Loudspeakers
3 Microphones
4 Tone Control
5 PA Systems
6 Sound Recording
7 Phono Pickups
8 Electron Tube Oscillators
9 Superheterodyne Receivers
10 Automatic Volume Control
11 Portable Receivers
12 Automobile Receivers
13 Automatic Tuning Systems
14 Amplitude Modulation Transmitters
15 F-M Transmitters
16 F-M Reception
17 F-M Detectors
18 F-M Receiver Circuits
19 Radio Test Equipment
20 The Cathode Ray Oscilloscope
Course with Construction Projects from Early 40's
1 Course First Half of lessons
3 Construction Projects and Experiments
2 Course Second Half of Lessons