R&R Program Supplier Guide


  Annual programming sourcebook

From 1981 until 2000, R&R published a variety of guides to programming sources and marketing suppliers.

Many issues from collection of Rollye James
R&R Weekly Issues
<center><h2>R&R<br><br>Radio & Records</h2><hr><h3>1973 - 2009 </h3><hR>Music and Radio programming <br>Industry news, Airplay charts<BR>Interviews, ratings, and station sales</center><br> <center><h2>R&R Ratings Editions</h2><hr><h1>1980 -2009</h1> <hR> Ratings summaries from Fall and Spring.<BR>Share trending and demo rankers<br>Formats and ownership data</center>
Radio & Records Magazine R&R Ratings Reports
Radio and Records
<center><h2>Duncan's American Radio</h2><hr><h3> 28 years of Arbitron Ratings </h3><hr>70 editions 1975 - 2004<hr>Market by Market Arbitron rankers<br>Station formats and facilities<br>A complete profile of every rated market.<BR>Several special editions</center>
RBR Source Guide Duncan's American Radio
<center><h2>Starship Radio '73</h2><hr> From The Hamilton Report<br>Interviews, Market profiles.<br>Charts by week and for the year.<br>Station staff for each market's <br>contemporary and rock stations.<br>The year's best contests <br>and promotions. </center> <center><h2>The Gavin Report<br></h2><hr><h3>1958 - 2002 </h3><hR>Programming tip sheet <br>Radio & Music news <BR>Airplay charts<BR>Interviews</center><br>
Starship Radio The Gavin Report
<center><h2>Broadcast <br>Programming<br>and Promotion</h2><hr> Published in the 70s<BR>Production and technology<BR>Programming and Market Profiles</center>
Broadcast Programming & Production Special Editions of Trade Publications
R&R Program Supplier Guide - Promotion Guide
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