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   Radio, Fred and others. Includes directories and other special editions

Radio industry publications referred to as  "Tip Sheets" included The Hamilton Report, Fred and "Radio". Those for which we have a limited collection are listed here.
From the first appearance of the Gavin Report in 1959 through today's online versions, radio stations have used Tip Sheets to see what songs are hot (and which are "stiffing out"), what other stations are adding, the latest ratings for other markets and who changed stations and even what promotions are being run.
Here are a few samples of such publications. More will be added as they are discovered. Donations gladly and gratefully accepted, too.
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1978 Fred April 24. 1978 issue
1978 Fred May 5, 1978 issue
  Fred November 6 featuring WMMS
1979 Fred Feb 26. 1979 issue
  Fred May 7, 1979
  Fred October 15, 1979 issue
Fred November 12, 1979 issue <
  Fred November 19, 1979 issue <
  Fred November 26, 1979 issue <
1980 Fred 1980 Annual
  Fred 1980 "Directory of Radio"
1974 Radio April 1, 1974
MQB - Modern Quarterback
1988 MQB Modern Quarterback June 6 1996